WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! Bigger, sharper teeth than our ramblings in the on-line Oldham Evening Chronicle, which are being strangled by ever increasing censorship or moderation as they call it. We, the people of this town have no collective public voice to shout on our behalf, willing to question and challenge the lunacy visited upon us by the numpties in The Tower Of Babble, various thieving MPs, the legions of PC police at GMP, PAT'S, PACT'S, academy lovers, transport 'experts', vastly overpaid Council Officers from Charlie Chuckles downward, quangoes, placemen, do-gooders, do-badders, tree huggers, Brussels and Alcock! You get the idea? We intend to remedy this via the revamped Pigsticker. Now with added fibre. If any of you out there want to join us in restoring the town to it's former pleasant aspect, please feel free to submit articles. No moderation on this site!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TRUE GRITTERS --- A guest blog by cousin Ruffyed D. Wulfe

Useless Gritters --- Useless critters Council  (Again!)
Picture courtesy Oldham Advertiser
Rob Knotts, was given a £300 gritter by Oldham council.
 The machine proved useless at spreading grit.

Hi all. Bloody posh here isn't it? Look at all this space to scribble in and in glorious technicolour as well. Anyhow, to business: Have you seen the latest master disaster from our brain-dead, clueless band of gobshites in the Tower Of Babble? A£cock and his band of grit stirrers bought 30 mini-gritters for residents to use on local roads paths etc. when the snow came. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, they were for residents of Saddleworth only. Guess what. The snow came and then some. Did these wonder machines clear the highways and byways of our beloved Sadd? Did they fuck!! These useless pieces of unfit for purpose crap cost £200 each. I repeat £200 each. That's £6,000 of OUR money that WE can't afford. Grit wouldn't go through the holes, the wheels wouldn't turn in the snow and ice. Never mind they'll probably make nice plant pot holders come summer. Better still fill them with fertiliser and see if they are any use in the garden. Did nobody warn about these shortcomings? You bet your sweet bippy somebody did. Me! In March last year. I don't like to say I told you so, BUT, I told you so.

£200 each! They seen ya comin' Go to any good garden centre. Can you imagine trying to push one of these skateboard wheeled dinky toys through six inches of snow?
By Ruffyed @ 03/03/2009 23:25:41 Oldham Chronicle On-line.

At whose door can we lay the blame for this latest fiasco? Why, none other than the Denshaw Dimwit, Counc. Alan Roughley. He said, the gritters were 'the best option available.' Good piece of judgement Ruffers! Think that's a barmpot speaking? How about this, “The company we bought them from have a range of products, all named after mountain peaks 'Everest' and 'Mont Blanc' to name but two, which hardly suggests they are primarily designed for spreading fertiliser." Oh, so he bought them, with OUR money because he likes the names of mountains? Does he think they would sell many if they gave them names such as, 'Spred-Shit', 'Bulldust Broadcaster' or 'Turd Tosser'?
He has now discovered that, “They are not designed to cope with eight inches of snow or the recent extreme low temperatures.” If he really thought they were then we should be very worried about him. If ever he leaves the village, they'll have trouble finding a replacement idiot. Roughley, You and your Saddleworth whingers owe us £6,000. Why not drop him a line at Let him know how happy you are with his performance.
It's been great talking to you on cousin BB's blog. We must do this again sometime. Ta Ta for now Ruffyed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



On your left: The grabbing gobshite for Great Grimsby, Austin Mitchell. On your right: The Leyton & Wanstead Wanker, Harry Cohen.

Cohen, the smirking greaseball, claimed £65,000 for a second home. Only one problem, he didn't have one! But, what the hell!  Everybody's claiming for one so he thought he might as well get in on the act. Excuse me for asking but isn't that THEFT?  Is it not a criminal offence nowadays?  Never mind that he's had to repay it. He bloody well wouldn't have done if he hadn't been found out. Get rid of the wanker.

Mitchell claimed  £10,549 in mortgage payments to which he was not entitled. Not just for this year, but since 2006. Mitchell, who has previous form,  last year claimed for Sainsbury's ginger crinkle biscuits, and bottles of whisky and gin.  He claimed £1,200 for re-upholstering sofas at his London home - although the work was done miles away in Yorkshire, where he has his main home. Mr Mitchell said at the time that reupholstering furniture was better for the environment than buying new.  He also put in a claim for £1,296 for bespoke shutters, but this was turned down by the Commons authorities..
The grasping bastard came out with the following heart-rending pile of shite: 'I've been agonising about this over Christmas and it was a weight on my shoulders.' ' I just wanted to get it off my shoulders by talking about it now.'   He said, 'It's upsetting and it has made me very miserable.' 'It's my own gormlessness that's to blame. I should have read my documents more thoroughly, but I didn't.' 'It was a mistake, a careless oversight.' What's made him fucking miserable is having to pay back the £10,549! What about Christmas 2006, 2007 & 2008? Not much agony there, eh? 
Gormlessness, mistake, careless oversight, should have read my documents more thoroughly, but didn't?? This fucking idiot is part of the bunch of tossers supposedly running the country. Is it any wonder we're in the fucking state we are?  Get rid of the wanker!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


   is for......Oafs

  is for   'opeless

 is for  overpaid

Muldoon's Picnic!

 Have you seen this??? Looks like the Beer Festival won't be missed . You don't think this had already been planned: -Do you??  Look at the wondrous entertainment to be served up by the morons up the tower.  A champagne reception. Oooh, very Oldham!  Not one, but two bands AND a DJ. Plus a gourmet three course meal, probably pie, chips & peas from Butterworths (a free ad, by gum).

At £25 a pop it will be packed with the cream of the Council Chamber and seven or eight tiers of overpaid management sludge fom OMBC. They're the only buggers can afford it in this town, thanks to them. At least our finest elected won't have to suffer much financial hardship. They'll claim it all back on expenses, no doubt. Sounds like it will be a lovely 'do' and a really exciting replacement for the beer festival, which, let's face it, nobody really enjoyed.
What the bleeding 'ell is that at the top of the advert. Well, bugger me! It looks like the crappy old coat of arms of this crappy old town all tarted up for personal use of our mayor. Why the fuck can't he use the Polo Mint, the turquoise orifice, like the rest of us?  100,000 quid that cost us (worth every penny) and now they choose to hide this glittering example of the con artist's style guru's craft, laboriously created on a Post-it note after months of work and research one lunch-time. Instead they choose to display a symbol that reminds us what a terrible place Oldham once was and how lucky we are now to have the wise old heads leading us on forward.

                                                            DELUSION OF GRANDEUR


Ugly piece of work, aint it?

Friday, January 22, 2010

You plonker Rodney!

 Two of Oldhams finest, unable to afford the rent for one of the new street market stalls on Villa Rd, set up their pitch where they hope they won't be spotted by local trading standards officers.  They have a wonderful opening offer-- Free Public Library with every purchase of one of these Russian laptops. Actually they should be quite safe for now as I think Trading Standards might have other things on what they optimistically call their minds.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HERE COMES THE ELECTION BANDWAGON Election Broadcast No 147 by Meac£er

Once again Mickey 'seven houses' Meacher rears up on his hind legs to preach at us. He knew all along that the Vance Miller trial was a farce. OH,YEAH!!!  Did he once say a word about it ? Did he bollocks! It's fuckin' amazing aint it? He knows all the answers and who's to blame, but always after the event. Did you read his shite in the OEC to-day? QUOTE:- “What’s the point of having political leadership if they take no responsibility when things go wrong?” Forty years of this prick and what has he done for us?  Fuck all!
Did you read this pile of pathetic twaddle he wrote recently in the OEC on what he did for us?. A fucking office boy could have done all that in about three weeks. The man has no shame. Anyone else would have been embarassed telling people that's what had taken up forty years of his life, but not our Mick. Read it and weep(or laugh).      

What I do For You   ------   MP Meacher

"Watch this space" asks what I have done for Oldham or nationally on particular issues. Let me tell him. With 12,000 on Oldham's waiting list for housing, I have strongly and repeatedly pressed both the council and the government for a big new house-building programme, have made several speeches at Westminster demanding this and lobbied the Housing Minister himself yet again last week.
On education I have lobbied for Oldham College over the removal of LSC funding, for increased funding for the excellent Sixth Form College, signed up against any increase in tuition fees, opposed being forced to accept academies and helped dozens of parents over school appeals and requests for statements.  I've campaigned for Oldham's excellent PCT/Trusts over several new initiatives and have helped numerous constituents ranging from getting appointments changed to getting serious complaints dealt with.  To counter unemployment, I have argued at Westminster that, rather than assisting bankers, a massive public investment programme of job creation is needed to get the nation back into work. I have worked hard to keep the Oldham Remploy site open and have regularly lobbied Ministers on behalf of the GMB and other unions. I have pressed hard for full rights for temporary/agency workers and for new rules on holidays and sick pay.  I regularly contact Ministers to ensure constituents get the full benefits they're entitled to, including pension credits and CSA entitlements. I have strongly supported local residents who have invested in Equitable Life to try to secure the compensation they deserve.  I have regularly contacted the Foreign Office on behalf of British nationals abroad, as well as the threatened forced return of those whose lives could be at risk. Through my regular clinics or my local office, we deal with some 3,000 requests a year for assistance from constituents. I had firm confirmation several months ago, that there will be no prison built in Chadderton. I did everything I possibly could to assist Friends of Foxdenton Hall, but wholly recognise and praise them for what they achieved.  I was contacted by constituents about the Well-being centre after the swimming baths closed and lobbied for swimming facilities to be continued in Chadderton. I helped to promote funding improvements on the Crossley Estate and made representations about omitted improvements which have now been included. I have always taken a special interest in Kingfisher School which I have visited several times.
Sid Jacobs was one of my closest friends and I stayed with him before I had a second home. When I did have a second home, my expenses have now been shown to be one of the lowest in the country, only a third of my entitlement.
© Oldham Evening Chronicle                                                                                       
Michael Meacher

Forty fucking years and nowt to show for it apart from a few letters he sent to other parasites. Not a job created in the town. Not one company enticed to come here. Most every manufacturing Co. long gone. A decaying derelict town with no amenities, no services, no facilities. Have we heard him railing on about this? Does he give a flying fuck? Nope! He can't stand the place and can't get out of town fast enough after one of his enforced visits. Forty bloody years! It's too late now to get a proper job, so perhaps he could just piss off and collect his rents and we could maybe get someone who cared about the town to replace him. I don't mean A£cock!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well done all you bloggers. Keep up the good work on 'You've Been Cromwelled.'  Both Meac£er and Woo£yass are up there among the front runners in the league table. Have you read Phil the Bill's response on the site and the hilarious reply from A. Taxpayer? Priceless!

Pic courtesy of Grumpyoldtwat.

'ello,ello, 'ello!

GMP about up to their usual standard. Flaky Fahy seems to be rapidly losing the plot. He now wants special courts for shoplifters set up in the Arndale centre. Brilliant! They could have special promotions, 'cop one get one free.' City centre police stations are closing and we're told the future is 'inquiry points' in town centres. Perhaps they could give out home decorating tips and treat minor medical problems while they are at it...

A series of crime and detection league tables comparing Greater Manchester with five similar police force areas paints a bleak picture of law and order across the region.
Greater Manchester Police has come under fire from members of the region’s police authority after the area ranked either bottom or next to bottom in four national tables produced from the results of the annual British Crime Survey.
What does Flaky propose. "Our focus is to reduce corporate costs, ensure frontline services are supported and put more officers on the streets."
First move? Let's spend £11.5 million on a new computer system.It will go nicely with our fine new shiny HQ up in Newton Heath.
Responding to government concern over the rising level of crime and the piss poor performance of Greater Manchester's finest, our Chief Cuntstable has now given all his boys 90 days to come up with the following improvements:-

Getting more officers on the street. You'll need a crowbar to prise most of them out of the station.

Cutting bureaucracy. Impossible! It's a target driven, PC social engineering service.

Targeting the worst performing force divisions with the aim of getting them to rise three places up national league tables. This entails the three bands of incompetents above them, closing down and going on holiday for three months

Motivating officers to do their job and detect burglary, car crime, and anti-social behaviour. Why should these well paid numpties need motivation to do their job? If they are not up for it, give 'em maps to the job centre.

It's time we stopped promoting these pseudo-intellectual, socio-economists to senior posts. It's time we had old fashioned, time served,  hard line bobbies in charge.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swine Fever-Let's go get 'em!

Welcome to the humble abode of B. B. Wulfe. This blog is dedicated to continuing the fight against all the trough wallowers, thieves and incompetent, overpaid, fucking idiots, inflicted upon the now, almost derelict township of Oldham and this once great country of ours. This site will free you from the stifling confines of the 500 character limitation of the OEC comments. The unwillingness of the local press to oppose or criticise any of the misguided schemes, unmitigated disasters, and sheer lack of ability  of  the above pillocks, leaves us with no voice to rail against the waste and corruption. Feel free to express your innermost thoughts about the failings of Councillors, MP's and all the other jobsworths who trouser great wodges of our taxes, then drop us deeper and deeper into the shite. It shouldn't take you long to come up with examples. Here piggy, piggy! 


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