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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Last month it was announced that 400 jobs are set to be axed as Oldham Council attempts to find £24 million in savings for their 2012/13 budget.

An initial 122 posts were identified and are the subject of an on-going consultation with staff and trade unions which runs until December.

The council has now announced the next 278 posts that could be cut

 Councillor Abdul Jabbar, cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “This latest package of proposals is designed to mitigate the number of compulsory redundancies that we need to make.

“Together the savings we've identified in these first two stages of this process would cover the £24 million in savings that we need to find from next year’s budget. "

Did we hear that right???

The two redundancy schemes will save £24m?

400 jobs saving £24m = £60,000 per job!

Do we really have 400 people employed by OMBC on £60,000 p.a. who we can make redundant without too much pain?  If so it's no wonder we are in the deep doo-dah. What the fuck are they all doing?  Either Jabba The Cut, member for finagling and curry sauces, has one of those super deluxe, scientific, colour screen, printing calculators from 'Pound Universe' or we are being ripped off to some tune!  Still, don't forget Charlie 'Turd' Parker is on almost four times that. I know let's get rid of him and then we only need to cut 396 posts.

Apropos of absolutely fuck all, have you noticed 'councillors allowances' have been removed from the council website. Nothing to hide, have they??  Let's get them back, see what the venal bastards are up too! It's our money!


.........The bloodletting  at Mouchel has continued with Bo Lerenius stepping down as chairman.

Last week the company’s largest shareholders said they supported the chairman and Mr Lerenius said he had never considered quitting.

However, he says now is the “right time to hand over” the chairmanship. (and get out from under before the shit hits the fan)
Grant Rumbles replaces Richard Cuthbert as chief executive, who was ousted from the company last week after it revealed an “actuarial error” will wipe £4m from profits.

13th October David Sugden, a non-executive director, is named interim chairman.
16th October  David Sugden Quits -. Mouchel's lending banks refuse to work with him!
Sir Michael Lyons, the former BBC Trust chairman, has been parachuted into Mouchel as interim chairman, which is heading for a breach of banking covenants and wants to refinance its £170m of bank facilities.

It's £170m of bank facilities were set up just a few months ago after it was revealed that Mouchel’s consortium of lending banks – Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds – had hired Deloitte, the accountants to review Mouchel's finances,  triggering worries about the company’s financial position.

Don't you just love the way these guys at the top jump ship as soon as there's a whiff of blame wafting about. What's the betting these two will surface in a month or two, smelling of roses,  in some overpaid non-job. In the meanwhile Mouchel are still lading and teeming your money. Oldham council under the insipid  inspired captaincy of Little Jimmy Pudden face sail ever onward into the setting sun, blissfully unaware.

Apropos of absolutely fuck all, have you noticed 'councillors allowances' have been removed from the council website. Nothing to hide, have they??  Let's get them back, see what the venal bastards are up too! It's our money!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Little Jimmy Pudden Face, leader of the council and flim-flam artist supreme, has taken time out from collecting his allowances to regale us with another of his blogs telling us how brilliant he is. Actually he shines like a turd!  Portions in yellow are extracts from the blog. Listen to the arrogant scrote as he tells us how right-on he is and what a set of tossers we are.
'Hopefully you’ll have read about our plans to introduce what is effectively three months of free parking on Council-owned car parks on Saturdays from mid-October to mid-January, 2012.'

'After listening to the many concerns expressed to us in recent weeks this is a move unashamedly designed to boost town centre trade during a critical period.' ....

....Bollox! It's a knee jerk reaction from a load of jerks who have felt the cold winds starting to blow through the town centre and they see the spectre of  the 'Ghost Town of Christmas Future' looming. They have unashamedly ignored, for years, every plea made by traders for this very same measure which should be made permanent.  It's too easy to grab cash from parking fees and the swingeing fines dished out. It saves the brain-dead council amoebas from having to think or make an effort to run this town efficiently.  How many millions do you reckon they've raked in over the years from parking?  What have WE got to show for it? The trouble with the political knobheads, especially the Lie-bour variety, is that they love other people's money. They see a bit of cash and it's Hey, Ho! Let's be having that then for some daft scheme or other. Needless to say the daft schemes are not the schemes we want or want to pay for, but what the fuck do you peasants know. The members know best. That's members as in pricks.

'For Oldham Council it’s also about showing leadership to help businesses and residents feeling the pinch.'

....Leadership???? Where the fuckin' 'ell is it you and your bunch of mongs are leading us? We've been feeling the pinch for years Jimmy baby. What have you crackpots been doing to alleviate the pain?  Destroy, destroy, destroy that's all we get from you and the other inmates. Nothing worthwhile created in this town for decades. There has been no cohesive plan for the town centre. Everything jumbled together. All the prime sites occupied by hideous concrete boxes inhabited by hordes of chair-polishers and paper shufflers. We are nearly into double figures with bus-stations. What's that about?  Which genius of town planning spent months one lunch-time drawing that up on his sandwich wrapper?  Every fucking building is in the wrong place. We're told we will have a new sports centre. Where? Same place as the one we have? Smack in the middle of a prime town centre retail site. Why does a sports centre have to be in the middle of a shopping area? Just think if you had put a multi-storey car park and retail units on the Lord Street site maybe Tommyfield Market would be still the number one attraction for shoppers that it used to be. Aaaah! but that's not what you and your raggle taggle band of twats want is it Little Jimmy? It's another ready made car-park to bring in more lovely moolah for you and the boys every day. While we are on the subject of town centre buildings, for fucks sake do something about that yoof abortion being built on St Mary's. Don't let the bell-ends keep that fucking gormless name. (For those of you who do not know, a competition was held to find a name for the town youth club. The winning entry was 'Mahdlo'. If that was the winning entry then fuck knows what shite didn't make it.).  You're making us a bigger laughing stock than ever if that's possible. Most people in the country know we are fucking backward. Surely we don't have to prove them right!  I can picture it now like summat out of the Clitheroe Kid (ask yer granddad).

Ma:      "Wheer art' a gooin' ower Jimmy?"
LJPF    "Am off up ter t' Mahdlo mam."
Ma:      "Gerrus a kebab and a pea mixture then our Jimmy."
LJPF:   "No ma, it's a youth club."
Ma:      "What! In a kebab shop?"  "Yer lyin' little gobshite, yer off suppin' an' shaggin'  I'll be bound"

Change it now before it's too late.

'According to a recent survey, Oldham town centre – with a 16 per cent rate of vacant shop units – is actually performing better than its North West neighbours (who average 19 per cent).'

This survey was carried out using the mathematical theory that numbers can mean anything you want them to mean. For Oldham, with a total of 33 shop units, this means that 5 and a bit stores are vacant while 27 and a bit are still clinging on to life. For, say, Bolton with a total of 168 shop units, the respective figures are 31 and a bit and 136 and a bit. For two points select the best shopping prospect a) Oldham: b) Bolton.

' I also genuinely believe our town centre offering (i.e. not including retail parks) is better than the likes of Rochdale and Tameside, and that if it was a retail park the brand names you’d see on the billboards – ‘Debenhams, H&M, Topshop, River Island, Primark, Next etc’ – would have traffic queueing in a snake like it usually is at Elk Mill on Saturdays.'  

They're queuing to get on the motorway to go to the likes of Bury and Bolton where they have stores, markets, cinemas and all the rest of that un-needed crap we had the good sense to get rid of.
Look at the 'big names' they are all the same store basically, there is no variety. Oooh! sorry I forgot the fourteen jewellery shops and the pawnbrokers. Not to mention the myriad 'pound' stores. Verily we are on a par with the Trafford Centre.

'But I’m also a realist. We can’t sit here and fiddle.'

Where do you usually sit when you're on the fiddle you cocksucker?

'The unavoidable bottom line here though is that if residents want a viable town centre then they have to take advantage of this offer and visit it to do their shopping.'

Viable? There's fuck all left! You stole our market. You allowed Spindles to cut the town in two. We cannot attract any of the big draw names to the town we're cut off from the outside world. Every road in the fucking borough is being dug up (the only growth industry in the town). We've Metrostink coming that you think is going to re-generate this town. All it will do is enable more folk to abandon Oldham in a shorter time.

'If you don’t take advantage of this offer then the implications for traders in this climate are pretty clear and there’s no politician alive – however much energy they might expend – who can shield businesses from what their spreadsheets and bank managers are telling them.' 

There's probably some dead politicians who could do a better job than you and the stupid squad. Expend energy? Politicians? Now we know you are taking the piss!

'So with Oldham town centre, I’d say it’s very much up to you:"  ‘Use it or lose it.’

So, we get to the bottom line. After completely fucking up the town, it's infrastructure, it's transport, it's amenities, it's facilities, it's market, it's roads, it's shopping centre plus it's Town Hall, You have the fucking brass neck to tell us it's up to us to rescue the place!!!!

You fucking arrogant, money grabbing, self-aggrandising, conniving, fucked-up arsewipe!!!
We the people are not prepared to shoulder the blame for the abject failures and costly fuck-ups foisted upon us by you and previous administrations. You are not the answer to our problems. You ARE the problem!

 To end we have a message for you: You say, 'Use it or lose it,"

We say, ................... FIX IT OR FUCK OFF!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In May 2007 Mouchel started a £300Million, 12-year strategic services partnership with Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council called the Unity Partnership. In that year Mouchel's share price reached £4.85. At close of trading today it stood at 16.5p leaving the company facing the prospect of a breach of banking covenant. This despite a massive £170m refinancing package just a few months ago.  Now we discover that due to an 'actuarial error' a gain of £6.2m announced earlier this year would actually be £4.3m less at £1.9m.. Financial analysts posed questions over "Information Flow and accuracy within the business and 'overly-aggressive' accounting." I think that's what they call a euphemism!  As a result chief executive Richard Cuthbert has fallen on his sword and got out from under. As if all that wasn't enough, finance director Rod Harris announced increased accounting provisions of a further £4m against "some risky contracts."  So that's over £8m that won't be showing on the profit side. Should we trust a company that takes on 'risky contracts'? 

Mouchel chairman Bo Lerenius said: "Our balance sheet is stretched and we need to do something."

Try stamping your foot and shouting very loudly, "OH BUGGER!!!"

Earlier this year rivals Interserve and Costain who had been considering a takeover bid for Mouchel walked away after studying the company's books. I think that was probably a good enough hint that all was not well.

Christopher Bamberry a financial analyst said the profit shortfall "would probably leave the company in breach of a banking covenant." He added that concerns over customer confidence cast doubts over Mouchel's ability to win and retain work. "It's hard to see how a rights issue can be avoided,"  he said.  Who in their right mind would take up a rights issue after this sorry tale of woe and in light of the current spending cuts?   Two other services groups, Connaught and ROK,  reliant on government contracts collapsed into administration in the last year.

SO! This is the outfit running most of our town, with our money. It don't look good do it?  Now you see why Mouchel had to close their Liverpool office and move the remnants of staff to Oldham where we are probably providing free accommodation for them.

Just take a look at the first line again folks - £300,000,000 for a twelve year partnership. £300m of our money leaving the town without so much as a last good-bye!

Why are we throwing all this money at a bunch of tossers from dahn sarff who can't even keep their own affairs in order?  Why are we paying a bunch of outsiders to do something we've already paid for?

If we are employing all these people to run the services that we ran so ably at one time, what are the people who used to do that job in the labyrinthine corridors of OMBC doing now?  Do they while away the hours reading Mystic Meg in the Sun.  Do they sit entranced as the odious Battye regales them with fairy stories? Do they gaze in wonder at the acres of Axminster in Little Jimmy's den? Are they put to work polishing the solid gold fittings in Avarice Hall, site of Charlie's palatial HQ?   OR? And here's a novel thought. Do we pay them to sit around doing nowt all day?

If Mouchel succumb in the dwindling market, the result for Oldham will be catastrophic! You can bet we have no fall-back plan to keep the town moving, Lie-bour don't believe in planning for the future. If they did maybe we wouldn't be involved with the 'Unity Parasites.' 

It's bloody amazing ain't it?  Every time we fall in the shite....we come up smelling of shit!

You think things are bad now?? As they say; "You ain't seen nothing yet!" 


Monday, October 10, 2011


The cost of a multimillion-pound Lie-bour Government IT project for the Passport Agency has more than quadrupled.

A 10-year deal signed by the Passport Agency, part of the Home Office, with hi-tech firm Siemens was supposed to cost between £80 million and £100 million.
Figures show the final bill for the contract with Siemens is £365 million - more than four times the initial quote. It's fucking unbelievable how schemes don't just over-run their budgets, they are vast multiples of the original supposed cost. Imagine if you contracted with a couple of bug-blinders to whitewash your privvy for, say, £14.75 and halfway through the job they had to give up with snow-blindness and presented you with a bill for £62,759,441. 27. Cash in hand of course. I bet you'd be a little bit annoyed eh?
 The previous Lie-bour government signed the deal,  the blame for the overspend must lie with them.

Lie-bour's Disastrous' £12bn NHS IT programme to be abandoned

A multi-billion pound IT project started by Lie-bour to link all parts of the NHS is to be abandoned. Ministers said the ill-fated £12 billion National Programme for IT, set up in 2002, is to be “urgently dismantled” following criticism that it is not value for taxpayers’ money.

Lie-bour’s IT programme let down the NHS and wasted taxpayers’ money by imposing a top-down IT system on the local NHS, which didn’t fit their needs," Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, said.

The National Audit Office found that another £4.7 billion could be spent on computerising the country's medical records without the project significantly benefiting patients or the NHS

The integrated electronic care records system is a central part of Lie-bour’s £11bn National Programme for IT in the NHS, which was set up in 2002 and faced repeated criticism since then over its cost and technical problems, most recently from the National Audit Office.

The Public Accounts Committee found that despite billions of pounds already being spent on the scheme, no benefits have been seen.

£469m goes up in smoke as Lie-bour's fire rooms plan ends in chaos

Read this and weep
A chaotic scheme to merge fire control rooms ended in “complete failure” costing the taxpayer almost half a billion pounds – and yet no one has been held to blame, MPs have been told.
The so–called FiReControl plan to replace English control rooms with nine regional centres was scrapped last year, six years after it was proposed following “abject bungling” that saw the cost of the computerised scheme for the Fire Service escalate from £72 million to £469 million before being cancelled

The doomed programme, initiated by the previous Lie-bour Government, was "flawed from the outset" and "one of the worst cases of project failure" seen for many years, a report from the Commons public accounts committee said.

Guess who the minister at the time was?  Yep it was The Mouth Of The Humber, that foul-mouthed, brawling, pie-eating, secretary shagging waste of space time and oxygen, Lord Pie-Crust of Mount Temple-On-D'esque. He was in charge, so the responsibility was his. But he wriggled out from under and threw his civil servants under the train, insisting that;  "I were only t' minister, 'ow were I to know that costs were spirographing out of control?"  Well, you ignorant pillock, as minister in charge we'd expect you to notice things laid on your desk apart from your secretary with her skirt up round her neck. (Strikes us folks she must have been fucking desperate to want that bugger humpin', pumpin' and wobblin' on top of her.)  It was part of the tub o' lard's failed plot to impose regional government on the country.  The whole policy was misconceived, much like the fat bastard himself. There's no justice is there?  Two hundred and fifty million sperm and that fucking one got lucky!  As architect of the scheme he should have paid the price for it's failure, but that's not how Lie-bour operate. So now he spends his days sat in the cash machine that is the House Of  Lords, filling in his allowances chitty and dreaming of having his desk polished again. 

The report said at least £469million was wasted, with eight of the purposebuilt centres remaining empty at a cost of £4million a month to maintain. That's another £48million a year going down the drain. Most of these centres are on twenty-five year leases. Do you know how much that comes to? - £1.2Billion.

The committee blamed a merry–go-round of civil servants who were responsible for the scheme and an over–reliance on external consultants, who made up more than half the management team. See! fucking consultants once again!

Despite the extensive failings, no one has been held to account and the careers of most "have carried on as if nothing had gone wrong". Peter Housden   was permanent secretary and principal accounting officer at the Department for Communities and Local Government, which ran the project. Last year he was knighted and promoted to permanent secretary of the Scottish administration.  

Principal Fucking Accounting Officer?  What the fuck was he accounting then? With any kind of luck he'll fuck Scotland up as well

Over six years, there were five senior 'responsible' owners and four project directors. Explain responsible!   The report said: "None has so far been held to account for failure and most have suffered no hindrance to their careers." Roger Hargreaves, the project director for the final two years, previously told the committee:

"We were not able to deliver the project and the problems that we faced proved not to be surmountable." ( unlike the fragrant Ms Temple).  "That does not necessarily mean that, on the basis of the evidence available at the time, the judgments were wrong."    "In hindsight, if we had not ever started the project, then that would have been possibly the best course of action." 

This four years into the cock-up and the tosser can't see it ain't gonna work? What are HIS qualifications for the job?  Apart from the drawback of not having English as his first language. Why don't he stick to Mr Men?  Mind you, this could be a new character,  'Mr Abso-fuckin-lutely crap at his job but still drawing a huge salary.'

FiReControl began in 2004, with the aim of replacing 46 fire and rescue control rooms in England with nine new regional centres. The Coalition scrapped it last year after a series of delays.

The contract was poorly designed and the department awarded computer work to   'a company with no direct experience of supplying the emergency services.'
Consultants also made up half the management team, costing £69million by 2010. One company alone,  PA Consulting, received £42 million for advice on project management issues. Bet we know what their advice was! 'Keep the fuckin' cash flowing guys, we're on a beefer!
Margaret Hodge, the committee chairman, said the project's failure was "one of the worst seen for many years".
The Coalition has set aside another £84.8million to meet the project's original objectives of improving efficiency. Are they fucking MAD???  Nearly £85million to put right a scheme which was 'only' going to cost £72million in the first place?

Bob Neill, the fire services minister, said: "Not for the first time, hard–working taxpayers are paying for Labour's inability to manage risks and control costs."

Lets have a quick tot-up of these three schemes, see what the damage is!

PASSPORTS                                                                                           369,000,000

NHS IT                                                                                               12,700,000,000
NEEDED FOR NO BENEFIT UPGRADE                                          4,700,000,000

FIRECONTROL                                                                                     469,000,000
ONGOING COSTS                                                                              1,200,000,000
SET ASIDE                                                                                                 85,000,000

                                                                                                TOTAL              £19,523,000,000

Nineteen and a half billion eh? Ten years ago the snot-gobbling, one-eyed temper tantrum G. Broon sold off over half our gold supplies with gold prices at the bottom of the market,(395 tons for £2.3Billion). Today that sale would have brought in £13.9Billion.This represents a potential loss of     £11,600,000,000

Total loss to country of just four schemes under Lie-bour and the Scottish wanker  £31,100,000,000 

The number of other things they fucked up in the thirteen years doesn't bear thinking about. Multiply by the first large number that comes into your head.

And you bleeding lot believe the lying twats when they bullshit you that they have the answers to the country's financial problems!!!!!!!!! You Mongs!  THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! 

Wake up! Smell the ordure flying off the air- conditioning device!


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