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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



IT had to happen. We told you they were skint.  Whispers Developments, non-re-developers of Royton Assembly Hall, and the favourite company of Jimmy Pudden Face and Counc Gushforth, have gone into liquidation. Below is the official notice filed today. By jove! I do believe this to be a scoop for BB as neither of our two 'news'- papers, The Advertiser nor The Oldham Lie-bour Chronicle, seem to have picked up on the story.  Yeah!!!! 

10 Aug 2011
 New Company Document
 Form: 2.12B -

 New Company Document
 Form: AD01 - Change of situation or address of registered office
 M3 1LN
 Registered Address

 Company Status
 Was: Active - Proposal to Strike off

 Now: In Administration
 Company In Liquidation  

So, we ain't gonna get the £6900 Whispers owed in unpaid fines and costs. We are gonna miss out on the magnificent spectacle of the two tater-brains pursuing Whispers through the courts again. NOW what will happen to the project?  If OMBC still had the £215,000 they got for selling off another bit of the family silver, they could buy it back off the liquidator and we could start the whole process over again. Unfortunately the cash has gone, invested, short term, in councillors allowances and jollies.
Would a new developer be interested in re-starting this project? What looked fairly viable ten years ago must look a big risk in the current economic climate. OMBC can't want to get involved again. They washed their collective sticky fingers of  it ten years ago.

What OMBC should do is buy back the site and employ one of Oldham's famous mosque architects to rebuild it. That way we would get a building twice the size for the same price. Mind you, there would only be a one month warranty on the job and the building would be built in six or seven different styles, with different building materials on each side.

Latest score in the long running fiasco:      
WHISPERS  8                                           OMBC  0
                         89th min         OMBC  o.g.
                         90th min         Penalty


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well, we would have collected on our bet!  - See 'Silence in Court...' : Tues. July 26th                                

Monday August 1st:  Enforcement action against the owner of Royton Assembly Hall has failed yet again.

Oldham Council were unable to serve an injunction against Whispers Developments (UK) Ltd. Director Wasim Khan was believed to be on holiday in Pakistan.

The Manchester company purchased the loss-making building for £215,000 (from OMBC) in 2002 but plans to turn it into a venue for functions have failed to materialise. It has already been fined £3,500 plus costs for failing to secure the site. This amount (now £6,900 ) has not been paid.

A county court application for damages and/or to force the company to clear the site was adjourned yesterday until next month. When they won't appear again. What does Little Jimmy Pudden Face think he's going to receive in 'damages'? Whispers haven't paid the last fine. They won't pay the next one and there is no chance of collecting any damages from them. THEY ARE FUCKING SKINT!!!!

 How long will it be before Whispers plays the racist card and accuses OMBC of harassing them and puts in a claim against the Council.

Still the building will look nice with a golden dome and minarets at each corner and I bet they build it too high. But what the hell! This is happy-go-lucky Oldham, where anything goes. (Unless it's nailed down, that is).

Remember to keep checking on the promise clock in the right sidebar to see how many of the seven days remain of Gushforth's promise to fix the problem in that time.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THEM AS CAN DO ...Them as can't - drag every other bastard down with them!!

74 per cent of the borough’s 2,900 11-year-olds reached the standard expected of their age  in both the English and maths national curriculum tests.

This is down from 75 per cent in Oldham in 2010.

This means 26 per cent or 754 of the borough's 11 year olds will start secondary school in August without a good grasp of both subjects. What the fuck have they been doing for the past six years?

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said: “There has been a decline in the proportion of children — both boys and girls — who can read and write beyond the expected level.

“And the results of our weakest readers and writers also remain a real concern.

“We are determined to raise standards of reading.  We can and must do much better for the one in 10 boys who at the age of 11 can read no better than a seven–year–old.”  Who is teaching them????  Did no teacher notice for over four years that 26 per cent of their raison d'etre were in failure mode? In any other industry or profession failure over such a period would result in dismissal. What do we do with fucking teachers? Promote the brainwashed bastards!

Deare sir
its' evedent from reding the leters page's in the locle locol paper just how bad the porblim is. wHo shoud we blame for that! i balme the techers they of be come so full of idologie's that educaton as sufered. pEraps they woud like to go of on strike in protess at these comints:  Be beter if the chindrl  chillre  KiDs where of on striKe untill the techer's got there fuking act toogether? evry bLeding year it get's worser. SOrt the usless' bastard's out know befour its to late?

yOur's  fathefu  cinsere  trully

Ex  HeAdmaster

WEE WILLY WANKER RUNS THROUGH THE TOWN ....Upstairs and downstairs in his NIGHTGOWN!!!!!

"I got this great suit. Pound Universe opening offer. Very bespoke indeed, innit?"

Shared Services Centre brings 65 50 20 jobs to Oldham

ONE of Oldham Council’s private sector partners, Mouchel,  is bringing new jobs to Oldham by relocating services to the borough.
Fact: They are relocating because they were forced to close their Liverpool operation to save money.

The move by the consulting and business services group, to consolidate some of its own business services to the town will bring more than 50 jobs, with many being taken up by local people. How fucking many exactly?
A spokesman for Mouchel said in December: " We are continuing to demonstrate our commitment to Oldham, most recently with the announcement that we will be bringing 65 new jobs to the borough." So that's fifteen jobs gone already!
Twenty of the roles were filled following a successful (sic)  recruitment day in the council’s offices open to local residents, Oldham Council and Unity Partnership staff. Twenty??? how many unemployed are there in Oldham?
Last October, Mouchel announced losses of over £14.7 million and was  forced to reduce its staff by 2,000 across the country.  Mouchel's bankers, Barclays, RBS and Lloyds called in accountants Deloitte to examine the company's books.At the time Mouchel had £180M of bank debt.  I bet OMBC wish they had £180M.
Little Jimmy Pudden Face, leader of the Labour group which appointed  the Chief Executive who signed Oldham up to a 12 year agreement with this company, said at the time,  "we should delay transfering further Council services to the partnership."    “First we have had to agree a bailout to stop losses following the failure of Mouchel to bring in the promised new work".  “We then had Oldham’s call centre moved to Rochdale, and have been forced to accept a shared management team with Rochdale to save money.”   So, effectively, we have been paying money, to save money, to a company that is losing money!
 This money we are talking about is your money folks. It's what's left of your council tax after the council have dipped their stickies in it.
SOoo! what has changed now?  Nowt probably.  Mouchel are most likely still going down the pan. OMBC still haven't got a clue how to do anything efficiently and without a major cock-up. This probably explains the smiling simpleton's absence from the meaningless bullshit picture, not wanting to be seen having anything to do with the scheme. Sending instead Counc Daktari, looking like a bag of shit wrapped in a pudding cloth to represent this town. Do we need further reminders of how far this town has sunk when so-called civic leaders turn up for civic events looking like they've just rolled out of their wanking pit?
Incidentally how does all this fit in with Little Jimmy's plan for a utopian co-operative council? He's already giving t'divvi away to outsiders while our Councillors, Council Officials and Executive Officers do fucking less and less for ever more bucketfuls of our cash from the golden trough.
The firm’s joint venture with the council  runs a number of the authority’s services including ICT, highways and engineering, property, and customer services such as Access Oldham in the civic building, revenues and benefits and contact centre. This explains a lot of things.

"Its new Shared Services Centre in the Oldham Business Centre, Cromwell Street, will provide ‘back office services’ such as finance, HR administration, payroll and procurement services to the company’s 9,000 employees nationwide."

Are WE paying for this perchance?

Why would any organisation or authority want or need to employ this company who can't even run their own affairs competently and efficiently and post  a £15M loss?

Previously, Mouchel’s services were split across a number of sites and the company says the consolidation will provide a better, more efficient service. Huh!  They are supposedly a  'consulting and business services group.' They lost 15M Quid, had £180M of bank debt and had to ditch 2,000 staff! What exactly is their field of expertise? What can they teach OMBC who are quite capable of bankrupting this town without outside assistance?  Sending us all down the shitter.

Counc Daktari, Deputy Leader and Member with Portfolio for Painting and Decorating, said: “Mouchel is proving to be an essential partner for the council during a period of tough financial challenges. mainly brought about by our inability to run anything without it being a complete fuck-up. This move is good news for Oldham, bringing extra jobs, skills and revenue to the town.” Until the next £15M goes down the pan that is. Why do we need to import more people into the town?  We have enough home grown talent with the skills to destroy the jobs and revenues of this sad place.

Peter Studd, Shared Services Director for Mouchel, said: “Our new Shared Service Centre will enable us to offer more effective business services like payroll, finance and HR.  Can the wanker not see the irony here? Here he is blowing his corporate trumpet for a company that can't even keep it's own affairs in order. This could only happen in to Oldham.



Monday, August 1, 2011

SIGN THE PETITION ..... Let's get out before we are taken over completely!

THE great British public has a chance to help force a key vote on Britain leaving the European Union.

"The Government has said it will consider any issue for Parliamentary debate if 100,000 people put their names to it. With the weight of feeling about the EU in this country, particularly over the economic bailouts,
we could easily achieve 10 times that number!

 Click here to sign the petition


Police seek help  (God knows they need it!)

A specialist team of police officers is desperately hunting for a stolen memory stick that contains “vital and confidential” information — and have appealed for the public’s help.

The device was stolen from the car of an off-duty police officer in  Saddleworth, which is experiencing an unprecedented crime wave, almost a fortnight ago when an opportunist thief struck.

Head of Oldham CID Sgt Colin Olcars said, "It's vital we get it back." " It's not encoded and holds all the details of the officers brews at Oldham police station. Some of the lads are getting a bit desperate as they have not had a cuppa for almost two weeks."

As well as holding the recipes for making the tea and coffee, the stick also holds info on each officers preferences i. e. sugar-no sugar, how many?  Ginger or choccy biccy? Who is the Noddy and Big Ears Mug? Who is Porky the Pig? etc., etc. Every one of them is cross referenced in the 'mug-shot' file to make identification easier.
When asked what would happen if the stick was not found Sgt Olcars said, "I don't really know it's a very serious matter and we are very concerned.  I suppose we could all bring flasks.


....AND THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT ..... W££££! ...... All the way to Oldham!

Charley 'Turd' Parker

13th October 2008. That's the day he started 'work'.Chief Executive OMBC.  Has anyone noticed the acceleration into grim decay and despair since that fateful day? Every fucking thing he's touched since his arrival has turned to shit in his hands. He's cost us millions on umpteen ill-advised schemes. His advice on most things he has stuck his oar into has been detrimental to this town, e g Vance Miller. The man is incompetent. What qualifications does he have apart from a cosying up arrangement with English Partnerships? £213,000 per annum we are paying him. Is he willing to take a pay cut to help out in our time of need? Is he fucking hell and that's no! To the moronic single celled life-forms on our council he probably stands out as a fountain of all knowledge and a shining beacon to guide them through the murky ooze. To the rest of us he is a perpetually smiling snake-oil salesman, a con artist in the Blair mould. He rapidly padded out his empire shortly after his arrival with the appointment of several arse lickers and sacrificial lambs. He has achieved nothing in the nearly three years he has been sponging off us but he talks a good game. He sits in his (refurbished at our expense) office in the Tower of Babble collecting his overblown paycheck and adding thousands to his pension while the town goes to hell in a handcart and the citizens of this once proud town struggle along with less and less each passing year.
Do you remember the local headlines when he got the job?  'Best man for the job.' 'You have to pay top money if you want the best.' 'We are very lucky to get him.'  Lucky???  Fuck me, I'm glad we didn't get a fucking dead-leg! We would have been in the shit by now.

We need to get rid of the smarmy fucker ASAP otherwise there will be fuck all left of this town to ruin further. 

How did we come to choose the wanker? Ah! There's a tale. Little Jimmy Pudden Face conducted the interviews for the position. All good 'ole boys together eh? A little bit 'ere a little bit there! A lot of mutual backscratching. Did anyone hear of any other candidates for the job or was it another Lie-bour shoo-in?  Oh by the way these were the interviews where little Jimmy Pudden Face demanded another £600 in expenses on top of the £22,000 he was already getting plus his other job.  The Lie-bour con artists are drawn to other people's money aren't they?


P S Speaking of the Vance Miller case - Has anyone heard how much it is going to cost us yet - or are the lawyers still sweating over their calculators?

IT'S EASY TO MAKE A MISTAKE ....It's all them fucking zeros doing me 'ead in!

Financial incompetence over funding for the Chadderton Wellbeing Centre has cost Oldham taxpayers £7 million.

Members of the Lie-bour 2007-08 cabinet  are to face a grilling by Oldham Council’s audit committee over this and other blunders that have seen yearly running costs for the £17 million centre costing eight times more than was first forecast. The committee has asked members to explain their decisions before it next meets on September 15.

But council leader Jim McMahon has hit out at Lib-Dem sniping over the affair saying “This is a sign of desperation.

NO! Jimmy Pudden face it's us the poor fucking tax-payers who are desperate!! Day after day, week after week, month after month we are shat on from ever greater heights by  the cocksuckers in the Tower! None of you could even run a twatting tap without fucking something up.  

The moon faced loon says, “The Liberal Democrats had three years to sort it and did nothing."  What the fuck could they do? YOU cost US an extra £7Million because you fucked up the capital funding.

You perceived annual running costs for the state-of-the-art centre in Wellington Street to be budgeted at £100,000 — but it was discovered that £811,000 a year was actually needed. That's eight times what was budgeted for, EIGHT TIMES, you fucking innumerate wanker.

If total build costs were £7Million over budget and running costs are eight times the projected figure how come the accounts balanced? Creative accounting?? Where did the extra come from? I thought we were skint! Where is the extra three-quarters of a Mil a year for running expenses coming from? We are supposedly looking for millions in cuts?

A report on the matter has now gone before the committee and this states that the council had not got “best value” and described lease costs as ‘excessive’
Financial and management controls on the project were described as either “inadequate” or “weak”, and there was a lack of open scrutiny.  Cabinet members had an uncritical attitude and floundered about with inadequate information available to them.

Liberal Dems were devastating the town when the centre opened in November, 2009, but the finances were calculated in April, 2007 and approved the following year, when Lie-bour waved everything through on the nod..

Lib-Dems say Lie-bour councillors McMahon, Hibbert, Stretton, Phil Harrison and McDonald — all back in the present cabinet — were party to the decision, which was taken in private three days before the 2008 local elections. Do you think that famous five understand anything about what happened? Of course not. they were all toeing the party line and were just obeying orders. Just look at the brain-power on display there and you will not be surprised at whatever they got up to.

Lib-Dem Councillor Thompson said: “Chadderton Wellbeing Centre is an excellent facility but the costs are staggering,  “It could have been built and run for very much less." So if you had known the true cost would you have continued the project?

The Labour twats chose the most expensive option in order to be able to sign the contracts by April 30, 2008 and score points over the opposition.

Cllr Jimmy Pudden Face said, "It wasn't me mister, it was some other big boys what done it."

He said: “I’ll turn up if only to find out what is in the review myself.”  We can tell you that Moon-face, £7Million more than the estimate, plus eight times the projected running costs per year.

An honest mistake he will probably claim. I say we should claim the overspend back off the knobheads who voted it through without due dilligence. It's our money! let's ask for it back!!


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