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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well now we know! The unelected piece of tartan shite that is Gordon, the snot gobbling one-eyed tosser has let us all know his feelings about the ordinary folk of this country and his loyalty to his own would-be supporters. During a visit to Rochdale the lying turd forgot he was still wearing a mike and called local woman, Gillian Duffy, a bigot. This after she asked him several pertinent questions that he struggled to lie his way out of. Below courtesy of the M.E.N. is a transcript of the meeting. Read through all the lies, bluster and total insincerity before we get to the unspeakable shite's tour de force. This has got to be an election loser par excellence. isn't it great when they revert to type? A case of  'In Limo Veritas'

Here is the full transcript of the conversation between Gordon Brown and Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy.

Gillian Duffy: My family have voted Labour all their lives. My father, even, when he was in his teens, went to Free Trade Hall to sing the Red Flag. And now I’m absolutely ashamed of saying I’m Labour.
Gordon Brown: Now you mustn’t be, because what have we done? We’ve improved the health service, we’re financing more police, neighbourhood policing, we are getting better schools, and we are coming through a very, very difficult world recession. You know what my views are. I’m for fairness, for hard-working families. I want to make sure - I’ve told these guys across there - if you commit a crime you’re going to be punished. You better stop.
Gillian Duffy: I don’t think it’s happening in Rochdale...
Gordon Brown: We have a bit more policing than there were but obviously we are going to do better in the future with neighbourhood policing, but neighbourhood policing is the key to it. You’re a very good woman, you’ve served your community all your life.
Gillian Duffy: I have, I’ve worked for the Rochdale council for 30 years, and I worked with children and handicapped children.
Gordon Brown: Well I think working with children is so important, so important isn’t it. Have you been in some of the children’s centres?
Gillian Duffy: The thing that I can’t understand is why am I still being taxed at 66 years old because my husband’s died and I had some of his pension tagged on to mine?
Gordon Brown: Well we are raising the threshold at which people start paying tax as pensioners. But yes, if you’ve got an occupational pension you may have to pay some tax but you may be eligible for the pension credit as well, you should check.
Gillian Duffy: No, no I’m not. I’ve checked and checked and they said no, they can’t do it.
Gordon Brown: Well you should look at it again just to be sure, absolutely sure.
Gillian Duffy: Yes, yes they’ve told me. I’ve been down to Rochdale council to try and get it off my tax.
Gordon Brown: You know we’re linking the pension to earnings in two years’ time, we’ve got the winter allowance as you know which I hope is a benefit, the winter allowance.
Gillian Duffy: I agree with that, it’s very good, but every year I talk to people my age and they say they’ll be knocking it off, it will be going. It will be.
Gordon Brown: We’re keeping it. We have done the bus passes, we have done the free eye tests, free prescriptions.
Gillian Duffy: But how are you going to get us out of all this debt Gordon?
Gordon Brown: Because we have got a deficit reduction plan to cut the debt in half over the next four years. We’ve got the plans, they’ve been set out today. Look I was a person who came in...
Gillian Duffy: The three main things what I had drummed in when I was a child was education, health service and looking after people who are vulnerable. But there’s too many people now who aren’t vulnerable but they can claim, and people who are vulnerable can’t claim, can’t get it.
Gordon Brown: But they shouldn’t be doing that, there is no life on the dole for people any more. If you are unemployed you’ve got to go back to work. It’s six months...
Gillian Duffy: You can’t say anything about the immigrants because you’re saying that you’re... but all these eastern Europeans what are coming in, where are they flocking from?
Gordon Brown: A million people have come from Europe but a million British people have gone into Europe. You do know that there’s a lot of British people staying in Europe as well. Look, come back to what were your initial principles: helping people - that’s what we’re in the business of doing. A decent health service, that’s really important, and education. Now these are the things that we have tried to do. We’re going to maintain the schools so that we can make sure that people have that chance to get on. We’re going to maintain the health service so that...
Gillian Duffy: And what are you going to do about students who are coming in then, all this that you have to pay, you’ve scrapped that Gordon.
Gordon Brown: Which one?
Gillian Duffy: To help people who go to university.
Gordon Brown: Tuition fees?
Gillian Duffy: Yes.
Gordon Brown: Yeah but look we’ve got...
Gillian Duffy: I’m thinking about my grandchildren here. What will they have to pay to get into university?
Gordon Brown: You’ve got 40% of young people now going to university, more than ever, so you’ve got to have some balance. If you get a degree and you earn twice as much after you get the degree then you’ve got to pay something back as a contribution. But there are grants for your grandchildren, there are grants, more grants than ever before. You know more young people are going to university than ever before, and for the first year the majority of people going to university are women - so there’s big opportunities for women. So education, health and helping people, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I’m about.
Gillian Duffy: Well congratulations, and I hope you can keep it up.
Gordon Brown: It’s been very good to meet you, and you’re wearing the right colour today. How many grandchildren do you have?
Gillian Duffy: Two. They’ve just come back from Australia where they’ve been stuck for nine, 10 days with this ash crisis.
Gordon Brown: But they got through now? Yeah we’ve been trying to get people back quickly. But are they going to go to university? That’s the plan?
Gillian Duffy: I hope so. They’re only 12 and 10.
Gordon Brown: Oh they’re only 12 and 10. But they’re doing well at school?
Gillian Duffy: Yeah yeah, very good.
Gordon Brown: A good family. Good to see you.
Gillian Duffy: Yeah. And the education system in Rochdale - I will congratulate it.
Gordon Brown: Good. And it’s very nice to see you. Take care. Good to see you all. Thanks very much.
Gordon Brown gets in car.
Gordon Brown: That was a disaster...should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that?
Aide: I don’t know, I didn’t see her.
Gordon Brown: Sue’s I think. Just ridiculous.
Aide: Not sure that they’ll go with that one.
Gordon Brown: They will go with that one.
Aide: What did she say?
Gordon Brown: Everything, she was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


To those of you who say you will abstain from voting as it will make no difference.  Beware:  NOT voting against something has the same effect as voting FOR it.  And it doesn't matter who you DON'T vote for – someone WILL be elected and claim they represent YOU!

Apathy is futile. Use your vote: Let's break the mould!


Having fallen foul of the ubiquitous Council summons for non payment of Council Tax, complete with it's already decided 'costs'. I have been trying to get more details on the legality of these threatening documents along with the follow-ups threatening everything up to and including the end of the world as you know it.  I have now come across the following article from the Lawful Rebellion site. It presents a disturbing scenario of Council procedures which would seem to be the same countrywide, suggesting collusion between councils. The council in the original article is a London Borough but the actions are almost identical with OMBC.  I am repeating this verbatim from the Lawful Rebellion article as I think it brings up some disturbing points. For more info on this and other contentious items please click on the link above to Lawful Rebellion.

 Having not paid Council tax since last August 2009 some very interesting facts have emerged. This information has been backed up by others who have uncovered the same routine, in which Councils act completely unlawfully.
After you decide not to pay Council, tax you will receive a ‘Summons’ to the local magistrates Court. This appears to be a Summons issued by the Court. It bears a royal seal and is “signed” by the Clerk to the Justices for the petty sessional area of  xxxx. It states:
“Complaint has this day been made before the undersigned by the London Borough of xxxx. You being a person liable to pay the Council tax and from whom payment of that tax has been duly demanded have not paid the sum as due below.”
“You are therefore Summonsed to appear before the magistrates at xxxx on xxxx at xxxx
“If you do not appear, you may be proceeded against as if you had appeared and dealt with according to the law”.
The first paragraph states that,  “complaint has been made before the undersigned.”
This looked immediately suspicious as the “signature” for Clerk to the Justices seemed to be  deliberately deceptive as it was indecipherable,  and photocopied onto the document (Part of the signature on this particular Summons was cut off) The other big  problem being there was no name printed under the ’signature.’
Having phoned both the Court and the Council and neither being able to tell me who signed the Summons I put in a freedom of information request to the Councils head of Governance and Law as to who was the acting Clerk to the Justices in the borough. The reply I got indicated that this person definitely did not sign the document. The Council were then instructed that the document was defective as it was not signed by a person known to the Court or the Council.
In the first Notice served on the Councils Head of Revenues and Benefits  it was suggested that the Summons was defective. The Head of Revenues and Benefits replied:
“Summonses must be authorised by a Justice of The Peace or Clerk to the Justices and who’s signature appears on the Summons must have personally considered the complaint. As you now know this makes the Summons lawful and not defective as stated in your letter paragraph 5b.”
This is typical of the response from Councils, there is an over confident reply which is completely at odds with the facts. They also refer to Notices as ‘letters.’ There seems to be a cosy arrogance in all the correspondence, and if you nail them on anything they say its their ball and they are not playing! They are compartmentalised within their departments and seem to have no idea or no interest in what is really going on, those higher up the corporate ladder however must know.
Maybe some of my info did sink in as I Noticed that the job of Head of benefits and Revenues was recently being advertised in a local employment agency window!
Yes WE Summons you to Court
The next revelation was even better! It became clear that the Summons document was the same typeface and border as other Council documents. Yes, the Council issue their own Summonses! Now this has been confirmed as fact by Council staff. This is fraud and perjury under the 1911 Perjury Act and a crime under the Administration of Justice Act. Anyone except a Court issuing a document, that appears to be from a Court, is breaking the law.
This was pointed out in the next Notice to the Head of Benefits and Revenues but the reply came from someone else in the department. This seems to be the strategy when difficult questions arise – nobody takes responsibility. The reply stated,
“No further correspondence on the issues you have raised will be entered into.”
As far as the suggestion goes that the Council was guilty of fraud and perjury, their response was that they would defend themselves in Court and I would be liable for their costs if they won the case. This makes sense, as in the Borough whereI live the Court and town hall are on the same Council owned land. If your part of the corporation, everybody Wins!
It now appears that Councils all over the Country issue their own Summonses, they then hire a room in the Court for a ‘bulk hearing.’ The room is not part of the Court, as the Court are not involved (apart from financially). This has also been confirmed by people who work in the Court. As there is no due process being followed here, it would appear the whole procedure is a sham.
Issuing a Summons
If there is a case to be heard in the Court it has to be sent to the Court clerk (or  Court manager at County Court)  to consider, they then issue a Summons which is sent directly from the Court. As the Council issue the Summons it is not a Court matter, they just make it appear so by inviting (Summonsing) the person to the Court. As this is just a procedural matter for summary judgement (person already liable) and not of course a “hearing” it makes sense for them to do it themselves!
No Liability Order
The Council then state in the follow up documentation, ‘Notice of impending enforcement action’ or ‘Liability Order notification’ – this means a Liability Order was issued against the person, but it’s of course not possible as there was no Court. No Liability Order has been received from the Court by anybody I have met who has stopped paying Council tax. The reason for this is of course because there was no Court. Two corporations are involved, the Council who hire the room in the Court; and Court officials/staff in the Court who are paid by the Council. In many boroughs the Town Hall, Council buildings and Court are on the same land, owned by the Council.
This ‘Notice of impending enforcement action’ or ‘Liability Order notification’ is not a Liability Order. It also makes threats including making you bankrupt in the high Court with all assets frozen; being sent to prison; a charging Order put on your property; and then at the end of this diatribe, appointment of bailiffs. These documents are pretty generic in the different boroughs and presumably represent new powers given to local authorities – they are deliberately intimidating, but enforcing all this is of course a completely different matter.
A Liability Order has to be signed by the Judge or Magistrate and also sealed by Court. It is then sent to the person liable and also the Claimant. If the amount on the Order is not paid within the specified time then the Court can appoint bailiffs on behalf of the Claimant.
Debt collectors not Bailiffs
The Council although unable to produce a real Liability Order, then states that bailiffs have been appointed on behalf of the Council to recover the debt. This is of course impossible as there was no Court, so no bailiffs can be appointed, as they must have an Order from the Court that appointed them.
Bailiffs also have to be re-registered every two years; have an ID number; and give their full name, which can be verified by doing an Internet search. Debt collectors call themselves bailiffs and rely on peoples’ ignorance. Your birth certificate made you a ‘person’ who is ‘liable’ so ‘let he who will be deceived be deceived.’
The corporate nature of the Councils and Courts just means they pretend that bailiffs have been instructed, this is of course not possible so they appoint a debt collection agency who then send out ‘bailiff’ letters. These letters are very threatening in capital letters with a box stating ‘Removal of your goods’ or ‘Bailiff Removal.’
Bailiffs do have certain powers to collect debts, but debt collectors do not! (The powers given to bailiffs can be easily found on the Internet). Debt collectors do claim they are bailiffs and also send out documentation that is unlawful and completely unethical.
The problem with all these ‘bailiff’ letters that I have seen is that none of them bear the Bailiffs full name, certification number and Court Order reference, which of course they must have if they are issued by a bailiff.
This means of course that the debt collection agency is a third party interloper who has purchased or contracted with the Council for the Council tax debt offences. This means that the debt no longer has anything to do with the Council and the debt collector has no real power of enforcement action as a Court was not involved.
Ask your Council for a true copy of a Liability Order and see what happens, things could go VERY quiet.
Return to sender
If you want to have some fun look up the debt collection company on the companies house register and redirect all mail back to the Managing Director (after having served Notice on him or her with fee schedule attached) at their registered address and update your fee schedule on each new envelope that you return.
If you want to read what these computer printout ‘Notices’ say hold them up to a powerful light and you will see it all through the envelope. One thing is for sure, it won’t be signed by a bailiff with the relevant info. Another good idea is to let them know that your fees for handling their deceptive ‘bailiff’ letters will be collected by a debt collection agency! This has to be the next logical step, getting debt collectors onto the debt collectors and Councils.
The Councils only form of redress after this is to go to Court and put a Charging Order on your property if you ‘own’ it or try some other route like trying to get you into Court. If you ignore all this there seems to be little they can do, as they run out of ideas when the robotic paper trail stops. If you are on Benefits or in Council property refusing to pay Council tax, it may not be a good idea, as they can evict you or have Benefits stopped at source.
And finally for your delectation and delight… The unlawful Debtors Notice…
Fraudulence in contract is an offence.
Along with the document ‘Notice of impending enforcement action’ or ‘Liability Order notification’ the Council also include a ‘Notice’ to debtors, which makes threats and menaces. It also makes unlawful ‘demands’ for information on the reverse. There is also a quote from a local Councilor! The document states:
“It is an offence not to complete and return the enclosed financial information form”. xxxx xxxx Council are now taking legal action against customers who do not return their form fully completed. This legal action will result in a criminal conviction and fine of up to £1000.”
This is of course completely untrue. Other Boroughs just ‘request’ this information, my Council demand it as if it is the law. This ‘demand’ is of course never followed up. Information demanded includes National Ins number; name of employer; address of employer; date of birth; and all details of benefit claims etc. Then there’s part C that states you MUST fill it in. This demands name; email address; telephone number; and then of course you MUST sign it!
These threats are carried on at the bottom of the form saying,
“You will be committing a criminal offence if you do not give the above information and you can be fined up to £1000, as well as getting a criminal record. The same will happen if you give information that is not true.”
They also state that they would take legal action against anyone who did not fill the form in and that cases had been held in magistrates Court and the debtors receiving fines of £100 plus £85 costs. This is a bare faced lie!
Of course if you were unfortunate or gullible enough to fill in this badly worded junk mail they really have got you. If you filled it in and gave false information that would indeed be an offence. Fraudulence in contract IS an offence, but IGNORING an unlawful piece of paper is not!
One of the other many problems with the form is that the Council is known ONLY as LBWF and it was confirmed in writing that xxxx xxxx Council did not exist! Their corporate office stated this in a freedom of information request. I also included this in my Notice that demanding payment for an organisation which did not exist appeared to be fraudulent. This fact was of course ignored.
Having found out the name of the Council solicitor who put this rubbish together, I stated this would be investigated. Having served Notice on the Head of Governance and Law, (the top lawyer in the Borough), I can say from experience these people do not know how to do their jobs or even know the law, and they just seem to break it when it suits them.
In short there is a lot of noise and threats made which are just hot air in order to scare the public into paying off the banks and the national debt!
For anyone who saw the film “Councils, Courts and Conmen” on YouTube the Order at the end of the film was not a Liability Order, just the amount of liable persons who were ‘Summoned’ to the Court. There was no name on the Order, it was simpler just to make the point that the ‘liability’ was established before the hearing, and of course they had to book Court number 1 because 14 witnesses turned up! This appears to be just part of the huge corporate scam that Councils are involved in. There is much more we have uncovered and will post in due course.
Well that’s the end of the paper trail for now. However, when there is a registered PERSON at your address, you know there is bound to be more!

A very large tip of the hat to Lawful Rebellion

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I see the fat porcine bastard feeder of the council, Snout Sy£es had one of his hissy fits at last weeks meeting of the council. He was asked by Lab Councillor Chatteron why the 'Integrated Transport Service' had been cut by £500,000 whilst he and the rest of his troughing team were frittering cash away on 'luxury spending'. ITS is councilese for the transport provided for handicapped & disabled folk, to get them to various care & treatment venues. Luxury spending is councilese for Jollys. The fat fuck, who has a large following, mainly in his trousers, then stamped his foot & turned a bright puce while all his chins wobbled in unison. He said it was inappropriate to further subsidise transport services for people receiving mobility allowances. But it's not inappropriate for the tub of lard to use the new £58,000 car, leased by US, to travel alone to jollys where he can show off in front of the rest of the greedy parasitic troughers. This on top of the travel remuneration the grasping fucker claims. Work on the Tower Of Babble had also, coincidentally, cost £500,000 (Hmm, looks like the disabled paid for that!). This he defended on the grounds that it was necessary, was well received and was value for money! Necessary for what? The only thing necessary for the ugly eyesore is demolition. It was well received! Who the fuck by? Not us and certainly not the disabled. I've a sneaking suspicion it was well received only by his obesity and his cohorts. It was value for money! For fuckety fucks sake! The whole monstrous concrete pile of shite isn't worth that! It's all about fucking self aggrandisement so fat sack of blubber can prance and preen when other wastes of time and money arrive on another jolly.
His final tantrum concerned the jollys enjoyed by Lab when they had their turn at the trough. He had discovered that they had undertaken 10 away-days at a cost of nearly £15,000. He said "I find it quite breathtaking that the opposition is attempting to lecture this administration (Me) about tightening belts and reducing costs." I know where I'd like to tighten a belt! This is just two faced shit from the grasping, gob stuffing, trough stomping fat bastard who has wasted at least twice that amount of OUR taxes in less than two years. Remember The Chinese jolly? £14,000 for five of them  but it did include a thirteen course breakfast. Remember the Harrogate jolly?  Eleven of them for three nights £10,000. Remember the Worsley jolly?  Twenty of the thieving fuckers stayed overnight whilst they had a meeting. Cost £3,000 even though they had just spent £500,000 of our money doing up the politburo tower for just such an occasion. How did the corpulent cunt travel to the Worsley jolly? That's right, alone in OUR new £58,000 leased motor car. How far is Worsley? 13 miles!!!
Why the fuck did no-one accept his offer to quit the last time he spat out his dummy. We need to be rid of this fat fucking fraud!  It's all going to end in tears and tantrums. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The gobshites at Pennine Acute Trust are to axe twenty-three beds at the Royal Oldham Hospital. Why? You may ask. According to some prick called Steve Taylor, mouthpiece for the festering set of wankers, it is to improve services for patients. You moronic little heap of stinking vomit, stop insulting our intelligence! We all know that last year, the Government asked NHS authorities to come up with proposals to reorganise the service to save money as a result of the recession. For reorganise, read cutbacks.  Details are now starting to emerge of an ongoing  programme of cuts. Listen to the arsewipe Taylor 'justifying' the cuts. " Overall, these moves will further improve the quality of patient care, reduce the length of stay in hospital and reduce the risk of, get this.. 'Health care acquired infections.' You simple minded fuckwit!  There will be twenty-three would be patients NOT getting ANY quality of 'care.'  NOT having a bed will reduce the length of stay in hospital. It will reduce it to 'nowt'. You will be at home hoping you don't snuff it before your turn for the bed comes around.  As for health care acquired infections. It is true  you won't be at risk because you won't be there. You  will be lying in your own bed suffering the ailments that you should be being treated for in hospital.  Money can never be found for basics such as decent NHS cleaners - but there is always plenty for Taylor and his quango cronies to scoop out of the trough.  The  NHS doesn't need the current number of management parasites who have neither medical nor nursing skills and are not involved in patient care.  These self important jobsworth  appointments are  political.  It's a multi-billion pound industry where the concerned and cynical spend their careers paper shuffling and protecting their arses. But they kid themselves if they think they put the patient first. Their 'care' is not about us, it's all about feathering their own nests and inventing targets.  Their proliferation  is part of a ludicrous socialist drive to create meaningless jobs using our taxes on others. There is simply too much management right across the NHS, most of it duplicating, interfering or counter-productive, and all of it diverts resources from the hard-pressed units and nurses who treat real people and who need them most.
Health expert Professor Nick Bosanquet of Imperial College says: "Poor financial management is endemic in the NHS and a major barrier to future productivity and dealing effectively with new challenge. The tools of basic financial management remain absent from most of the NHS and the service does not know what it is spending money on."
Here's a sample of the lunacy at PAT: Chief exec. John Saxby got a mere 2.75% pay rise last year taking his wage to £185,000. Medical director Ruth Jameson got a 3% raise to take her to £170,000. The bloody personnel director, Roger Pickering  also got 3% taking him to £145,000. That's £500,000 for just three of them. And there are hundreds of 'em. like the tosser Taylor all on big money. He, by the way, styles himself director for medicine. Do we need these grasping fuckers? Does anyone know what most of them are supposed to be doing?  Cuts are needed are they?  Twenty-three beds versus half a million quid. Where would you like to make the cuts folks?

Friday, April 16, 2010


I see the three little pigs, Meacher, Woolarse and Heyes are having a hissy fit with Old Porkbelly Sykes, leader for now, of our deranged council. The troughing bastards want the district auditor to carry out an investigation of the Vance Miller prosecution fuck-up. Funny! We never heard a peep out of the three shite hawks for the two or three years this fiasco rumbled on prior to the utter humiliation of the town at Manchester Crown Court. Why do we even need an inquiry? Judge Jonathan Foster called it, "a misconceived case from the start and an abuse of the court process." Nuff said!  Anyone involved, who's fingerprints are on the whole shambolic mess should go. Now!  As for piglets three, it's too late now to feign an interest in the squalid mess.

This is election bandwagon jumping at its best worst.
You weren't concerned about it when votes weren't at stake. For five years you don't give a shit about us and the town you claim  to represent, but come election time you're kissing our arses at every verse end.  Why don't all three of you fuck off and find another trough somewhere else and while you're at it take the greedy fat
bastard Sykes with you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010



 Disgraced MPs who will not be returning in the next parliament meet for a farewell barbecue!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Didn't you just fucking expect it?  The local Labour group, in an attempt to get their collective snouts back in the trough, have selected as candidates, all the dead-beat, has-beens, who we got rid of last time. Let's look at the roll of honour -  Hugh McDonald, Barbara Dawson, Jean Stretton, Phil Harrison, Dilys Fletcher and Joe Fitzpatrick will be hoping to get re-elected. Doesn't that just bathe you in a warm glow of confidence,  knowing that such worthies are keen and raring to represent you on our council? No, me neither! All the old Labour yes men who never amounted to anything last time around. Placemen set up by the same Lab group that oversaw the virtual destruction of our once fine town. I wouldn't trust 'em with a fucking Lego set never mind a whole town. To put the bleeding tin hat on the proceedings they have also selected the ex trougher in chief, Mr allowances himself, the porcine presence, Bullshit Battye. I bet the good people of Failsworth West are ecstatic having him throw himself heart and soul into the needs of the ward. Don't forget voters, when he is perched head and shoulders above the rest it's because he is standing on the corpses of the expendables, that's you folks.  If we let that lot in come the 6th May, were doomed. Go home, sit in a darkened room, put your head between your knees and KISS YOUR ARSE GOODBYE!
These tactics are a prime example of why  party politics should be removed from local government. Fuck the placemen, the glory hunters, the troughers  and the brown nosed arse lickers. If you have an independent candidate in your ward why not give them your vote. At the very least they may put the interests of the voters and the town before the scams and schemes of the puppet masters in the Palace of Corruption  in London. Also it should be cheaper as Indies would find it difficult to organise groups to swan off on jollys.



These three thieving bastards are really taking the fucking piss now. Legal fucking aid?

Read GRUMPY OLD TWAT to see what the bent bastards are up to now!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Dont waste your vote on May 6th folks. Let's have a huge turn-out and show the troughers we mean business. This applies equally to local and national elections. If you abstain from voting you are just maintaining the status quo. Positive action is needed if we are ever to rid ourselves of the corrupt bastards at local and government level. USE YOUR VOTE WISELY!!!



Only two days left to Cromwell your MP. On Monday they cease to be MPs and the list will close. Why not try and get your favourite MP on the leader board. Click away on the link above folks, Cromwell the scum and give them a rousing send off. They needn't get too complacent. A new list will be opened after the election.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What is apparent is that the political classes still do not ‘get it’, they are still playing the same old baby kissing routine that they think passes for democracy, so that they can get their feet firmly jammed under the table and carry on with the same elective dictatorship for another five years. The Expenses scandal never happened for them, the Rotten Parliament never happened for them, the vast influx of immigration never happened for them, the Surveillance State never happened for them, and foreign wars of aggression and invasion voted for by Parliament never happened for them.

Let us be clear what we do not want is more of the same, in 1997 the country largely drew a collective breath of Thank God, as the Tories were thrown out. The vote then as I fear now will be a vote to get this crowd out. To what end? It is just a treadmill of buggins turn.

Unless there is real constitutional change, not the flim flam of Cameron’s talk of change, we are in for a very bad time. Power must be taken back from Whitehall to the people of the country that means having the courage to cause a Constitutional crisis not seen since the 1830’s.

The Labour Party does not deserve anybody's vote after their ruinous thirteen years, however they have gerrymandered the vote by creating one million public sector jobs, and turkeys do not vote for Christmas, each one of us will be forced to pay £300 per annum to bail out the public sector pensions deficit. We will be asked to do this without complaint or riot.

Mandelson who for me signifies everything that is corrupt and putrid about the British State, knows that Brown is a vote loser that is why we had the ‘team’ photo on the steps of Downing Street, instead of Brown the Leader as a vote winning asset. For me this is the ultimate defensiveness and is a clear indicator that Brown is going to lose this election, only being supported by his client state so assiduously built up over thirteen years.

The Tories do not want ‘change’ they want power, it is as crude and as simple as that. I have not seen any undertaking of rolling back the security state, but I have heard promises of ‘in your face policing’, I have not heard undertakings of constitutional reform. No, they are promising you the same old authoritarian State. The Tories voted for War, The Tories promised to match pound for pound spending by Labour before the crash. They will say and do anything for political power using the same old corrupt ‘Parliamentary Democracy’. Vote for them if you will to ‘get the others out’ but that is what happened in 1997 and look at what happened.

The Social Democrats (forget the word Liberal, they are not) will jump into bed with Labour rather than the Tories to prop up a discredited regime. They change their mind at the drop of a hat and have no philosophy being the mongrel result of the mating of two disparate parties. Their record in local Government should not be allowed to be replicated at national level.

As a Historian I know how much blood has been shed to obtain the vote, therefore to not vote is almost a sacrilege. This election threatens to have one of the lowest turnouts in one hundred years, through ignorance, apathy and the general feeling that voting only returns the government. Largely the apathy is caused by the ‘safe seat’ syndrome. If the North wants to have a knee jerk socialist state, they can have one in the North by creating a Swiss style Canton that raises its own funds and redistributes amongst their own. Do not ask the other cantons to subsidise their Soviet. I can guarantee that within a year the true cost will cause internal emigration.

The two choices are not to Vote, therefore depriving ‘the government’ of legitimacy. Any Government that gets less than 50% of the popular vote is not a legitimate government and can be opposed at every level. The other is to vote for minor parties or independents, which is the only way we can end the prospect of another Rotten Parliament, and another minority government in terms of the vote inflicting their extremist views on individuals.
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Now we are being asked to celebrate forty years of devotion to his constituency by that humourless piece of shite,  the arch hypocrite Michael Meacher.  Forty fucking years and what have we to show for it?  As far as he's concerned, not much. He's never shown much interest in the problems of the town. You never hear  him bring up local matters in the house of conmens. He doesn't live here, just like the other waste of space, and on his fleeting visits to the constituency he loves so much, he can;t wait to get away as soon as possible.  He lied to us about his antecedents, having us believe he was descended from penniless farm labourers who had toiled on the land for generations. He's never toiled anywhere, never even got his hands dirty.   Born in Hemel Hempstead,  he was educated at Berkhamsted School, New College, Oxford and the London School of Economics, where he gained a Diploma in Social Administration.(WOW!). Not bad for a horny handed poverty stricken son of the soil. Oh no, wait a mo, it turns out Daddy was an accountant and gentleman farmer. The two faced bastard had the nerve to criticise second home owners at the same time as owning three or more himself. The current count is not known but is believed to be fifteen to twenty, including one in the constituency, in which he has probably never stayed a night.  In the past four years for which figures are available, WE have paid him approx  £260,000.  PLUS he has also claimed £510,000 in allowances and expenses. That;s twice as much in exes as he received in salary. Unbelievable ain't it?  Enough is enough.  He's got to go. Remove Sutcliffe from up his arse and send him and his forty years of wasted opportunity back 'dahn sarf ' where they deserve him.  On second thought, leave Sutcliffe where he is and we can get rid of two for the price of one.  It is high time MPs were made to live in their constituency, not two hundred miles away in London like our pair. Then they could experience the same trials and tribulations as the voters.  TIME FOR A FRESH FACE!  WE NEED SOMEONE TO WORK HARD IN AND ON BEHALF OF THIS TOWN - NOT MORE PLACEMEN.  --   BEGONE MEACHER!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We're off and running then and already trouble has broken out within Oldham East And Saddleworth Tories. Ex-councillor Chris Shyne has been dropped as candidate for Waterhead in the local elections. He criticised full-time party officials for obstructing a local selection process, and imposing a short-list of candidates. In October, Mr Shyne also criticised the man eventually chosen to be the general election candidate, Manchester barrister Kashif Ali, of acting as candidate before there had been a selection procedure. Whilst not flying any flags for ex-councillors (on the grounds that if they were any good they would have shown it first time around), BB must agree that the constant interference in and  imposition of short-lists by party officials, must stop. This is supposed to be a democratic process by and for the people, not a cabal of  party hacks dividing up the spoils. I wonder how many seats are lost, in a backlash by voters, by candidates who have been imposed on the electorate. From all the reports in the local press, the selection of Kashif Ali is surrounded in a cloud of mystery. The whole election process from selection, through the ballot to the final outcome, must be open and transparent. The situation in Oldham East and Saddleworth seems to fall short of this. Waterhead will now be fought by Edna Wolstenhulme, of Greenfield, a retired business woman formerly involved with the Oldham Victims’ Support Group.  A powerful addition to the massed ranks of numbskull nonentities we are infested with in the running of the town. Chris Shyne wants to  form an independent Tory group.  LET'S FORM THE INDEPENDENT PIGSTICKER PARTY!  RUN THE CHARLATANS OUT OF TOWN!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010



If you would like to stand as a candidate in the local elections or if you would like further information on standing as a candidate look at the Guide to Becoming a Councillor in Oldham, or visit the Electoral Commissions website, or contact the Elections Office - Tel. 0161 770 4718.

We need a few good honest souls with the interests of this town at heart to try and drag us out of the death spiral we are currently trapped in.


An Election of District Councillors is to be held for the following Wards:

Name of Ward and Number of Councillors to be elected:-         

Alexandra 1                           Royton North 1

Chadderton Central 1             Royton South 1

Chadderton North 1               Saddleworth North 1

Chadderton South 1               Saddleworth South 1

Coldhurst 1                            Saddleworth West and Lees 1

Crompton 1                           Shaw 1

Failsworth East 1                    St.James 1

Failsworth West 1                   St.Marys 1

Hollinwood 1                          Waterhead 1

Medlock Vale 1                       Werneth 1

1. Nomination Papers
Nomination Papers can be obtained from the Returning Officer at the Elections Office, Room
222, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1UL on Monday to Friday 8.40am to 5pm.

2. Delivery of Nomination Papers
Nomination Papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer at the Elections Office, Room
222, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1UL, on any date after the date of this notice,
on Monday to Friday 8.40am to 5pm, but no later than Noon on Thursday 8th April.

3. Absent Votes
Electors and their proxies should take note that applications to vote by post must reach the
Elections Office, Room 222, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1UL by 5pm on
Tuesday 20th April if they are to be in place for this election. This includes making
alterations to existing arrangements on a permanent basis or making a separate application
for a ballot paper to be sent to a different address for this particular election.
Applications to appoint a proxy must reach the Elections Office by no later than 5pm on
Tuesday 27th April except in cases where unforeseen illness or incapacity occurs after that
time in which case applications may be made up until 5pm on Thursday 6th May.

4. The Poll
If the election is contested, the poll will take place on Thursday 6th May, 2010 from 7am to 10pm.

Charlie Parker
Returning Officer
Dated: 29th March, 2010



Idly browsing the OMBC website I came across this:

'The Mayoralty of Oldham is the only office approved to use the Borough’s Coat of Arms. (see sidebar left). The Coat of Arms is based on the crest of the former Oldham County Borough and includes within it symbols to identify the other six districts that make up the Borough. These are the former urban districts of Chadderton, Crompton, Failsworth, Lees, Royton and Saddleworth.' I approve it's use at the head of this blog. Let's see how long we can keep it there.
The rest of us can make do with the awful piece of tat that is the turquoise Polo Mint. There is very little left in this town which we can take pride in. Lets's campaign for the re-instatement of our lovely owls and banish this unlovely, very expensive piece of tawdry crap to the garbage can. Who can feel any pride in the town when we are represented by a thing of this banality. The worst bit is it cost us a hundred grand?

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Did YOU vote for the new 'CITY REGION'?  Did YOU vote to become part of Manchester?  Did YOU vote for our brain-dead numpties in the Tower Of Babble to hand over power to unknown tossers in Manchester and Wigan?  Do YOU think Oldham will benefit from this sell out of democracy? If the answer to any of these questions is 'NO' then ask yourself this question.  Why was I not asked?  Better still, ask your local councillor when he comes around, gladhanding you, prior to the elections.  Most likely, he/she won't know. These decisions being made in closed sessions of so called 'cabinets' by the power greedy bastards who set them up.  Any control in this town will be taken away and handed to this unrepresentative body. It will assume awesome powers over key areas such as economic development, transport etc. It will be able to force through policies even if you and your council disagree with them. At present, if you disagree with your local council you have the remedy in your own hands at the next election. Once this Combined Authority is set up,  changing your local council will not make a  ha'p'orth of difference. This is a prime example of the blatant theft of democracy, by these elected morons,  from the people they are supposed to represent.
This is nothing more than a rejig of Fat Bastard Prescott's "Regional Assemblies'.  At least the North-East got to vote on the idea. Anybody remember the result? A resounding NO!!
We really have to stop this scheme folks we gave no-one a mandate to surrender decision making, planning, economic development, transport etc., to the likes of Lord Peter Smith and Sir Richard Leese. Do you think these two troughers give a shit about Oldham?  We would be forever stood, like Oliver Twist, begging bowl in hand, continually asking for more.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010


How Labour is now trying to brainwash us all

 In it's desperation to cling on to power, Labour’s abuse of office has become outrageous. Gordon Brown’s Government increasingly resembles one of those discredited and corrupt regimes of the former Eastern bloc: aggressively partisan, contemptuous of democracy and blind to any distinction between the interests of the party and those of the nation.

A key hallmark of totalitarian Communist rule was its obsession with trying to indoctrinate the public through political propaganda. Until recently, the idea that such an approach might be adopted in Britain would have seemed laughable. But all that has changed under Labour. The years of Blair and Brown have been dominated by spin. The machine of the state is now devoted to the imposition of socialist ideology.

The airwaves and billboards are filled with Left-wing propaganda dressed up as public information or as “awareness-raising” programmes.

And as for propoganda, watch this disgusting video showing Hackney schoolchildren being indoctrinated to praise Comrade Diane Abbott in a similar way to the indoctrination tactics practised in North Korea and the old Soviet Union/Eastern bloc. They perform the "Diane Abbott Crap"...... (the "C" is silent!)

This appalling video shows a group of young children,  instructed by their teacher to chant a rap song eulogising the local Labour MP, the highly controversial Left-winger Diane Abbott. In this nauseating performance the pupils sing of Diane Abbott’s wonderful achievements, including her campaigns for equality and women’s rights. Once they have finished they hold up large pictures of Abbott’s beaming socialist visage. It is just like something out of the People’s Communist republic of North Korea.

It is a depressing sign of how far the state education sector has succumbed to Labour’s dogma that a teacher could actually think this flagrant Left-wing indoctrination is acceptable in our schools.

The same teacher, so brimming with righteous zeal, so anxious to supplicate his socialist masters, would no doubt be appalled at the idea of a group of private school pupils chanting praises to a local Tory MP.

This is just part of the pattern of civic life in Labour’s Britain. Never before in our history have we had a Government so fixated with brainwashing and lecturing the public. The state is now by far Britain’s largest advertiser.

Last year, Brown’s ministers spent no less than £540million of our money on commercials, an increase of 43 per cent on 2008 and as the election approaches the problem is getting worse.

In addition, the number of spin doctors in government has quadrupled since Labour came to power. There are now about 4,000 officials in Whitehall – costing more than £220million – whose job is to communicate the Government’s message.

So much of this vast publicity drive is nothing more than Labour propaganda. Only last week the independent watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority announced a ban on the Home Office’s £5million campaign for something called the “Policing Pledge”, which is designed to give the illusion that the Government is doing something about crime.

As the ASA pointed out, the Home Office’s claim in its adverts that the police spend 80 per cent of their time on the beat is blatantly misleading when the real figure is less than 14 per cent.

Similarly, the ASA ordered a ban on a series of Government commercials about global warming based on children’s nursery rhymes, whose only purpose was to soften up the public for more green taxes and state intervention.

BUT such setbacks will not halt Labour. Deceit and spin are woven into the fabric of the Government’s operations. The impartiality of the civil service has been obliterated. Whitehall publicity is now indistinguishable from Labour output, as can be seen in the current official campaign Building Britain’s Future.

Though this has been presented as an impartial public strategy, in truth it is pure electioneering for Labour. “Thanks to our active intervention the economy is recovering and families have received much needed help,” it trumpets.

The state has been turned into a subsidised arm of the Labour movement. The public propagandists see their primary duty not as serving the British people but as challenging “the forces of conservatism”, to use the notorious phrase of Tony Blair’s.

Labour really are in a blind panic about this awful piece of brainwashing being made public.... the video is  being removed from sites as fast as the Labour lackey censors can catch up with it. I'd suggest if you want to re-post it to annoy the fuck out of Labour and scare the shit out of them, that you all download it and put your own version on your blogs because that way Labour's internet spies and lackeys will have a much harder time trying to censor us. It has been widely seen by now and the point has already been made, but the Labour spin machine is running scared and this post clearly demonstrates Labour censorship in all its totalitarian glory.


Hat Tip to Barkingspider     Report taken from article by Leo Mckinstry in the Daily Express


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