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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


 This brave bastard is Daniel Adams. Last September after boozing in Uppermill he abandoned his car, with two female passengers inside, in Saddleworth cemetery car park, after being approached by a traffic police officer. He ran away and was not apprehended until some five hours later. His defence for this, at his trial in April for wilfully obstructing a traffic police officer, PC Scott, in the execution of his duties, was that he didn't know it was a police car, and on turning to face the officer when getting out of his car, didn't realise he was a police officer and did not hear PC Scott  call for him to stop. He also denied seeing any flashing blue lights. He was found guilty and ordered to pay £1,100 in fines and costs. Adams was of previous good character and was supported by work colleagues. But this week he resigned from his job rather than face an inquiry from his bosses. His job? Did I not mention that? He was a police officer!  He got a glowing testimonial from Rochdale’s chief superintendent who commented on his diligence while working on restricted duties since the trial in APRIL!
Why does this need any thought or inquiries? Why was he still in the job in June? Adams was tried, found guilty and convicted of an offence. Why did work colleagues and the chief superintendent heap praise upon him? After all what he did was against what a police officer is supposed to stand for. Did PC Scott and the officers who arrested him at five o'clock in the morning have any regard for him? For any serving police officer to have committed these offences surely puts him outside the pale.  The praise heaped upon him by work colleagues and the chief superintendent surely points to a lack of judgement on their part.


Monday, June 21, 2010


 Here we go again! On Sept 22 2009 it was reported that the OFT had fined 103 companies £129.5M for collusion and their part in a bid rigging scam.  These companies were involved in the construction industry. The infringements affected building projects across England worth in excess of £200m including SCHOOLS, universities, hospitals, and numerous private projects from the construction of apartment blocks to housing refurbishments.  In March we reported that the fuckwit council  had appointed one of these bad boys, Willmott Dixon, to build our much anticipated academies. Now they've gone and done it again!  Oldham Council’s Cabinet formally approved the decision on Friday to appoint contractor Balfour Beatty Education to carry out the multi-million-pound overhaul of Oldham’s crumbling secondary schools in what could potentially be a £170 million deal. What the fuck is it with OMBC?  Do they feel more at home dealing with fellow crooks? Are there envelopes stuffed with cash floating around? Is it their intention to wade through all 103 of the bent bastards? If so if they contact me I can give them a full list of names and the fines imposed. Just to remind you Willmott Dixon were fined £4.5M and Balfour Beatty £5.2M, not insignificant amounts, suggesting they were among the big players in this scam. I repeat my question from my previous post on this matter.  Do you think OMBC have the slightest fucking clue how much these projects should really cost?  Is everyone in this town so anaesthetised by the awfulness of our surroundings, that we have ceased to care what the fucking talentless twats do next? Why is this town always associated with the sleaziest news? To answer my own question, it's probably because we have the sleaziest bunch of grifters in charge.


Friday, June 18, 2010



Fuck me! They are still at it.  another £16m paid for operations that never happened.

 Health bosses, who wasted more than £26m of a £70m contract with South African firm Netcare over the past five years, promised to learn from mistakes. But new figures show about two-thirds of the treatment agreed with another private company Care UK has not taken place.
GPs were supposed to refer 85,500 patients to two mobile units moving around six sites in Greater Manchester each year, but just 25,500 people went to the service in its first year.
Under the new seven-year contract – negotiated and signed by the Department of Health – the region’s 10 health trusts paid for each operation that Care UK performed each month. But at the end of the year they were given a bill for underperformance and made to pay for the rest of their ‘quota’ of treatment.



This is our money being squandered. What has been revealed is probably only the tip of the iceberg. These people are unfit for purpose and should be removed forthwith. These quangos with their political placemen playing Doctors and Nurses need sweeping away now.

Just think what healthcare we COULD have got for FORTY-TWO MILLION QUID if we had people who cared and understood their 'duty of care,' rather than these parasites whose only 'care' is how much moolah they can squeeze out of us fools. I for one am sick of seeing their mugshots smirking at us in the local press as they congratulate themselves on doing a wonderful job and how proud they are to have been re-appointed to their gold plated positions.

Has anyone any idea how much of our money the Pennine Acute Trust swallows each year?

Is it more or less than the cost of maintaining twenty-three beds?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Following on from the previous posting, read this report from the Oldham Advertiser on an inquest held recently in Oldham. This is the Pennine Acute Trusts version of a duty of care. This is the piss poor organisation headed by the grinning pillock below. This by the way is the same PPO  which recently announced the axing of 23 beds to 'save money'. What the fuck has he to be proud of? What the fuck has he got to smile about?  What fucking use is he and the rest of the quangocracy as they sit vacuously in their fancy offices, filling their boots with our money?

Apology over 'abandoned' patient's death

Mike Keegan Oldham Advertiser
June 08, 2010
Health chiefs have apologised and paid a five-figure compensation sum to the family of a man who was abandoned at a hospital after suffering fatal head injuries.
Arnold Siddall, 47, from Failsworth, was taken to casualty after he fractured his skull during a row outside a bar. But an inquest heard that rather than receiving the treatment that could have saved his life, he was left to wander around the grounds of the Royal Oldham Hospital for 12 hours before eventually being picked up by police. He suffered a fit in the back of a van.  He was taken back to the hospital but died two days later.
As the inquest into Mr Siddall’s death opened at Oldham County Court, the M.E.N. discovered bosses from Pennine Acute Trust apologised to Mr Siddall’s family and paid them compensation after they threatened legal action. 
Mr Siddall, a welder, was pushed over and hit his head on the pavement after going to complain about noise at The Lock bar in Failsworth in 2007.
Paramedics took him to the hospital where he was seen by ambulance triage nurse Joanne Pendleton.
She told the inquest that she did not record that Mr Siddall had suffered a head injury on medical records, only that he seemed intoxicated.
Mr Siddall, who had been drinking earlier that evening, was marked as a priority 3 patient – to be seen within an hour.
But he told staff he wanted to go home and despite falling back into a wheelchair he had been put in, was able to walk out. Security staff told the inquest Mr Siddall was spotted at various points in the hospital grounds until 4.20 that afternoon.
Guards approached Mr Siddall, who had two brothers and four sisters, but thought he was drunk. One saw him fall to the ground with his head in his hands and another time noticed he had vomited but doctors were not told.
Pennine Acute Trust declined to comment on the payout.

Twelve hours  wandering the hospital grounds? And nobody noticed apart from sundry 'security guards' who spent the day spotting Mr Siddall all around the hospital but raised no alarm. He must also have been spotted by several medical personnel. Did anyone care? Did anyone obtain help for the unfortunate man? Why did it take the police 12 hours to pick him up?
Bosses from PAT 'apologised and paid compensation after being threatened with legal action. Is this what they consider to be 'A Duty Of Care?'  Pennine Acute Trust declined to comment on the payout.. I bet they fucking did. Not a great deal they can say is there? 
The grinning pillock Jesky seen below is one of those 'bosses.' Do we want an utter twat like him in charge of a supposedly caring organisation? Do we want to give him £100,000 of our money to preside over fuck-ups like this? 
I don't know about you folks but I certainly don't. So my message to Mr 'Proud to be re-appointed' Jesky is.....FUCK OFF YOU USELESS PRICK!!!


 This inanely grinning Japanese sniper we are told is one, John Jesky. He tells us he is delighted to have been re-appointed as chairman of the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, for a further four year term. 
This is the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, part of NHS Manchester that was revealed only last week to have 'wasted'  £26 Million of our money, paying a private firm for operations that never took place. Just take a minute for that to sink in. We are not talking £26Million overspent on patient care to reduce waiting lists. We are not talking £26Million overspent on more nurses and cleaners in the local hospitals. We are not talking £26Million overspent on hospital admissions and treatment. What we are talking is £26Million of our money handed to a private company for doing nothing. These fucking brainboxes, including this wanker who had a career in the 'food industry', (he couldn't run a chip shop), contracted with South African company, Netcare, to carry out 9,000 operations a year at a cost of £70Million. The dimfucks used fewer than two thirds of the 9,000 contracted for, but under the terms of the contract had to pay for the lot. This tells us all we need to know about the business acumen of these Labour Quango placemen. For the same £26Million we could have employed 1,000 nurses for a year. We could have employed 2,000 cleaners for a year, God knows we need 'em. We could have funded 100,000 overnight stays in hospital. The Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre in south  Manchester, one of the most advanced cancer research units in the world, cost less to set up. This is a criminal waste of our resources by talentless tossers who have no concept of the meaning of 'care provision' the only thing these chair polishing paper pushers are interested in taking care of is the expansion and protection of their own little empires. We are told the gurning twat pictured here is to receive almost £23,500 p.a. for the next four years of of piss poor part-time work. That's nearly another £100,000 of our money gone on non-essentials. There is scope hear for some huge savings to be made. These quangoes are bleeding us dry. It is time for a cull of all the hangers-on with no relevant experience, the paper pushers, the 'official spokespersons" and the political appointees enjoying the overblown rewards for past favours. Responsibility, accountability and most of all ability are what we need. Did you vote for the vacuous twat to have four more years? Were you asked your opinion on a bunch of pricks who think nothing of simply throwing away £26Million of our money? Who did re-appoint him? I think we know the answer to that question. 


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