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Monday, August 27, 2012


'EY UP!!!!!!!!!!

We're back. May we say how very pleased you are to see us!

So. -  Wot's bin 'appening in the Messytrollops these past weeks?

Well! This for starters!!!

The pudden-faced, devious, lying  bastard has dipped his sticky mitts into the trough again and come up with an extra 5,370 quids worth of allowances.
Is this the same 'austerity Jim' we've all come to love and admire? Mr 'Cuts will have to be made'?  Mr 'There will be redundancies'?  Mr 'Co-operative Council'?  'Mr We have made huge savings'?
Yep! Thats him! Fresh from his unbelievable jolly to the Grosvenor Hotel, on London's Park Lane, which cost me and thee thousands - him Nowt! Not to mention the unknown number of freeloaders  buddies he dragged along to witness the rot and corruption that is evident in our bent fucking council. See previous postings to find the cost (to us, that is).

'See those chubby jowls aquiver as Little Jimmy Pudden-Face is brought to orgasm by the love of his life.'

The two faced prick is now drawing  £32,220 a year for fucking this town over! Hardly a day goes by without some disaster striking the town.  Does the moon faced loon do anything about it? Has he a clue what to do, apart from drawing huge allowances? Nonsultations and promises of what blessings we are to receive in the future are the sum total of the wastrels time in charge. Nothing has happened since the day he ascended the gilded throne. This is his second, part-time job. How much are all you miserable buggers in Oldham drawing this year. Does it not make you swell with pride as all your hard-earned Council Tax is spent so wisely?  Thirty-two households donated their Council Tax to this worthless piece of shit.

There is no mention of allowances for the other fifty-nine fucking leeches. You can bet if there are any increases in allowances to be had, the fucking set of totally useless tosspots will have trousered them with alacrity. We estimate the worthless fuckers will cost us £1,000,000 for the current year.  One thousand households supported this band of chancers and money grabbers.

Speaking of worthless pieces of shit: Pudden-Face's partner in crime Mr "Best man for the job" Charlie 'Turd' Parker slides the council Tax from 230 households into his bank account. We figure this is unearned income as no-one has a fucking clue as to what, if anything, the oily, smiling, con-artist, actually does for a living. No one, either, has a clue how he got the job. other than he worked for a company that had been ripping off the Council for years. 

So we have approximately One Thousand, two hundred and sixty-two households contributing all their hard-earned to supporting the money-for-nowt lifestyles of sixty-one of the most vacuous parasites ever inflicted on this town. 

When will you lot fucking wake up??? 


Here we go again Oldham Lie-Bour Chronicle tugging their forelock to their masters.

What exacly do they mean when they say Oldham Council 'Only' spent  £47,317 on the Mayoral role in the past year? Is this meant to make us feel good? How does the Chron know Oldham's mayor is good value for money compared with other local authorities? How many other LA's have they compared apart from Kirklees Council who spent over £146,000 for the same job? The respective costs for the two are £129 per day for OMBC versus £400 per day for Kirklees. That's a huge difference for the same job.  The director of resources for Kirklees said it was unclear whether the two councils had used the same methods to calculate mayoral costs. Anybody from the Chron investigate further?  Can nobody find the figures used to calculate the cost? Is anyone going to try? Given the usual mendacity of Oldham councillors it is more than likely that the figures are similar but Oldham's set of artful dodgers have probably had the books in a slow oven for some time and the real cost will be buried elsewhere. There will be the usual string of excuses as to why they cannot produce the 'actual' figures - you know the score:- 'The dog ate them,'  'an office junior left them on a bus,'  'they accidentally fell into the shredder,' 'burglars broke into the Civic Centre and stole them,' 'there was a huge fire in the records dept. luckily the fire brigade were able to confine the blaze to the purchase ledgers and the councillors allowance book.'

The new Mayor Councillor Olwais Chattering, took over the chains of office recently. About as much use as a stripper in a nudist colony. Should be chained to the wall at the bottom of that fucking great 'ole on Union Street.

This is another 47 council taxes gone. The total now is 1,309 council taxes just blown into the wind and nothing to show for them. 

Come on Oldham get off your arses - ask some questions - demand answers - don't let the slippery bastards get away with it - - IT'S YOUR MONEY!!!!!


We need an independent voice - not a puppet!

If a local reporter handles his assignments by uncritically supporting every decision, however ridiculous, that is taken by his 'precious' sources in local government, this shows a serious lack of judgement or a lack of moral fibre.They and we, would be better served by them being reassigned to cover jumble sales or Sunday School outings where they could do far less damage. In local politics however, normal journalistic mores appear to fly out the window as objective reporting and news gathering play second fiddle to avoiding upsetting  their masters in the corridors of power and conserving what they, (in this town at least, laughingly think of as 'their sources'.) Scoundrels are lauded, brain-dead lice are puffed up as though minor Einsteins, half-baked plans are reported enthusiastically, no thought being applied to cause and effect. As long as we have a story that is what matters. Not - What effect will this have on our citizens and the fabric of the town. Anyone disagreeing with their biased outlook is a bother-causer or a moaner and out to oppose what THEY - the press think is best for us. We are being taken for granted more and more. Any wishes that we may have are wafted away under cover of 'Nonsultations' and  surveys, or are totally ignored altogether. We do not trust politicians and trust in journalistic probity is now being compromised. The local press should concentrate on reporting fairly, the facts on local matters and leave matters of judgement to US!



 Councils will have 'no money'  for main services by 2020
   Councils will no longer be able to pay for any libraries, parks, leisure centres or fixing potholes in roads by the end of this decade because of a catastrophic funding crisis, they warned today.

Fucking Norah!! How the fuck will we manage when there is no more money for all the new libraries, parks, leisure centres, especially leisure centres and pothole filling???? The town will be well and truly fucked!! So, enjoy these halcyon days of plenty! make the most of our world class facilities - Read 'til your eyeballs burst - wallow in the endless pursuit of leisure at our award winning centres - glide effortlessly along our glass smooth roads. But be warned, all these luxuries you have become accustomed to, will soon be a thing of the past.

Financial estimates carried out for the leaders of every major local authority in England and Wales show that funding for services used by millions of people will be shrunk by up to 90% by 2020.

Can some mathematically gifted reader explain to us and the mentally challenged fuckwits on the council, what effect will shrinking nowt by 90% have on the services we have come to love and rely on in this town?

It is reported that even after cutting over 200,000 jobs, curbing executive pay and slashing spending on services, the figures indicate that a funding crisis will be unavoidable.

Whoa!!! Hang on a cotton-pickin' minute!!  How many of these 'jobs' were cut in the 'Bountiful Borough'?  Well?? How many have you heard of since Jimmy 'Fill mi wallet' Pudden-Face announced " over 400 redundancies? We reckon NONE just about covers it.(Lie-bour making their own redundant? You're 'avin a fuckin' laff). How many executives have had their pay curbed and by how much? We reckon NONE just about covers it. How much slashing has been going on? We reckon NONE just about covers it.

After meeting legal obligations for providing care and for street cleaning, councils currently have a total of £24.5 Billion left to fund all of their other  madcap schemes  self aggrandisement plans  money pits  ideological stupidities  less urgent commitments. By 2020 that figure is projected to fall to 8.4 Billion - a two thirds cut, or 80% in real terms. If council's current obligations such as paying for bus passes and servicing the ever expanding PFI scams on building projects are included in the commitments , the money left for everything else will fall by 90% - or, in real terms, will be virtually wiped out. 

Aha! here we are ahead of the game! We have been wiped out for years now but nobody will admit it. At least if the money available falls by 90% we will have the cushion of the other 10% to cover councillors allowances. We must get our priorities right!
The chairman of the LG Association said: "By the end of the decade councils may be forced to wind down some of the most popular services they provide." 
Bloody Fuckin' 'ell! What the fuck will we have left?   Let's start preparing for the worst! We invite entries for the "Most popular services we provide - which of them are to be fucked off" competition. Simply write, on a postcard the name(s) of the popular service YOU would miss least and send it off to:- 



Dear Lefties

You are wrong about many, many things, but some of those errors need correction.

Here is a short list:

1. Free prescriptions are not free.
2. Free healthcare is not free.
3. Those benefits you claim are not free.
4. The NHS is not free.
5. Rent free housing is not free.
6. The government owns no land.
7. The government has no money.
8. The government does not generate revenue.
9. The government owns no buildings.
10. Taxpayers pay for everything.

Every time you whine for more, people like me end up with a little less. Hard-working people are robbed every month to support your idle lifestyle.

That £1.2 million house the council put you in? We paid for that.

That plasma TV, that washing machine, that fridge and that cooker? We paid for those.

Those benefits you get every week? We paid those.

Don't get me wrong here. I know we have to support those who need a leg up from time to time, but do we have to carry you for your whole three score and ten? Really? How does that make you feel? Can you look yourself in the mirror every day and feel any sense of pride whatsoever?

I am not talking about the genuinely needy. I am not talking about the elderly. I am not talking about the vulnerable. Any society must be judged on how it takes care of those in need. I both agree with that and I applaud it.

It is those who will not work. Those who will make no effort whatsoever.

Newsflash: the world owes you fuck all.

You do not have a right to a job any more than you have a right to sit on your arse all day long while bozos like me pay for you to do so.

I've been there and done that. I recall a time when I didn't even have one ha'penny to rub against anything. There was no work in my town. Things looked bleak. You know what I did? I moved to a town where there was work. It took a couple of months but I sorted myself out. I took shitty jobs rather than take the dole for longer than was absolutely necessary. I discovered that once you are working more opportunities open up for you. Radical, I know, but the satisfaction of taking care of you and your own, is fantastic.

But FFS stop going on and on about everything being free. It isn't.

You are just half of the problem. The government is the other half. They waste money in mind-blowing quantities. It's almost as if they are trying to win some sort of award for pissing away the most money ever.

I am sick and tired of paying for their incompetency and your idleness.

I don't mind chipping in, but as more and more people come from foreign shores, expecting to be gifted whatever they need, and nationals just taking the piss generally, my "chipping in" looks more and more like direct support. Is it any wonder I don't want to be robbed of 80% of my earnings?

As far as I am concerned, the less I allow them to steal, the less they have to hand out to the feckless. The less they have to give to India for space programmes. The less they have to give to Brazil, the same Brazil in South America that produces all that oil. The same Brazil that can and will host the Olympic Games in 2016. They do not need our money. Cancel all those cheques. Tell them no.

Those faux charities. Those quangos. Those ineffective NGO's. That Foreign Aid. The same Foreign Aid that buys AK-47's by the container-load for the latest up and coming warlord. I am tired of funding them.

The EU. More wasted money. Unbelievable amounts of our money gets sent across to that thieving outfit.

Failed and failing banks. Untold amounts of our tax go on those bastards. Let them die.

What we need is a prime minister with titanium nuts. One who will happily admit that our "generosity" is killing us. One who will make the changes this country needs to thrive and survive.

Here's another newsflash: it ain't Cameron. It ain't Millibland either. The Conservatives, and that bastard traitor Heath started us down this ruinous path in 1972, and Labour just kept on truckin'. The LibDems are a waste of oxygen. The Conservatives in coalition with the LibDems is an embarrassment to us all.

What we need are politicians that care more for their country than they do for their parties.

Then, and only then, will any progress be made.


Most of this is apropos:-


PS-I digressed a bit here and there, but you should know this: if any statement caused even the mildest blush, then YOU are part of the problem. Take some responsibility, FFS
Many thanks to The Captain- Why not pay him a visit!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Mouchel's restructuring deal leaves shareholders with nothing

Crisis-hit services group Mouchel has gone into administration, enabling it to sell the business to its lenders and management in a deal which will leave shareholders with nothing.

 On Friday night Mouchel appointed KPMG as administrators to oversee the deal after shareholders voted against the very same proposals which would have left them with 1p a share.

Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays will write off £83m of debt in exchange for an 80pc stake in the new, delisted company, while management will own the remaining 20pc.

RBS, Lloyds & Barclays!!! Fuck me what a gang of thieves have moved in there. Why would the Banks want to take this on? Their one hope is that the company can be turned around and sold at a profit. But who would want to buy a company that has been a loss maker for several years now and is operating in a shrinking market. Who would want to employ a bunch of losers to run their organisation when they can't even operate their own company successfully? 

 Chairman David Shearer said the deal had safeguarded the future of Mouchel. “Ultimately, the only losers are the shareholders themselves who have lost out on the 1p a share special dividend. 
Oh that's OK then! When people come back on Tuesday after the bank holiday Mouchel will be restructured and sorted and that’s it.” 

That's it?? Aye that's it for the shareholders but what about David Shearer???
Well, he stands to pocket a £400,000 bonus for his work in restructuring the support services group.
Under the debt-for-equity rescue deal, which was announced last week and practically wipes out shareholder investment in return for cutting the company’s huge debts, Mr Shearer will be paid a total of £650,000, a document circulated to investors showed. Of this, £150,000 is Mr Shearer’s yearly fee for being chairman, a further £100,000 is paid to Buchanan Shearer, a consultancy he created two weeks before he was appointed to chair Mouchel, and the remaining £400,000 is an additional fee paid “in the event of a capital restructuring” taking place before the end of the year. So...No incentive to sell the whole shooting match down the river then???

Mr Shearer, a turnaround specialist who led the successful restructuring of house builder Crest Nicholson, was appointed Mouchel’s chairman on January 9. That's January 9 This year folks. For THIS he gets £650,000??  What a fucking obscenity!!!  228 days "work" @ £2850 per day!  If this is a turnaround I'd hate to see one of his outright failures!  

 Mr Shearer said the money which would have been paid out to shareholders, amounting to a total of £1.14m, would now go towards costs associated with administration. That's a kick in the balls ain't it shareholders? They killed your investments and now you are paying for the funeral.  With the transfer of ownership completed on Saturday. Mr Shearer said the administration process should be viewed “purely as a restructuring mechanism.”  Which is extremely fortuitous for him as a restructuring mechanism just happens to have netted him £400,000. Nice work if you can get it.

Speaking at a company extraordinary general meeting on Friday, one shareholder described the offer of 1p per share as “a slap in the face”. Shareholders ultimately failed to back the resolutions in sufficient numbers to vote them through, leading to the administration process which has left them with nothing.
 The company which was carrying £170m of debt, with gross liabilities of £220m after pension costs were included is  now worth just £5m after being valued at £537m four years ago and rejecting a £330m takeover bid from VT Group in 2010.

 On Friday night chief executive Grant Rumbles, who will remain at the helm of the company, said: 
“The financial restructuring is critical for us. I’m very proud and very happy.” Can the gormless fucker tell us what he has to be proud of? He's no doubt happy because he has managed to get his feet into the golden trough!  He said management had already implemented a plan to return Mouchel back to profitability.If it were that easy why, by all that's fucking holy, didn't they implement this wonder fucking plan before the shit hit the fan??   Couldn't have been making a bid for the payoffs could they???

Mouchel has already incurred fee costs associated with the restructuring process of almost £18m, with the list of advisers including Goldman Sachs. Well there's a fucking ginormous surprise!!!

So, What the fuck has all this to do with us? Well, you all know Mouchel or under the alias they use in the town The Unity Partnership. They are the unnecessary level of administration in the Godawful running of this town. The Council, (who couldn't run a bath), handed over the running of a large part of our council services to the twats who couldn't even run their own show. (losses for this year are over £10 Million) The Council also hand over a large wedge of your money each year and it seems mostly to have ended up in the deep pockets of the directors of this dubious company.

What has happened to all the people who used to do the jobs taken over by the Mouchel Mob? Pretty much nothing as far as we can see. We are running double manned. 

Do we want these tossers, (who seem to be about as bright as the average Oldham Councillor), running our town and draining large amounts of our money away from the area?  They are going to be trying to get every penny they can out of us. Do you trust the Twats in The Tower to exercise due diligence? Half the pricks couldn't understand a bus ticket never mind complex accounts. 

You have been warned - watch 'em like a hawk -Then get rid before they do a runner!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Plans to turn Oldham's old Town Hall into £10m leisure complex with eight seat  screen cinema

 Eight screen cinema - high end restaurants and cafes - A new facade, creating new entrances and a foyer to the building, would be highlighted with a 'light box' made of translucent glass offering impressive views over a new pedestrianised square. Impressive??? You've got to be easily pleased if you think that a view of an abandoned store and the frickin  featureless wall of the benighted  Spingles shopping Mall shop is impressive!  Pedestrianised because there ain't no parking spaces. None??  Nope! not a one! The existing car park will be scrapped to make way for the extension, with room only for four disabled parking bays and 27 cycle spots, and a drop-off and pick-up point.

The plans show a 1,000-seat eight-screen cinema, four restaurants/cafes and a new outdoor area to act as a stage for social and community events. Patrons will include four Blue badge holders and twenty-seven members of the 'Sturmey-Archer Lycra Lovers & Pedal pushers Club'  By the by, has anyone ever seen twenty-seven cyclists descend on a motion picture palace at any one time. Just asking! I bet they'd be fun to sit next to on a wet night in January! As for four disabled drivers turning up at the same time, that is sheer fantasy.

A translucent glass extension to the Clegg Street side will provide a new entrance, allowing cafes to spill out on to a new public area. The Clegg Street side will be retained under the glass wall, protecting it.

The council-owned building has been the subject of several development proposals over the years, none of them acted upon. This scheme will probably have the same dismal outcome after dragging along for ages with no progress.

Planners say the transformation will act as a catalyst to town centre regeneration and economic improvement. It's a fair bet the town centre is by now too far gone to be revived.

Who is going to develop the site? Who is going to finance it?  The site does not appear to be large enough to accommodate all the fanciful dreams and  £10 Million seems rather a low sum for such a grandiose  scheme.

Is there anybody or any company with the spare cash and balls to invest that sort of money, time and effort into providing an ill thought out scheme for the sorry semi-derelict town that Oldham has become.  This remember is the town that at one time had at least twenty-two cinemas (that we know of - maybe YOU know of more).

What do the fucktits in the Tower Of Shite have to say???  'Who needs car-parking?'  Metroshite will be handily placed on Union Street. Handy for whom???
The people of Hathershaw- Fitton Hill - Abbeyhills - Roundthorn - Clarksfield - Lees - Springhead - Grotton - All the villages of the Republic Of Saddleworth - Greenacres - Watersheddings - Moorside - Scouthead - Sholver - Royton - to name but a few! Or are they all destined to have their own tram service??  Nah! Town Hall will have fell down before that could be achieved.

We'll believe it when we see it!! More smoke and mirrors from Jimmy 'The Flannel' Pudden-Face.  

Note the picture - There are so few people in the town these days that extras from Ghosthunters had to be drafted in. A rum crowd they are too - the guy in the centre has apparently been stabbed in the lower leg and is bleeding heavily. The wee guy on the right (probably Diddy Dave Hibbert) appears to have discovered the Stargate Portal and is about to step through and return to civilisation. Notice too, that with only £10 Million to play with there was not enough cash left to replace the mouldering wooden windows that have graced  disgraced the building for far too long.


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