WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! Bigger, sharper teeth than our ramblings in the on-line Oldham Evening Chronicle, which are being strangled by ever increasing censorship or moderation as they call it. We, the people of this town have no collective public voice to shout on our behalf, willing to question and challenge the lunacy visited upon us by the numpties in The Tower Of Babble, various thieving MPs, the legions of PC police at GMP, PAT'S, PACT'S, academy lovers, transport 'experts', vastly overpaid Council Officers from Charlie Chuckles downward, quangoes, placemen, do-gooders, do-badders, tree huggers, Brussels and Alcock! You get the idea? We intend to remedy this via the revamped Pigsticker. Now with added fibre. If any of you out there want to join us in restoring the town to it's former pleasant aspect, please feel free to submit articles. No moderation on this site!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Bugger Me!!! Cried the Wulfe as he espied the headlines in the local Lie-bour Party Chronicle. - 'Elton John, Rod Stewart & Noel Gallagher to star at Boundary Park.'

Rod will obviously become skipper of the team leading us to glory as he opens his legs and dazzles us with his ball skills. Noel will bring an oasis of calm and gentility to the midfield unless Liam signs for someone like Accrington  Stanley say -  and war breaks out over who has the better left foot. As for Elton, dear old Elton! He would be a rock in defense, taking the youngsters in hand and plugging any openings at the back.

Crowds would flock back - Latics would have enough money to sign almost anyone they wanted on loan. With their new-found show business connections they could consider putting on pop-concerts at the Broadway Bowl. Any of those three could surely fix us up with a few 'turns'. they could even put on a show themselves, what about it? Three tenners that should cover it!

Perennial favourites - GET DOWN & DIRTY!!!

THE Monkees tribute band!

Named in honour of Oldham's favourite meal!




Monday, January 16, 2012


JOBS ON OFFER, (What they??) -  AT NEW LEISURE CENTRE, (What that??)

'Oldham Community Leisure,' who are the organisation to blame  responsible for running sports centres in Oldham have announced they are set to link up with 'Link4Life' a similar, but Oh so different, organisation responsible for the same services in neighbouring Rochdale.

OCL say the partnership would lead to cheaper prices and increased facilities across the two towns. The one problem with this is that all the sports facilities are in Rochdale, with new ones about to open this year. Sports facilities in Oldham, having been neglected for years, are being closed indiscriminately to satisfy the cronyism rife among our dear councillors. 

 On Saturday 'Link4Life' will be hosting a jobs fair in Rochdale to recruit staff for the planned NEW Rochdale Leisure Centre' opening later this year. They are recruiting duty officers, lifeguards, leisure attendants,swimming teachers, fitness instructors and assistants and receptionists. Fuck me! Get in there quick if you're qualified. If you are waiting for similar posts to become available in Oldham. Hah! Tubby Sykes will have exploded and Fibber Hibbert will have shrunk to a white dwarf before then.(Mind you Diddy Dave Hasn't really all that far to go. Has he?)

Since 2007, Link4Life has been responsible for delivering a £34million investment programme for Rochdale sports and leisure. This programme includes Heywood Sports Village and Middleton Arena. Opening in June this year is Rochdale Leisure Centre. Costing  £10.8 million, the centre will comprise swimming pools, a sports hall, fitness and dance studios and a thermal suite.

That is almost £45million invested in sports and leisure in Rochdale over the last four years.

What have we to crow about in Oldham? Well, nearly all the goalposts on council football pitches received a super new coat of emulsion and changing facilities were given a good coat of looking at.  It looks like we are may be getting a new swimming pool, (in Royton), but three others are closing to pay for it. Mind you, we still have the open air swimming pool at Churchill Playing Fields. We have sports pitches, receiving the barest minimum upkeep,  with the most primitive, if any, changing facilities. Our two professional sports clubs play in slums. What a great advert for the town.  ORLFC,(The Roughyeds), gave up their ground at Watersheddings, (where it used be good, to see 'em feight for t'ball in t'mud), on the promise of being rehomed. Instead Battye et al, simply stole it. Where are they now?? A fucking allotment in Limeside!!

Where has this £45million come from?  Where is our £45million?  How come Rochdale have this go -ahead organisation Link4Life running their sports and leisure facilities while we have the moribund tossers OCL running ours, (into the ground that is!).  Trust the clueless fuckers on Oldham Council to back the wrong horse. Nearly every fucking service that this council should be providing and running has been handed over to parasitic fucking failures. Fuck knows how much extra all this abrogation of responsibility and authority is costing US!

YOU! The sixty planks of wood in that goddamned ugly tower, daydreaming OUR lives away while awaiting YOUR allowance payments. WAKE UP YOU USELESS TWATS!!!!!!  The modern world is fast disappearing into the distance whilst we slide unresistingly back into the swamp. Do your jobs run this town properly or fuck the fuck off!!!!



Seville goes green

Based on a report -'Eco-tourism in Spain'  06 January 2012 | By Brendan Sainsbury, Lonely Planet

 This Spanish city has bidden adios to the organized urban chaos found in so many cities and embraced a more sustainable outlook.

 Kick-started by proactive city mayor, Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín in 2007, the lightning pace of Seville’s “greening” defies its laidback fiesta and siesta image. In the span of just five years the Sevillanos have instituted: a community bike-sharing scheme, a surface tram, an underground metro, two high-speed train links, a pilot electric car programme and -- 20km away in Sanlúcar la Mayor -- the first commercial solar power plant in Europe.

Strewth!! All that shit in just five years! That's not playing fair, is it? What have we got in the last five years?  Rid of our trains, rid of our stations, rid of our bridge, rid of our market, rid of our warehouse, rid of most of the shops in the town, rid of our swimming pools and libraries, rid (almost) of our old Town Hall, rid of most of Derker, rid of every leisure amenity, rid of Yorkshire Street as a venue for decent folk, rid of a sane garbage collection routine, rid of hope that a tram will ever rumble up Union Street. We also got rid of Fill Woolyarse so it's not all bad news, then! 

The inauguration of Seville’s bike-sharing scheme in April 2007 was something of a godsend, even for avowed car users. It was the second bike-sharing initiative in Spain--and it is the fifth largest scheme of its kind in Europe, with 2,500 bikes on offer. Grab a two-wheeled machine from any of the 250 docking stations and you will quickly discover that cycling suits this flat, balmy metropolis. Unlike Oldham the barmy metropolis, full of hills and potholes. Cyclists have been known to vanish without trace in some of these potholes which are more like caves really. A trial bike -sharing scheme was tried a short while ago in the town but failed due to renters not returning bikes to the allotted docking stations. Most were found parked in e-bay, Cash Converters and 'arry's scrap yard!

Seville has 120km of  bike lanes and the first 30 minutes of usage are free. Beyond that, it is one euro for the first hour and two euros an hour thereafter. Oldham has 35 yards of bike lanes and the first 5 seconds of usage are nearly free. Beyond that it is four quid for the first hour or per part of per hour and eight quid an hour or per part of per hour thereafter.

Cycling down Seville's Avenida de la Constitución, inhaling the aroma of ripe oranges, will bring you within a wheel’s width of museum-queuers, horses and carts, and attractive señoritas in red-and-white polka-dot dresses -- but no cars. Central Seville’s main arterial roads were pedestrianised in 2007 to make way for a new tram system, the MetroCentro.   Cycling down  Oldham's Union Street or Avenida de la Pollo Frito, inhaling the aroma of stale cooking oil and burnt chicken nuggets, (which part of a chicken does the 'nugget' come from?), will bring you within a gnats bollock of Job Seekers, drunken arseholes and peroxide slags with faces like a slater's nail bag, wearing dirty anoraks -- but also -no cars. Nearly every street in Oldham became traffic free when they were all dug up to make way for a new tram system, the Metroshite. This failure dogged piece of crap may or may not arrive within the NEXT five years, but don't hold your breath. TfGM or The fucking Great Mistake plan to continue fucking the whole town over once they've managed to drag all the dead trams off the streets of Manchester and the five year old kid designs another operating system.

Seville's original tram-line -- a modest 1.4km in length -- was extended in 2011 to incorporate an extra 1.1km. The introduction of revolutionary new battery-powered technology meant that ugly overhead cables have been dismantled. Now the plan is to extend the tramline as far as Santa Justa, Seville’s main railway station, where new high-speed trains head off to Madrid, Cádiz and (by 2013) Granada.
Oldham's ongoing saga of the tramlines continues. At present all those involved are trying to bring the line to Mumps where a perfectly good station was demolished to allow a station to be built. In two thousand and plenty they are going to dig it all up again to drag it along Union Street. A new station will have to be built at Mumps cos the line is pissing off in a different direction. Are you following all this? If we were getting battery powered trams they could be recharged at Little Jimmy Pudden-Face's proposed electric vehicle charging station at Hollinwood. Just think of the leisure time we would have waiting for a charge. You couldn't rely on buying replacement batteries. The shops are always closed just when you need one. So what we are getting?  Ugly overhead cables! Our pride and joy will take us to Victoria, one of Manchester's railway backwaters, where slow speed trains head off to Wigan, Blackburn and Darwen, and by 2025 one will have reached Leeds via Rochdale.
In Seville there is a tram stop right outside the majestic Gothic cathedral. The tram also connects with the bus station  and the new subterranean Metro.   In Oldham there will be a tram stop right outside the nissen-hut like Sainsbury's. Our tram, unfortunately, will not connect with any of Oldham's fifteen assorted bus stations as they are all on Cheapside, up a five hundred foot sheer cliff face.  
A lot of the trams will stop outside Failsworth,  Hollinwood or any other of the myriad stops en route. This is not planned, it is called a breakdown. When this occurs the whole town will come to a standstill. Outsiders will notice no difference.

In Seville you could consider hiring an electric car to get around. Renault chose Seville as the city to launch its three new zero-emission models in October 2011, and ultimately these vehicles and others will be able to make use of 75 battery-recharging points that are being built around the city as part of a government-sponsored plan to boost electric car use.In Oldham you could lash out thousands on an overpriced 'lectric car and run down to Hollinwood if you need a boost. (That's when and if any of this pie-in-the-sky ever becomes reality.

Finding parking remains a perennial problem in both towns and here we have several things in common.  Seville has built on many of its traditional car parks, most recently in March 2011 with the daring, ultra-modern Metropol Parasol in the Plaza de la Encarnación, which harbours a museum, a market, a restaurant, a plaza and a panoramic walkway. Professing to be an architectural icon in a liveable city core, this giant structure, purported to be the largest wood structure in the world, is best described as a forest of mushrooms welded onto a flying waffle . Oldham has taken a slightly different approach and built, where we used to have interesting buildings, many daring, ultra-modern car parks, harbouring pay-and-display ticket machines, traffic wardens and panoramic views of the Tower of Babble. These have been constructed by the biggest wooden structure in Oldham, namely our local Councillors, who are known to be as intelligent as mushrooms and full of waffle.

Oh!  We nearly forgot. We are getting MAHDLO though!!!!

If the thick mushrooms were in control of this town for fifty years they still couldn't come up with anything like these plans!

If there is anyone still out there!!!    HELP!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Many consumers in the dark about dangers of CFL bulbs

This article appeared in a US newspaper earlier this month. We reproduce it in full for your 'enjoyment.'  Highlights are ours - For America and Congress. - Read Westminster and BRUSSELS!! 

Published - Jan 04 2012 10:37PM EST
Kirk Myers, Seminole County Environmental News Examiner

The is the first in a multi-part series of articles exposing the lies and misinformation behind legislation mandating the replacement of incandescent light bulbs with potentially unsafe compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs.

Most consumers by now are aware of a federal law mandating the phased transition from incandescent light bulbs to controversial mercury-activated compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs, starting this year.

According to provisions of legislation passed by congress in 2007, the 100-watt incandescent bulb was to be off the shelves this January, followed by a phase-out of the 75-watt version in January 2013 and the 60- and 40-watt versions in January 2014. But last month congress granted consumers a reprieve by including in its spending bill a measure delaying enforcement of the ban until the end of the 2012.
Mercury – a deadly neurotoxin
From the time it was first proposed, the ban has run into opposition from consumers who are understandably concerned about outfitting their home light fixtures with bulbs containing, on average, 5 milligrams of mercury, enough to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water. Mercury is one of the most deadly neurotoxins on the planet.

According to , “Breaking a single CFL bulb in a room can result in mercury vapor levels 300 times in excess of what the Environmental Protection Agency has established as safe for prolonged exposure. Serious health effects are associated with mercury exposure. Unborn and young children, elderly and those with weakened health are particularly vulnerable.”

The EPA continues to downplay safety concerns, but recommends consumers  follow these safety precautions if a bulb is broken :

Open a window and ventilate the area for 15 minutes Avoid vacuuming the area (to prevent the spread of mercury dust) Use cardboard, not a broom, to sweep up the remains of the bulb While wearing rubber globes use a wet paper towel to wipe the area Seal the contents in a jar with a lid or plastic bag for disposal “If clothing or bedding materials come into direct contact with broken glass or mercury-containing powders from inside the bulb that may stick to the fabric, the clothing or bedding should be thrown away.”

The EPA claims the amount of mercury in a single bulb is not enough to create a health hazard. But according to test data released in December 2010 by Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA), mercury levels from broken CFLs were 20 times higher than regulations allow in the surrounding air for up to five hours after breakage.

The American Thinker reports : "Based on a new method to measure mercury from broken CFLs, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection reports that only one-third of the mercury release occurs during the first 8 hours after breakage. During the following two-week period, 17 percent to 40 percent of the mercury is released into the air."

In a report last March, Fox News exposed the potentially dangerous health hazards of mercury-laced CFL bulbs:

“Mercury . . . is a potent, developmental neurotoxin that can damage the brain, liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Infants and young children are particularly vulnerable to mercury’s toxic effects. Even at low levels, mercury is capable of causing a number of health problems including impaired motor functioning, cognitive ability and emotional problems. Higher or prolonged exposure can result in much more serious health problems.”

Mercury Instruments , a Littleton, Colo., firm that specializes in removing mercury contamination, states the following on its Web site:

“If you break a "CFL" Compact Fluorescent light bulb and attempt to clean it up yourself, there is absolutely no way to know that you have removed the mercury unless you screen the area with a mercury vapor monitor . . . Without the proper equipment, you will never be able to locate where the mercury came to rest.”

Concerned about mercury contamination, many environmental agencies have adopted strict regulations for the disposal and recycling of CFLs . In California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, it is illegal to improperly dispose of fluorescent bulbs in trash or landfills. Consumers face stiff fines if they violate the law.

Investigate Magazine says this about broken CFLs: “The real cost is not one broken light bulb, but how badly affected homes will be after 20 years of amateur attempts to clean up one of the deadliest neurotoxins on the planet.”
Mercury vapors – another health hazard?
Toxic mercury from broken bulbs might not be the only danger posed by CFL lamps. During tests last year at Berlin's Ala Laboratory, scientists discovered that various carcinogenic chemicals and toxins, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene, are released when CFLs  are switched on.
Environmental experts in Britain have downplayed the findings, insisting that CFLs are not a danger to the public and that more studies are needed to back up the German research.

But Peter Braun, who carried out the tests at the lab, claims that CFL lamps emit poisonous vapors when turned on and “should not be used in unventilated areas and definitely not in the proximity of the head.”

This report comes on the heels of research by Israel’s Haifa University suggesting that the CFL’s bluer light emissions, which closely mimic daylight, might interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin, contributing to higher rates of breast cancer.

In addition, the Migraine Action Association is warning that CFLs could trigger migraine headaches, “and skin care specialists have claimed that their intense light could exacerbate a range of existing skin problems,” according to a report in London’s Daily Telegraph .
 Consumer anger
Many consumers are fuming over what they see as government meddling and are stocking up on incandescent light bulbs before the ban goes into effect. Judging from the pointed buyer comments on, the legislators who voted for the ban might want to update their resumes.

“You can pry my 100 watt incandescent from my cold dead hand (apologies to Charlton Heston),” says Dukesuxheelrule. “Only a liberal green weenie would replace a perfectly safe tool of illumination with a much more expensive, lower quality, and highly hazardous product.”

Jeddy3 chimes in: “Every time the do-gooder nanny state shoves something down our throat "for our own good," you can bet it'll be found later that it wasn't safer/better after all. If it were better, safer, or more economical, it wouldn't be necessary to legislate its competition out of business.”

Another incensed buyer bashes the Green movement and defends freedom of choice:
“They [the incandescent bulbs] work well, shine bright, and - best of all - make me feel constantly proud to be screwing the eco-nazis,” said ahtimsa1970. “Screw you, Al Gore! Keep your hands off my thermostat, light bulbs and recycling bins. I worked hard for my money; I'll spend it however I choose.”

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Marc Marano, the founder of the online Web site Climate Depot , described the ban as an assault on consumer choice carried out by global warming alarmists and their allies on Capitol Hill.

“The only reason we’re talking about incandescent bulbs is because of fears of global warming. They’re trying . . . to control every aspect of our lives.”


Friday, January 13, 2012


Once more our intrepid hackers have journeyed into dark uncharted waters to bring you the true, the unexpurgated, (what a lovely word!), witterings of a simpleton!  Read our Bleeders Log where Little Jimmy Pudden-face lets it all hang out!

I’VE GOT mixed feelings about the demolition of the Park Road Warehouse last weekend.On the one hand it will stop all the moaning twats from the do-gooder conversationalists contortionists constipationers oh you know,  them as want to keep every crap old building in the town, on the other hand it increases our car-park stock immeasureably.
As a keen amateur local historian, I’m more inclined than most to preserve our heritage. But as a lying bastard I incline more toward demolishing anything that stinks of heritage, in favour of erecting buildings I can get my name on  we can be proud of. I recognise that years of decline have taken their toll and with the best will in the world some buildings are beyond rescue. Some of you have said the same is true of my  your council. What I can tell those folks is that we are trying, (ed. you're right there twatty, very trying!)

I accept that - people like me,  might look at our older buildings and see history – No you scrote, people don't like you and anyone looking  for  at our two remaining  'older buildings' are merely paying their last respects. For those living side by side with them they can be symbols of decline.Don't worry though folks these will shortly be replaced with bright, fresh, new symbols.

The fact that the Borough  was once home to more than 360 mills, yet has such a small number today, shows  that, whilst some have been taken over by local captains of industry  running  modern successful businesses such as, say, bespoke fitted kitchen manufacturers and suppliers others merely fell over and once we had cleared the sights  sites and the asphalt was laid, the Pay & Display industry moved in with it's wardens.

As the former cotton spinning capital of the world we have a large legacy   one or two of these mill and warehouse buildings. As the leader of the bull-shitting capital of the world I have to admit I've lost track of both of them. Oh, yeah here's the Hartford mill which I  rescued from oblivion and single handed restored to it's former glory, (no I didn't claim for it on allowances, I did it on my day off.) Look at the exquisite workmanship, note the authentic 'smoke' stain from generations of mill workers standing outside having a ciggy after their lunch break. Of course these ancient buildings were erected before the invention of glass. This gives the building an airy, open quality.

The days of a textile magnate building a mill and nestling homes around it to keep an eye on his workforce are long gone. As are all the mills and most of the houses. We saw to that with the HMR programmes where we demolished hundreds of houses or boarded up those we couldn't afford to demolish. In their place we built thousands  hundreds  dozens  one or two new modern homes with all mod cons that people displaced under HMR clamoured for.
People  no longer work en masse in mills at the end of their streets and they also don’t crave to live in an industrialised setting. (ed. They don't work anywhere you muppet! There is no work. There are no industrialised settings because there is NO industry thanks to you and succession of indolent self servers on what we laughingly call 'The Council.'

There are some mills in the Borough, like Earl Mill and Anchor Mill, and Albert Street near my own home where historically we’ve been able to find a new use for them. Investment in some , such as the Belgrave Mill, turned out more costly than we had envisaged.  But that doesn’t mean that every Miller mill here should – or can – be saved. The bastard!!

Even with the loss of Park Road Warehouse we still have the old Town Hall, former Library, Foxdenton Hall, Royton Town Hall,  Royton Assembly Hall, Mumps Bridge, Broadway Library, Werneth Fire Station, Chadderton Baths, Mumps Station, amongst those which require priority investment to ensure they have a long term future.
Failsworth Town Hall has shown what can be achieved when I'm the Supreme Being  who decides priorities, holds the purse strings and live in Failsworth.  We now need to move to ensure we have flagship buildings which show Oldham’s heritage in the best possible light.(ed. The only light which would improve most of the buildings in Oldham, is firelight!)

On a totally unrelated topic I must say I was delighted to be amongst more than 6,000 locals who travelled to Anfield on Friday night to see Latics take on Liverpool in the FA Cup.(ed. Well you paid enough to get a ticket!)
I will preface my remarks here by pointing out that I’m not claiming to be a diehard supporter. In fact, as anyone who knows me will confirm, my knowledge of football would take about ten seconds to explain.(ed. about nine seconds more than your knowledge of 'Heritage')

It was just a fantastic occasion and the main thing I will remember about it was the amazing atmosphere whipped up by Oldham fans. (ed. What a fucking dragging up the philistine must have had. All them years of studying the collected works of Bliar and the Scottish, one-eyed, snot-gobbler, with bed-time stories from the Lie-bour party bumper book of fun and fiddles. Explains a lot I suppose.)
This was the first time I’ve seen local people shouting in such voice and numbers with obvious pride about where they come from – and it was heart-warming to see and hear “We love you Oldham” being sung out.(ed. By the 'Blind Boys of Alabama' presumably!)

Friday night showed me two things…
Firstly, Anfield demonstrated how vital a good stadium and infrastructure is to helping a club flourish and maximise its revenue streams (ed. You had to go to Liverpool to learn that?  Gerraway! you simple twat.All you need is a midden with a couple of sheds on one or more sides and a pie stand. Simples!)

Thanks for being talked at,

Little Jimmy

Friday, January 6, 2012



The 135 year old railway warehouse on Park Road is no more! It was one of the few remaining storage depots surviving from the Victorian railway era and was the only example of a curved warehouse in the country. It was built on the curve to follow the railway line. Use of the building was discontinued in the 1960's and the building has lain empty ever since. Oldham Council pursuing their normal policy with heritage buildings have simply let it go to ruin as they have with numerous other buildings in the town, hoping it will burn / fall down, or become dangerous and have to be demolished to make way for modern amenities like car-parks etc.

It had recently been reported that brick and wood work on the distinctive, curved Park Road building was showing signs of buckling.

On the 23rd December 2011 The tiny twat Coun Diddy Hibbert lied:-
'This Historic building is ‘safe and secure’

The lying bastard  said: “Oldham Council is aware of the concerns and issues regarding Park Road warehouse and has procedures in place to ensure the site is safe and secure.

“We have also recently carried out a structural survey of the building and council officers are in contact with English Heritage?.

“The building is inspected regularly so that any new issues that arise can be identified and remedied to ensure site safety at all times.”

Questions had been raised over the future of the Grade II listed building — which would possibly need millions of pounds to make it usable.
The decaying, council-owned building was put on the market for £1 eight years ago because its derelict condition meant it was effectively worthless. Decaying BECAUSE it was council owned!

Fears over building forces road closure 
On the 29 December 2011  Park Road was closed due to concerns over the stability of the building. Just 6 days after Oldham Council and it's lying shit of a spokesperson, the tiny twat Coun Diddy Hibbert stated the building was “safe and secure."  It is understood Park Road has been closed as a precautionary measure due to the dangerous state of the Park Road railway warehouse.

Built in 1876, the building has stood derelict for decades. Now barriers have been installed on Park Road close to the junction with Kings Road as worries about the stability of the warehouse, (inspected, as you will recall six days earlier and given a clean bill of health!) mounted.

The towering curved warehouse which follows the line of the former railway line out of Oldham has been deemed effectively worthless due to it's derelict condition. Our worthless council purchased it in the 1980s, couldn't find a use for it or a buyer/developer and put the building on the market for just £1 in 2003. Since then several plans for the listed building have hit the buffers.

5th January 2012 Demolition commences
In just thirteen days this grand old lady of a forgotten era from our industrial past goes from a robustly healthy secure and safe building to a pile of rubble! Who the fuck do you think you are trying to kid you lying twat Hibbert???
Does this look like a safe and secure building? Who the fuck did the survey, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles??? The building was derelict and you and your loathsome band of brothers are guilty of dereliction of duty in not maintaining this building, our building, may I remind you since you bought it with our money, to ensure it was weatherproof and also to try and find a use for it. How much has it cost US over the years to let it rot away??
This latest inspection comes 11 days after the warehouse was deemed safe and secure by Oldham Council.and reveals that the 1876-built warehouse is in imminent danger of collapse.

Concerns about the structure of the 78,000 sq ft building grew after parts of the roof and brickwork collapsed. Inspectors returned and said the whole structure needed demolishing. What! eleven days after they said it was safe and secure!  Who the fuck are these 'inspectors' and are they still employed??  Or did one of you twats simply peer out of a window of the Tower of Doom, see the warehouse still standing and declared it fit and well??
An access platform has now been used to carry out a close-up inspection, including tests to check for structural soundness and evidence of movement in the external walls. As opposed to the drive-by inspection of the previous week?

Inspectors concluded there had been significant movement in the building since the last survey and a notice requiring urgent demolition was issued. Do they mean the last survey eleven days ago??  Perhaps the significant movement was the old girl trying to escape from this God-awful town!!

Then, the unbelievable piece of lying shite , Coun Dave Fibber, the tiny twat, said: “We need to demolish it as quickly as possible to minimise the potential health and safety risks this building now poses to the public. “The issues here are structural and serious, and a collapse could occur without warning. The issues here you little wanker are that you are an out and out bloody liar! You no more did a structural survey of this building two weeks ago than we did!
“As a council we respect our heritage," the useless tosser bleats. Where possible we’ve been able to find viable future uses that have given a new lease of life to some historic buildings.” Yeah!! and you've given a death sentence to far more to the extent we have virtually no heritage left in this town. 

Coun Lyintwat  added: “We can’t risk a collapse injuring residents who might be passing by or anyone who may be tempted to stray on to the site, such as pikeys with a load of tarmac .

Before Christmas, the council said the building was inspected regularly and that plans were in place to ensure the safety of the site. NOW you know just how much to trust the word of the mendacious fucks in the Tower of Babble and that little fucker Hibbert!  You ever gonna believe anything he tells you ever again???   If so, fool you!!!

WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We've just had another of our fucked up council's 'nonsultations.' The co-operative cunts invited residents to have their say on plans for new leisure facilities, mainly a swimming pool,  to replace aging ones in either Royton or Shaw knowing fucking well they were going to totally disregard everybody and put a new pool in Royton.

 Under the plans, Royton or Shaw and Crompton will have one new leisure facility — which also means the likely closure of Royton Sports Centre..

 Hundreds of residents have voiced their opposition to the proposed closure of Crompton Pool and Fitness Centre — but we've news for them  ---- It's a fucking lost cause.

Over 1,000 people expressed their views as part of the nonsultation in to the reorganisation of Oldham’s pools and leisure centres.  

The nonsultation, which Oldham Council said has been “extensive” and will be totally ignored,  has now ended and Cabinet members last night agreed to the building of a new leisure centre — which is likely to be located at Royton and Crompton School or in Royton town centre, which has been the plan all along. A new pool for Shaw has never been on the agenda!

Maggie Kufeldt, Oldham Council’s assistant executive director for strategic commissioning, said: “It is fair to say the nonsultation was dominated with responses about the proposed closure of the Crompton Pool and Fitness Centre and 72 per cent of the individual responses were about this proposal but we never had any intention of changing our plans. We've made the decision already, so up yours you sad tossers."

Who the fuck is this Maggie Kufflink?  What the the fuck is an 'assistant executive director for strategic commissioning'?  How the fuck much are we paying this chair polisher?  Who appointed the fucker?  Oh, let's guess! It's yet another of Charlie Chuckle's bits of skirt, (£140,000 per annum and ever so grateful)!

Whoever the stupid bitch is she warbles- “The new leisure proposals are designed to develop an exciting yet efficient leisure offering that delivers revenue and savings and offers excellent value for money to council taxpayers.”  Not if it's not what we want it doesn't!  But, fuck the people! This isn't about them. This is about more kudos for the bunch of reptiles up that sodding tower.

Coun Huge McDonald, cabinet member for children, young people, family and leisure, said potential relocation sites have not yet been identified. YOU LYING BASTARD! McDonation. It's been a done deal from the off!  Whoever put this sack of shit in charge of a department for children, young people, family and leisure? Do YOU want him holding the future of the young people of Oldham in his money grabbing paws? What experience does he bring of any of the four sections? The man is a scrote, he has always been a scrote and there is little possibility of change a'coming! 

The cocksucker said  -  “It has been a very comprehensive report and we have had a number of objections or comments mainly around Glodwick, Shaw and the centre of Oldham. and  officers will be going away to do more work on it. This will involve designing a fresh glossy cover for the report showing an artists impression of the new Royton pool."

“At this stage," he lied,  "we have not identified the location of the replacement sites and that will be done at another meeting.”


This meeting is set to be later last month.."

 Oldham’s sports and leisure facilities are currently provided by Oldham Community Leisure (OCLL), but this contract is due to expire in March, 2013. This is yet another part of Oldham council responsibility hived off to outside interests (for a large sum) because the fuckpigs have no interest, ability or desire to actually get up off their lard arses and do what they were supposedly elected to do, namely run the fucking town.

Councillors for the two Towns 

 ROYTON                               SHAW 

Chadderton                                Dillon
Judge                                           Dillon  
Larkin                                         Alcock (By name not nature)
Bashforth                                   Blyth
Harrison                                     Sykes

 KEY :-  Names in RED are Lie-bour councillors
             Names in Yellow are Lib-Dumbocrats

Oldham Council is currently controlled  being dragged down by The Lie-bour Party.

A small award offered for anyone who can come up with a reason why the twats will favour Royton!


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