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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Monday, July 26, 2010


  The fuckwits on Oldham Council have voted against taking a ten percent cut in allowances. Who'd'a thowt it. With the town skint, semi-derelict, pot-holed, filthy, disorganised, cut off from the outside world: with no leisure facilities, very few civic amenities, the highest council tax in the region, no industry, no jobs, no future, no ideas, our band of grasping, self-serving parasitic twats have stuck two fingers up to the people. We see exactly what their priorities are. Line their own pockets picking up every allowance, jolly and perk they can get their sticky thieving mitts on and fuck the town. The proposal for a ten percent reduction came from the hypocritical snatching twat Councillor Dim MadMan. Remember the greedy cunt last year, he wanted an extra £600 allowances for conducting 'interviews'. This on top of the £22,000 we were already shoveling into his ever more grasping paw. Not to mention the fact that this is his second 'part-time' job.  Sykes, Feeder of the council, who now has his greedy piggy eyes on his own corporate aircraft,  had his glove puppet 'Cons Hume' on hand (ha,ha, get it?) to insult all and sundry. Sykes of course has not taken a cut in anything for years.  A cut OF everything ,yes.
Liberal Democrat Councillor John Mc€ann said the 10 per cent cut was a superficially attractive idea but it would mean throwing away an independent body, and added: “Play politics with this and you will descend into the gutter.” Whoa! Wait a minute Mc€ann. For you and your corrupt brotherhood the gutter is an uphill climb and a fucking long one at that.
In a heated exchange, Councillor MadMan (pictured) told Cons Hume: “I will not be lectured on morals and responsibility by someone who has sold his soul by getting a seat on the Cabinet for £13,000 a year.”
 Pity that! It might have worked out pretty cheap. So, OK we'll have to employ someone, probably on a  lot more than £13,000 a year to lecture the shit-for-brains, talentless, trough stompin', party apparatchik on morals and responsibility. It could be a long hard task.
By the by. Cons Hume was supported in the move to reject the cuts by Cons Hume. Eh! Oh that's right Cons Hume and Cons Hume are an item. An item now drawing over £30,000 a year from the coffers of OMBC. That folks is you and me and Council Tax. £30,000 a year? For this shit!!! 


Well this is it!  This is the eagerly anticipated first sighting of the wonderful new tented village that is to replace Tommyfield. OK, OK calm down everybody. I know, that like me, you are totally underwhelmed. What a paltry, flimsy poverty stricken image this is. That is going to replace Tommyfield?  Give me fucking strength! No, on second thoughts give the 'tents' strength. The first winter 'easterly' will have that lot over the Isle Of Man in no time. You're going to be a cold bugger if your stall is first in line, wind up Albion St comes direct from the Siberian Steppes. How long before erecting and dismantling these Ali Baba castoffs becomes too much trouble? The line of bollards alongside adds a nice touch. I suppose stall holders can always moor their business to them. Anyhow they are here. Let's see what we can expect them to offer for our delectation. Well bugger me just what we have been waiting for. First up is a fruit and veg stall. How we've managed without all this time stumps me. Anyone think these are an improvement on Tommyfield, which our council of nonces neglected and allowed to drift away. If you do, all I can say is; 'You're fucking barmy.' Put the fucking stalls back on Tommyfield. Demolish the Tower Of Babble, make it a car park and let the fuckwits go and do their councilling  in Th' Old Town Hall (as it stands).(just).

Sunday, July 25, 2010


 Oldham's own pint sized  Big Brother contestant Keeley Johnson has been injured in the house.Keeley, who has 'dated' SOME of Manchester's best footballers and actors and has been given awards, was taken to hospital suffering from severe carpet burns to both knees. She says she has great self belief and has achieved everything she has ever aimed for in life. Apart that is from position 23a. The Spider.
It was whilst attempting this, admittedly difficult manoeuvre with Corin and Rachel that they got all their legs crossed and they found themselves unable to connect to the web!


This is Mrs Zofia Henry. Admitted to ward G2  at Royal Oldham Hospital with a viral infection she died five weeks later of pneumonia. During her spell in the hell-hole that is G2, Mrs Henry was not given the steroids she has been taking for twenty-five years to combat asthma, her diabetes was not controlled and a fracture in her back was not diagnosed. John Saxby who claims to be chief executive of PAT apologised profusely saying treatment was deficient in many aspects. A sister had been removed from the ward for intensive re-education and retraining, but he said the ultimate outcome was not likely to have been affected. The PAT stumped up  £5,000 in compensation to Mrs Henry's family.
 It may just be me, but I think treatment was deficient in all aspects. Disgraceful would be a better description.
Why has a sister been removed from the ward for intensive re-education and retraining? Why was the sister promoted to the post when obviously, and admittedly not up to the task? When one becomes a sister we, the public, expect that person to have already had extensive training and education. Presumably it will all be swept quietly under the carpet now and sister will be back in charge when on these facts she should not be in a job right now. What about the rest of the nursing staff on G2? They are all complicit in this litany of neglect and incompetency. Saxby's claim that the outcome was not likely to have been affected by Mrs Henry's treatment beggars belief. If any of you come across this obnoxious turd bleeding to death on the street, ignore him, it won't affect the outcome. Will it?
The sooner this paper shuffling, empire-building, know nothing bunch of placemen and tit-suckers are swept away, the better!

DUTY OF CARE .............MY ARSE!!!


 David Gauke, the new Exchequer Secretary, travelled to Oldham Police station yesterday to talk to local officers about their new crime-fighting hub.  Sgt Rob Howarth tells  Treasury Minister David Gauke: 'The thieving bastards in this town will steal anything not nailed down, including this 32inch flat screen TV.'  Fuck me! where has it gone I had it in me 'and a moment ago.
Guess you'll need a crime number then, sarge!

Anyone able to help the police with their inquiries, please turn up Wednesday morning at about 10 or 11 o'clock. We'll go for a drive round town see if we can spot it.

Is the display on the wall similar to Countdown, i.e. one from the top row, one from the second row  and two from the third row?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lord Piecrust of Mount Temple - on - D'esque.
'I don't want to be a member of the House of Lords. I will not accept it,'
John  Prescott, 2009

So here we have the fat, lying, ignorant, work-shy, greedy, secretary-shagging, useless piece of shit. What is he doing? You've guessed it!  We see two weasels at work. One, dead but still honourable is draped around the neck of the other despicable, cheating, money grabbing animal. Oh, that the first was still alive and could sink it's fangs into the pie lined jugular of the second. 
What of the fragrant Lady Piecrust. She who condoned his sexual adventures in office in order to get her hands on the grubby ermine? What does that say of her morals?  What did she think he was up to when he told her he was 'just slipping into the Temple?'   The other Lords and Ladies will probably welcome them with open arms when they realise he rode into the place on a strumpet with a harlot in tow? At least he should feel at home among those other two members of the criminal class Lord Fondlebum of Boy with two strikes against his name and Baron Martin of Springburn. The latter was strangely enough, Speaker of the House, even though he could barely speak, was unintelligible when he did so, but was a dab hand at expenses and allowances.
What an array of glittering talent from the late unlamented  shite Labour Government.
What a bloody state this country is in! Why do we persist in tolerating these useless tossers? Why do we not decry their constant thievery, deviousness, lies, self congratulatory awards, honours and the way they treat the citizens of this once great state as if we were shite on their shoes?

Monday, July 5, 2010


 In order to rush through plans for The Oasis Academy on the former Brook Mill site, off Hollins Road, plans for the two wind turbines on the site have been removed in the face of probable objections from local residents.  But they could be put forward as a separate planning application in the future. Do you wanna bet on it?
Several letters of objection raised concerns over parking, congestion on Hollins Road, highway safety after a number of car accidents involving children, anti-social behaviour and a loss of green land.
Objector Ian Catherall said no thought had been given to residents and there could be 750 vehicles at peak times dropping children off, nowhere for parents to park and no benefits for local youths who will be left on street corners.
He added: “It’s a complete loss of our village green.”

Rob Hopkins, (Who he?)  for the applicant, said he was confident it would cope with traffic volume. He said it would create world-class sports facilities and would have an excellent energy rating. That doesn't answer the fucking question on how it would cope with traffic volume. How does he know it will cope? What is he basing his waffle on? What research has he done on the impact of up to 750 vehicles all descending on Hollins Road at the same time? This is more typical planning guff. Distract everyone with 'good news' and talk down the negative impact on a locality in the hope the grateful locals will miss the devil in the detail. All the 150 proposed parking spaces will be taken by teaching and administrative staff and will probably prove inadequate.
The whole academy fiasco is nothing more than ego massaging for certain councillors in this town, too thick to see the pitfalls of their overweening self importance. To quote one:  Councillor Gushforth said: “Everything about the building is fabulous.”  Well it may be, apart from one small matter. It's in the wrong fucking place!!!
When the question of wind turbines is slid back before the planning committee and everyone has been lulled into a state of complacency,  here are a couple of cautionary tales to ponder.

A homeowner has been ordered to switch off his £20,000 wind turbine following complaints from neighbours that it is too loud.
Father-of-three Stephen Munday, 55, erected the 40ft device with planning permission in a paddock behind his home two years ago.
It generates five kilowatts of electricity a day - the equivalent of boiling 300 kettles - and provides two thirds of his energy needs. It is situated 300ft from the nearest house.
But when neighbours complained of a high-pitched hum coming from the turbine Stephen was issued with a Noise Abatement Order by his local council and told to switch it off or risk a £5,000 fine and Anti-Social Behaviour Order.
The Daily Telegraph reported that the electrician appealed the decision but magistrates upheld the ruling and ordered him to pay £5,392 court costs.  read more...

  A primary school has been forced to switch off a £20,000 wind turbine because it keeps killing passing seabirds.

The rotary blades on the 30ft (9m) structure have struck at least 14 birds in the past six months.
The turbine, at Southwell Community Primary School, Portland, was installed 18 months ago thanks to a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
It provided six kilowatts of power an hour, but its performance was overshadowed by the number of birds killed - far higher than the one fatality per year predicted by the manufacturer.  read more...

 Further reading on this subject at  G.O.T.


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