WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! Bigger, sharper teeth than our ramblings in the on-line Oldham Evening Chronicle, which are being strangled by ever increasing censorship or moderation as they call it. We, the people of this town have no collective public voice to shout on our behalf, willing to question and challenge the lunacy visited upon us by the numpties in The Tower Of Babble, various thieving MPs, the legions of PC police at GMP, PAT'S, PACT'S, academy lovers, transport 'experts', vastly overpaid Council Officers from Charlie Chuckles downward, quangoes, placemen, do-gooders, do-badders, tree huggers, Brussels and Alcock! You get the idea? We intend to remedy this via the revamped Pigsticker. Now with added fibre. If any of you out there want to join us in restoring the town to it's former pleasant aspect, please feel free to submit articles. No moderation on this site!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Cousin Ruffyed and the Wulfe are collecting examples of things that have disappeared from every day life in Oldham. Things like: Cinemas-Shops-Buildings-Pubs-Characters-Things you could buy everyday-Leisure Facilities-Schools--- You get the idea? These are items that might seem insignificant in themselves but taken as a whole represent a huge loss of the spirit that once pervaded this town. If there is something you really miss drop us a line here (Click on Reply to BB at the bottom) and let's be hearing your innermost secrets. If we get a big enough response we may be persuaded to publish a modest tome. All contributors will be acknowledged. For starters Ruffyed has so far unearthed twenty-two cinemas that graced a town that, to-day, hasn't got one. Is there a town of comparable size anywhere in the country without one single cinema?  If you've visited them all (you will be very old), or know of any we have missed, hit that button and let us know. BB has visited eleven of them and Cuzz Ruffyed thirteen.
Anyway here's Ruffyed's list. Add to it if you can---
 Casino - Cosy - Electraceum - Empire - Gaumont - Gem - Grosvenor - Imperial - Kings -La Scala -Odeon - Palace (Uppermill) - Palladium (ABC) - Pavillion (Lees) - Pavillion (Royton) - Pop (Failsworth) - Princess? (Shaw) - Queens (Hollinwood) - Roxy - Savoy - Theatre Royal  - Victory

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi folks, the Ruffyed here again. I asked cousin BB if I could have the use of his blog, to ask if anyone, beside me, is fed up with the deafening silence from our local news organisations on the deeds of the inept bunch of tossers, in the Tower of Doom. I refer to the previous posting on this site re the news that Willmot Dixon have been selected to build our wonderful unwanted academies. In spite of several postings by myself and others in the local press, nothing has been heard about the swingeing fines imposed by the OFT on Willmot Dixon (£4.5M) and several of the other firms involved in tendering for the job. These fines were imposed as a result of bid rigging and collusion among the 103 companies who were fined. Assuming they are all still at it, how much do you think the cost should really be?  I repeat BB's question, should we be hurling Taxpayer's money at a company with this sort of record. Apart from myself, Old Mancunian and Keith, nobody in this town seems concerned that we are dealing with companies who are blatantly ripping us off on building contracts. Do you think OMBC have the slightest clue how much these projects should really cost?  Is everyone in this town so anaesthetised by the awfulness of our surroundings, that we have ceased to care what the godammned pricks do next? Obviously we can expect no help from the local press. They seem to have their own agenda of collusion.  Our only hope is to keep trying to get this matter publically aired. Badger any Councillors you might know, reporters you are aquainted with.

Best wishes, Ruffyed (continuing to rant!)

Friday, March 26, 2010


It could only happen in Oldham. Last September, a scant six months ago, the OFT fined 103 companies  £129.5 Million  for collusion and bid  rigging. These were construction companies tendering for large contracts across England worth in excess of £200m including  SCHOOLS, universities, hospitals, and numerous private projects from the construction of apartment blocks to housing refurbishments. Included in this list of shame were Willmot Dixon, whose offences were sufficient to warrant fourteenth place in the list  with a fine of £4,534 ,760. That's right folks four and a half million pounds. Pretty serious stuff you'd think. It would seem to indicate the OFT considered them big players in the racket.
 Read the whole story at

Now Oldham MBC have a scheme  to build three new academies that no-one wants apart from the talentless, brain dead, troughers in the Tower of Babble. 
Go on, I bet you can't guess which company the morons have chosen to build these white elephants. Which are in totally the wrong place, just to make sure the plan is a complete fuck up.  Give up, do you?  Oh, no. I hear a little lone voice crying, "could it be Willmot Dixon?"  Correct Sir. You win to-night's star prize.
Only our set of bent bastards could pick another matched set to waste our money. We can presume they are all in collusion now. This will be a nice bonus on top of the  £1Million per year they are creaming off us in 'Allowances'   £71Million Quid at stake here. A few thou' off the top, (or bottom) wouldn't be missed would it?  It would pay for a few jollys for the boys.
Do we want to be employing companies with this sort of unenviable record to partake in large capital schemes. Not with the form Willmot Dixon have in this sector, I would have thought.

Councillor Kay Knox, 'The peroxide pest', cabinet member for children, young people and families,  who has become obsessed with pursuing this self aggrandisement folly, said:  “We are delighted to be able to confirm the appointment of Willmott Dixon to deliver Oldham’s academies programme. De-fucking-lighted??  Do these people ever run a check on the firms they employ. What else will they deliver?  The usual basket of goodies to the back door of the Civic Centre, I'd like to bet.

Anyone in the country reading this and contemplating voting for the Lib Dems at the forthcoming elections, should take a trip to our wreck of a town and see just what havoc they can cause when let loose.  The lunacy that has gone on in the two years since the party of no ideas, no plans and no talent, apart from lining their own pockets,  took control, has got to be seen to be believed. The thought of these pillocks running the country should make you very afraid.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Rufus Stone & Merv report:

March 22, 2010 


Oxford University researchers have discovered the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element, Governmentium (symbol=Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called pillocks. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact.

A tiny amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second, to take from 4 days to 4 years to complete. Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2 to 6 years. It does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganisation in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places.

In fact, Governmentium’s mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganisation will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes. This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as a critical morass. When catalysed with money, Governmentium splits into two new elements Administratium (symbol=Ad), an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium, since it has half as many pillocks but twice as many morons and Sleazium (symbol=Sz), an element so reactive it destroys everything it touches.


I see the tossers up the tower are claiming a victory over the Taxman. They are reclaiming up to  £1M which they say was for VAT wrongly charged on council services.

'The claims cover sporting and cultural services, such as charges to the public for use of municipal fitness centres, such as gyms, tennis courts and golf clubs and parking charges.'

Councillor Limp Topspin, Oldham Council cabinet member for financial farces said: “The way Oldham Council dealt with this is an excellent example of its commitment to taking control and effectively managing its budget, responding to an opportunity to reclaim money that is rightfully ours.

Er, excuse me honeybun!  If this is VAT on  charges to the public, then surely the VAT was paid by the public. Ergo this money is rightfully theirs and does not belong to OMBC.

So when is the shareout then?  I will forgo my share. Put it towards all the charity sweeties stolen by the lightfingered bastards in our employ.  

Send now for our free leaflet - - - 101 things to make from 3 Maltesers and a bag of chocolate peanuts.

Monday, March 22, 2010


The news that Stephen Byers MP is willing to offer himself for hire "like a taxi cab", at up to £5,000 a day, is fucking outrageous. Byers is a Privy Councillor entitled to call himself "The Right Honourable Stephen Byers MP". That is now entirely inappropriate, so please support a petition to have him stripped of the honour.
Let's fire Byers!

Crossposted from G.O.T. and Guido

Sunday, March 21, 2010

INTERESTING! - - Thanks to ukwebspider (R.I.P.) for the lead.

 Here we see English Freemen standing in court as Lay Advisors to another Freeman.

This is for a Council Tax Liability Order hearing in Cwmbran Magistrates Court in South Wales, There were 14 Freemen in attendance.

The court was never convened as the Freemen never handed jurisdiction to magistrates or the clerk by standing up when ordered to do so and the magistrates never sat down.

The magistrates twice abandoned the court (the ship) and it was the Freemen who called the Police and at one point the Lay advisor can clearly be heard calling attending Police Constables to arrest the magistrates for impersonating judges.

There were many criminal acts committed this day by the company personnel (Magistrates, solictors, security and the clerk) and Police complaints are under way pending prosecutions for Fraud among other things.

But for the real shocker of how these people think they are above the law ...
Watch until the end!

Click on ukwebspider's links in the sidebar for pertinent topics.

Friday, March 19, 2010



The blogosphere and meeting places have been alight with anger, outrage, frustration. And questions about how to defeat our tyrannical 'masters' that make our lives a living hell.

Gandhi found non-compliance to be an effective tool to defeat his masters. And he was just one man.

Imagine what we could achieve, if we made a concerted effort, for a given number of days.

The fact is, the corporations want our money. The government needs our money. The 'mainstream' media are the mouthpieces of these monsters. And all of them are the cause of our misery.

If we starve them of it for a spell, how would that affect them?

We've lost the ability to think for ourselves because we've been programmed not to. If we cease to tune into their propaganda and instead, explore the alternative media, we see a different picture from the one they want us to see. We think for ourselves and join up the dots.

We have been little short of terrorised by their scare stories, their unwarranted use of and threat of force, their fines, their toxic products, their lies - to do their dirty bidding. They enrich themselves at our expense. Every time.

The Greeks and the Icelanders have woken up and taken action. The tyranny we face is on a par with theirs, if not greater, and yet we do bugger all about it. Our MPs don't give a jot - they're not listening to us. They're listening to their party whips, as they eye that juicy job within their grasp if they ignore us. So they do.

So let's learn from the Greeks, the Icelanders, Gandhi - and make our 'strike' international. After all, the entire civilised world is facing tyranny simultaneously.

And as Old Holborn says, we outnumber them. They cannot afford non-compliance on such a massive scale. Success frequently starts from small beginnings, as American patriots will tell you. As Gandhi demonstrated.

There comes a time when we have to say ENOUGH! NO MORE! Just like that lonesome chap did in Tiananmen Square.

You have to wonder why our police are becoming militarised - all over the world - why the UN frequently deploys its 'peace-keeping' troops. Yes, troops - against civilians. Foreign troops who care nothing for those civilians - they're "just following orders". A government should never do that to its people. That is tyranny, as the Chinese knew only too well. They were expendable. Mere ants to be crushed underfoot.

Gandhi didn't set out to be a leader; he set out to make a point. He was earnest and determined and he got attention. People chose to follow his lead because he led from the front.

That is what our 'masters' fear. That is why they discourage us from congregating. That is why they attempt to set us against each other.

So we must do the opposite of what they want. Civilly. Lawfully. United.

What am I suggesting, then?

Karen Quinn-Tostado has a plan - and I hope we can gather enough support around the world to follow her lead and act simultaneously. She has the answer. We send them all her aptly put message (somewhat Anglicised and embellished, here):

We show them that they can't control us for four days. We're going to do what we want, we're going to think what we want and we're going to think about what's really important.

We've forgotten that all we need is clean air, clean water, healthy food, self-sufficient communities - and integrity. We don't need the government for those things.

"We the people", are not responsible for repayment of speculative banking scams. We will not allow our children to be used as collateral for foreign debt.

Our constitution is ignored, our rights are violated, we are taxed without representation. As long as we go about our lives as usual, they win and we pay.

We the people say NO MORE!

Here's what we do from 15th April to 18th April:

1) No work, no school. Our future depends on restoring our rights. Plan ahead, ask for time off, use holiday days or whatever it takes. Get school assignments for your children, who will then be able to learn about our rights [Ed: with the help of You've been Cromwelled, Old Holborn, Captain Ranty, Lawful Rebellion, and many others (let's have your suggestions)]. If you feel you must go to work, then go! Participate in the other steps. Do what you can! Learn about our true rights.


It's a money game - they want ours.Time to change the rules.

2) No shopping - don't buy. Buy nothing from large corporations, fast food places, online stores, etc. Again, plan ahead for medications, petrol/diesel and food. If you have to shop, then go to local grocers and small family shops! If everyone keeps his money for 4 consecutive days, global bankers will notice.

3) Don't comply, take your £££s and savings out of large, corporate banks, leaving only what you need to cover monthly bills. Work at getting off the grid and forming co-ops within communities. We need each other and it will be our networking energy, as one, which will ensure success.

4) Ask Why. This is essential. Why are we allowing our constitution to be ignored? Why do our children have to sacrifice for banking scams? Why are we supporting policies that don't support us?

Then call your MPs and let them know you're participating in this strike and ask questions you feel are important. Then they will notice.

Imagine if citizens around the world joined Karen Quinn-Tostado's strike. Every one of us can dream that big when we remember that we've all been scammed and lied to by a criminal, dominant minority, who set us against each other, in war, in setting communities, races and sexes against each other, in neighbourhood spying, in so many ways.

We citizens should not be at war with each other. We should be at war with the corporate plunderers, the despots who believe they lead us, and the craven media who hide the truth from us and brainwash us with their lies. They are the enemy of the people.
We must empower ourselves, not ask for someone to save us!

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
The people cannot be all, and always, well informed.
The part which is wrong will be discontented,
in proportion to the importance of the facts
they misconceive. If they remain quiet
under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the
forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... And what
country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from
time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?
Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right
as to the facts, pardon and pacify them.
What signify a few lives lost in a century
or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed
from time to time, with the blood of patriots and
tyrants. It is its natural manure." -- Thomas Jefferson

Our masters want a one world government. Let's give them a one world - but of citizens, united, proud, with a shared vision of liberty.

When I despair, I remember that all through history
the ways of truth and love have always won. There have
been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem
invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it -always.
-- Mahatma Gandhi






A bit of light relief for beleaguered Latics fans.
Courtesy of The Daily Mash

HULL City chairman Adam Pearson is to follow up his appointment of Iain Dowie as manager by burning the stadium to the ground and salting the pitch.
As part of a staged programme to wipe the club from the face of the earth, Pearson will ask the local authority to institute a by-law making the wearing of the black and amber shirts a burning offence.  Fans will be encouraged to throw seats onto the pitch before, during and after games, while the dressing rooms will be stocked with a free bar, an unco-operative DJ and some hand grenades.
Pearson said: "Phil Brown unexpectedly backfired on me, what with the promotion and everything, but Iain's just the man to turn Hull City into the footballing equivalent of the lost city of Atlantis.

"Assistant manager. To Alan Shearer. At Newcastle. Just let that sink in for a second."

It has emerged that Mark Hughes turned down the Hull job when he learned the available transfer budget was £149.95m less than his requested £150m, while Avram Grant said no after a free trial at a local massage parlour ended in ignominious failure.
Hull fan Charlie Reeves said: "While I'd like to think that we still don't know how the season will end, hiring Dowie is like Bruce Willis turning to the camera an hour into The Sixth Sense and saying 'I'm a ghost, you know'. We're totally fucking Portsmouthed."
Pearson paid tribute to his former manager, adding: "Phil left a big impression on this club, especially on the beige sofa covers. And while some will memorialise him as the sexbearded saviour of Hull, he always reminded me of the kind of bloke who would try to slip one to the babysitter when he's giving her a lift home.

While you're here why not see where Dowie figures in the list of the ugliest soccer players in the world  on Rankopedia

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


OLDHAM CHRONICLE online: 11/03/2010 'Violent town-centre crime has plummeted thanks to a crackdown on cheap booze promotions.'

15/3/2010  'Man dies after 3am street fight outside pub.'

It was only a matter of time. Several of us have been warning, for some time,  that the sad events of last night were bound to happen sooner rather than later.  Another young life snuffed out. Nothing changes. The same old cliched excuses will be trotted out. What are the root causes of this sickness that pervades Oldham?  FIRSTLY, the ineffectiveness  of  GMP and it's decline to the second worst force in the country. Led by a Chief Constable, who will tell us his force has a “zero tolerance” stance on alcohol-related crime and disorder, but who is  obsessed with plans for this, initiatives for that, floundering about as he tries to arrest the decline, but seemingly unable to grasp what is needed to return order to the streets.  SECONDLY, the sheer ineptitude and greed of Oldham Council in allowing such a density of licensed premises in a very small area. They have no ideas on how to create a thriving town centre and are willing to pass all applications for licenses, virtually without scrutiny, simply to make the town look busy and to rake in the business rates. Alcock et al will trot out the usual platitudes on why they can't refuse an application. This is the tail wagging the dog. Where there is a will, there is a way. Only last week we had Alcock spouting that,  '..  Oldham Council and our partners recognised that the availability of cheap alcohol was the chief catalyst behind the disorder we were witnessing.'  Who made it so readily available, we ask? Last year's crackdown on licensed premises in the town centre seems to have been quickly forgotten. THIRDLY, the government for introducing twenty-four hour drinking.  A ploy, the cynical may claim, to get the country so inebriated that we will forget just how awful the rest of our life has become. FOURTHLY, licensees plying drinkers with more and more alcohol irrespective of their state of inebriation. There is no responsibility. Profit rules.  Before any of them get up on their hind legs whining about how they operate responsibly. Let me inform them that a quick trawl through the town centre at weekend, reveals nothing has changed.
Change there will have to be, though. We cannot continue down this lawless path. Someone will have to grasp the nettle and sweep this town clean. We have got to do it and do it now!
B B W would like to offer his sincere condolences to the family of the young man and hopes the perpetrators are soon apprehended.


£100,000 for this!!

The useless fat fuck is at it again!  Feeder of the Council,  Jolly boy Sy£es,  claims it has cost 'US'  thousands of pounds in the last few years to stage the Beer festival.  The gluttonous gobshite says it costs taxpayers £12,000 to stage the event and they raise about  £6,000 for the Mayor's appeal. This, he says, represents a hidden subsidy of  £6,000 paid by the taxpayers. The figure of  £12,000 which the tub of lard keeps bandying about, is the estimated cost of letting out the Queen Elizabeth Hall for a six day event.  Might we know how many disappointed outside bodies, wishing to hire the hall for the same six days,  were thwarted by the staging of the Festival?  Does Money collected for the Mayor's appeal go into the general rate fund?  If and it's a fucking big if,  the shindig did cost us 12 grand to stage, the money donated by the organisers doesn't go back into the council tax pot. Does it?  Therefore the subsidy would be 12grand. The figures must be wrong. The figure I reckon most wrong is the oleaginous mass at the top of the pile. The lying, hypocritical, greedy, troughing bastard moans about the so called 'cost' of the festival when he and his equally grasping cronies have ripped this town off, to the tune of many times the disputed amount.  For example; The Polo Mint  £100,000, Shining poppies on the Kremlin  £25,000,  Chinese jolly with full breakfast  £14,000, jolly to Harrogate  £9,000, jolly to Worsley  £3,000,  £57,000 'civic car', £850,000 allowances, thats just over OneMillion pounds on things we don't want or need and the list goes on.  Not to mention the bill for umpteen millions for the Miller fiasco.  We could stage a lot of Beer Festivals for that kind of brass. We need to get rid of this corrupt mob asap.   

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well bugger me! Just when you thought they couldn't do any more stupid things, they go and prove us wrong again.  We, that's WE, folks, you and I, have now entered into a lease agreement for a new  £57,000 Audi 'Civic car.'  This is the very vehicle that Fat Bastard Sykes used to travel to a recent meeting of Greater Manchester council leaders and also to the jolly down in Worsley last week. The reason we need this latest example of our money  disappearing before our very eyes is that the  'old' 
The new Audi 'Egotrip' 

Volvo mayoral car is 'clapped out.It was bought for £22,390 in 2004.  They claimed it was costing £5,500 a year to maintain, and was becoming increasingly costly to run.  £5,500 a year?  £106.00 a week on maintenance? It should be fucking perfect.  How was it becoming increasingly costly to run? Had fuel consumption suddenly dropped to 3mpg?
No. What this is about is the fat fuck's ego. Don't he just love wobbling out of his new limo when he meets up with all his like minded parasites in the region.  This new car will be used by,  the Mayor, council leader, and — listen to this - - where appropriate — the chief executive and other council dignitaries, when representing the authority on official business.  Since fucking when did we provide chauffeur driven transport for 'the chief executive'. He's fucking raping us as it is!  Who are these 'other council dignitaries.'  Bet you can't name 'em can you folks? I bet I can, let's see: Alcock, Thompson, Knox, Stanton, that'll do for a start. 
The Multi-Chin says: “These new procedures for use of the vehicle,  are also more environmentally sustainable, allowing the car to be used by several civic dignitaries at once, thus avoiding the potential for parties journeying separately and sustaining more expensive travelling costs.” WELL WHY THE FUCK WAS THERE ONLY YOU IN IT ON YOUR JOLLY TO WORSLEY????  How much expensive travelling costs did that save US?  This news comes just at the time we learn that the greedy grasping twats are removing £500,000 of funding for the transport of vulnerable people to day care. You have to ask yourself,  are priorities in order here?  Once again is this what we elected the useless bastards for?  Come on folks let them know what you think.  Everything we pay in bloody extortionate council tax is being used to buy toys and baubles for the numpties and  feed  their egos.
Oh by the way. Does anyone know the cost of leasing a  £57,000 Long wheelbase Audi A8?  I only ask because the tub of lard says, 'The car has been leased by the council to save money.'  So it must be less than £106.00 a week then.  


Fucked  Over and  Howe  The three recipients of our taxes to support their tawdry little empires.

Did you know??  I bet you didn't.  The thieving gobshites up that bloody tower are supporting local political parties with our goddamned council tax. Not content with creaming off  the best part of  £1Million   in allowances this year, it now turns out the bastards are donating up to ten percent of it to their political puppet masters. The Lib Dems have a compulsory ten percent levy on all their councillors allowances.  The other two sets of useless bastards waffle on about 'voluntary' contributions ' in single figures'.  This amounts to £33,000 per year from The LDs alone,  you can bet it will be similar for Lab.  Add in a smaller amount for the true blues and we are probably talking about the thick end of  £70,000 in total. That's seventy thousand pounds of our council tax given away as political donations.  Did you agree to this folks? I certainly didn't. Were you asked which party you wanted to donate to?  It's no wonder these despicable twats are into every bit of allowance and expenses grabbing they can organise. The more meetings, trips, jollys and extras for such things as 'interviews', (£600 for McMahon on top of his  £22,000 already claimed), the more they raise to support their grubby organisations.  Is it any wonder we have no money for the better things in life?  All our tax revenue is syphoned off by the grasping bastards for their own self gratification. By the time we have forked out for pension schemes, allowances, expenses,  overinflated salaries, jollys, luxury transport and now political dues, there is precious little left to provide even essential services.  These bastards are corrupt to the nth degree. We have got to put a stop to this runaway theft of the money WE provide to run this town.  It is time for us to say, 'NO MORE!'  Let your local councillor know how happy you are with their performance and that of his/her partners in crime.  Elections are coming very shortly. The power is in our hands. We will no longer be ignored. We are the voice of the people, so come on folks let's hear that voice.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Well done to everyone who donated or otherwise supported the campaign to free Nick Hogan. The appeal has now reached it's target and Nick should be realeased any time now.  Click here to read the full story on  Old Holborn's blog.

Friday, March 5, 2010


You just could not make this bleeding stuff up!  Oldham Council, up to it's tits in debt,  £45Million of savings to be made, 500 council jobs to go,  services, amenities and facilities cut back,  not just to the bone, but virtually severing limbs left right and centre. Yes THAT Oldham Council. The greediest fucking trough stomping, self serving, most incompetent brain dead, talentless pile of shite ever dumped on this blighted town, have gone and done it again.  For an estimated  cost of only  £145 a head they have just sent twenty 'officers and politicians' (Ha!)  on a jaunt to the Marriott Worsley Park Hotel and Country Club, in...wait for it WORSLEY. That's an estimated cost of  £2900 of Oldham council taxpayers money.  Worsley for the uninitiated is approx 13 miles from Oldham.  Guess what? They had to stay the night. Who was leading this merry band? You've guessed right again, Fat Bastard Sy£es and  Charlie 'Turd' Parker.  Sy£es  'The Feeder of the Council'  is now so full of his own importance he had to be driven to the venue in a 'civic car'. A civic car for fuck's sake.  Did you know we had such a thing for the use of these pillocks?  A Council spokesperson, (note the anonymity),  defended the decision and said it represented 'good value'. Not for us poor bastards funding it, it didn't!  This same anonymous prick said, 'This is common practice among local authorities, we hold two of these 'strategic events' every year and have done for many years.'  So it's not just the Lib Dem wankers. For many years Labour must have been sticking it up us also. Still more from His Master's Voice,  'All councillors and officers attended in their own FREE time, ( It makes you weep don't it?), most councillors have day jobs, (though fuck knows who'd employ the useless twats), so that is why we had to start on a Friday and work through to Saturday.'  By which time they would be sober enough to make their way home. Do you want to bet on whether they claim it on exes or not? Thought not!  Notice the amounts stated are 'estimated', wait until we get the real figures.  Oh, silly me.  I forgot to tell you what this junket was about. In their own jargon, what they were yapping about was "Trying to deliver better services in the face of reduced funding from central government."  In other words this loathsome bunch of tossers were trying to learn how to save money!!!!  We could tell them couldn't we folks and we will get the opportunity on 6th May.  Sy£es you fat greedy bastard.  Before you start puffing that this was a serious conference and was not a jolly, let me tell you what it was. IT WAS A JOLLY!  IT WAS ANOTHER IN YOUR LIST OF JOLLYS!  IT WAS A FUCKING FLAT OUT, FREE LOADING JOLLY!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Please Sir, Watkins has been a naughty boy. Can I have his sweeties?

The little shit Woolyass is at it again.  He has asked the Liberal Democrats to clarify their policy on arms sales to the Middle East. This follows a  newsletter sent out in Shaw by Lib Dem  candidate  Elwyn Watkins,  who will fight for  Woolyass’s seat in this year’s General Election. In it he condemned Israel’s disproportionate use of force and calls for an end to sales of arms to Israel in a bid to end conflict around the world. 
The letter from Mr Watkins follows the sacking of Baroness Jenny Tonge, the Lib Dem health spokeswoman in the House of Lords, following comments she made about alleged organ trafficking by Israeli troops  in Haiti.  She was promptly sacked by Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg  who  said her comments were “wrong, distasteful and provocative”.
Sensing an opening for a little sabotage job, the little turd writes to Clegg asking  whether calls for a ban on arms sales to Israel are now national Lib Dem policy.  He says, “Whilst I am sure we all agree there have been terrible atrocities in the Middle East conflict on all sides is it really your policy that any ban on arms sales should only apply to one Middle East country, namely Israel?”
Now! What fucking business is it of the expense skimmer, what Lib Dem policy is?  Suffice it to say that the corrupt and now almost totally moribund  band of thieves, of which this useless prick is a brown nosed member, so far up Broon's arse, they wear the same hat,  has no cohesive policy on anything.  This is nothing more than a big case of shit stirring. The little tosser is running scared and will try anything to discredit an opponent he thinks might turf him off the gravy train. This man is an absolute disgrace, both to this town and Parliament. He is not interested in this town, it's problems or it's people. The only thing he is interested in is how to feather his nest.  It is time he departed.

What next??? Eating, Breathing???

Old Holborn is carrying the story of Nick Hogan, jailed for six months for 'Allowing people to smoke'  in his Bolton pub. Click onto the OH site to read the full story and contribute to OH's fund to get Nick released. It's a worthy cause.
Read the story here.
We must fight back against the creeping control freaks who are trying to regulate us into submission. Did we ever think we would descend to this level in this country?  There will shortly be no pubs left to enforce the 'ban' in. See the pub closure counter in the sidebar to see the damage the Government tossers have caused to one of our great recreational facilities. We must get the ban repealed otherwise the thought police will move onto something else we enjoy and put a stop to that also.  We don't want Government meddling in our lives. Nobody forced non-smokers into smoking pubs. If you don't like it, stay out. This is supposedly a free country. Why do we meekly roll over and accept everything the bleeding heart liberals and tree huggers, throw at us.  The gutless Government fall in with any populist crap trying to curry favour. They didn't make it an offence to smoke in pubs. They knew they couldn't hope to prosecute  every single smoker so they made it an offence to  ALLOW  people to smoke in pubs, threatening the livelihood of thousands of landlords and the closure of large numbers of pubs. All you smokers huddled together on almost every street. It's time we made a stand. Landlords should be free to choose if they want to allow smoking or not. Nobody asked us.

Old Holborn UPDATE: Under the health act of 2006, it is the responsibility of the owner or the controller of "smoke free" space to uphold the law. It is NOT illegal to smoke in a shop or on a train. It IS illegal for the owner or controller of the space to allow you to smoke.

NOT TRUE: It is illegal for the OWNER to allow you to smoke in these premises

So smoke everywhere you like and the most that can happen is the owner can ask you to stop. He is not a policeman, he has no legal powers to physically stop you smoking and no one can be prosecuted for smoking a cigarette in a smoke free area*
For example, it is not permitted for BT to allow smoking in their phoneboxes, but it is THEIR responsibility to stop you from smoking in one.
I make a habit of lighting up everywhere and simply waiting to be told politely to go outside. I've been abroad you see......

* You can be where naked flames are banned, for example a Petrol Refinery or inside an aircraft.


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