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Sunday, October 7, 2012


From The Oldham Lie-bour Chronicle

...And if you aren’t from Saddleworth, they’ve doubled it again ....

"The price of a plot in Saddleworth’s historic cemetery has been doubled and 'outsiders' will have to pay double the new cost — four times as much as before."

SPC  is raising prices by more than 100 per cent to £1,500. And those from outside the picturesque villages will pay £3,000.

The dramatic rise comes as councillors, who have no real powers to do anything,  attempt to make the Uppermill’s Gellfield Lane cemetery a more pleasant place to be laid to rest than its current “overgrown” condition.

Since when have the dead been interested in the view and amenities - The Dead Don't Care!

Councillor Neil Allsopp, scrattin' about to find summat to justify his existence, defended the rise, intended, he said,  to cover the cost of essential repair work to iron gates, do grounds maintenance and even extend the land occupied by the cemetery.  Oooh goody!  More room for the late worthies of Saddleworth to stretch their legs or perhaps have a quick kickabout. That is if anyone remembered to include, among the plethora of necrotic delights in their burial instructions, a football,  in addition to Country Life, a bottle of Mateus Rose, a white rose perhaps, (as long as they weren't incomers) and of course, a copy of "Upstairs & Downstairs" in their list of paraphernalia to accompany them to  from the promised land

He said: “The cemetery won open-space awards 20 years ago for being an outstanding example of design, but now it looks untouched, uncared for. A lot of work needs to be done to bring it up to standard.” What standard??   The dead could care less if they were buried in the Sumatran jungle!
The only people worritin' about it are them who are left,. They're worritin' cos they know that's where they are going to end up and it offends their Saddleworthian sensibilities, especially if they have just been highly placed in The Oldham Lie-bour Chronicle's best kept garden competition.

Councillor Lord, Chair (or Wardrobe or Commode or whatever) of SPC  is adamant that the rise is too much.

“The graveyard has always made a profit, without prices having to be put up. We are going to get slammed for this," he said.

Is profit the function of a graveyard?  If so let's have stalls selling funerary flim-flam,(plastic angels, bright flashing lights, pictures of Volvos etc), drinks and pies, little whizzy windmills and undersoil heaters to keep their darlings warm during the long, (very, very, very long winter of their interment).

“This is a service we provide for the people of Saddleworth, but £1,500 extra for people not living in Saddleworth is just too much.” Surely it's a service for the dead! Not that they care!

It will now cost £750 for exclusive rights to a plot and £750 for burial. What if the plotholder wanted to build a Mausoleum, say like the Taj Mahal, on their plot?  Obviously the 'floor plan' would be a little tight, but would there be any restrictions on the height of these edifices bearing in mind the precedents set in other parts of the Borough on religious buildings?

Now if OMBC were to officially annex the cemetery into Lancashire the worthy occupants would begin spinning faster and faster until eventually we could harness them to generators and provide free electricity for most of Greater Manchester.

The following line is taken verbatim from the Oldham Liebour Chronicle. Explain in five hundred words or less!

Prices have increased by over 100 per cent since they were last raised three years ago.

And finally, it was reported that Oldhamers pay around £1,200 to be buried elsewhere in the borough.

Of course it will cost a lot more if you want to be buried in a cemetery!

I personally would like to be inturd  interred on a line and length at the pavilion end at Werneth CC, Close to the bar and safe from any chance of being disturbed!

Seriously though folks, this is a bad move by the Parish Council. In these straitened times it won't be long before the beautiful Saddleworth countryside is blighted by the ever growing menace of FLY-TIPPING!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012


'EY UP!!!!!!!!!!

We're back. May we say how very pleased you are to see us!

So. -  Wot's bin 'appening in the Messytrollops these past weeks?

Well! This for starters!!!

The pudden-faced, devious, lying  bastard has dipped his sticky mitts into the trough again and come up with an extra 5,370 quids worth of allowances.
Is this the same 'austerity Jim' we've all come to love and admire? Mr 'Cuts will have to be made'?  Mr 'There will be redundancies'?  Mr 'Co-operative Council'?  'Mr We have made huge savings'?
Yep! Thats him! Fresh from his unbelievable jolly to the Grosvenor Hotel, on London's Park Lane, which cost me and thee thousands - him Nowt! Not to mention the unknown number of freeloaders  buddies he dragged along to witness the rot and corruption that is evident in our bent fucking council. See previous postings to find the cost (to us, that is).

'See those chubby jowls aquiver as Little Jimmy Pudden-Face is brought to orgasm by the love of his life.'

The two faced prick is now drawing  £32,220 a year for fucking this town over! Hardly a day goes by without some disaster striking the town.  Does the moon faced loon do anything about it? Has he a clue what to do, apart from drawing huge allowances? Nonsultations and promises of what blessings we are to receive in the future are the sum total of the wastrels time in charge. Nothing has happened since the day he ascended the gilded throne. This is his second, part-time job. How much are all you miserable buggers in Oldham drawing this year. Does it not make you swell with pride as all your hard-earned Council Tax is spent so wisely?  Thirty-two households donated their Council Tax to this worthless piece of shit.

There is no mention of allowances for the other fifty-nine fucking leeches. You can bet if there are any increases in allowances to be had, the fucking set of totally useless tosspots will have trousered them with alacrity. We estimate the worthless fuckers will cost us £1,000,000 for the current year.  One thousand households supported this band of chancers and money grabbers.

Speaking of worthless pieces of shit: Pudden-Face's partner in crime Mr "Best man for the job" Charlie 'Turd' Parker slides the council Tax from 230 households into his bank account. We figure this is unearned income as no-one has a fucking clue as to what, if anything, the oily, smiling, con-artist, actually does for a living. No one, either, has a clue how he got the job. other than he worked for a company that had been ripping off the Council for years. 

So we have approximately One Thousand, two hundred and sixty-two households contributing all their hard-earned to supporting the money-for-nowt lifestyles of sixty-one of the most vacuous parasites ever inflicted on this town. 

When will you lot fucking wake up??? 


Here we go again Oldham Lie-Bour Chronicle tugging their forelock to their masters.

What exacly do they mean when they say Oldham Council 'Only' spent  £47,317 on the Mayoral role in the past year? Is this meant to make us feel good? How does the Chron know Oldham's mayor is good value for money compared with other local authorities? How many other LA's have they compared apart from Kirklees Council who spent over £146,000 for the same job? The respective costs for the two are £129 per day for OMBC versus £400 per day for Kirklees. That's a huge difference for the same job.  The director of resources for Kirklees said it was unclear whether the two councils had used the same methods to calculate mayoral costs. Anybody from the Chron investigate further?  Can nobody find the figures used to calculate the cost? Is anyone going to try? Given the usual mendacity of Oldham councillors it is more than likely that the figures are similar but Oldham's set of artful dodgers have probably had the books in a slow oven for some time and the real cost will be buried elsewhere. There will be the usual string of excuses as to why they cannot produce the 'actual' figures - you know the score:- 'The dog ate them,'  'an office junior left them on a bus,'  'they accidentally fell into the shredder,' 'burglars broke into the Civic Centre and stole them,' 'there was a huge fire in the records dept. luckily the fire brigade were able to confine the blaze to the purchase ledgers and the councillors allowance book.'

The new Mayor Councillor Olwais Chattering, took over the chains of office recently. About as much use as a stripper in a nudist colony. Should be chained to the wall at the bottom of that fucking great 'ole on Union Street.

This is another 47 council taxes gone. The total now is 1,309 council taxes just blown into the wind and nothing to show for them. 

Come on Oldham get off your arses - ask some questions - demand answers - don't let the slippery bastards get away with it - - IT'S YOUR MONEY!!!!!


We need an independent voice - not a puppet!

If a local reporter handles his assignments by uncritically supporting every decision, however ridiculous, that is taken by his 'precious' sources in local government, this shows a serious lack of judgement or a lack of moral fibre.They and we, would be better served by them being reassigned to cover jumble sales or Sunday School outings where they could do far less damage. In local politics however, normal journalistic mores appear to fly out the window as objective reporting and news gathering play second fiddle to avoiding upsetting  their masters in the corridors of power and conserving what they, (in this town at least, laughingly think of as 'their sources'.) Scoundrels are lauded, brain-dead lice are puffed up as though minor Einsteins, half-baked plans are reported enthusiastically, no thought being applied to cause and effect. As long as we have a story that is what matters. Not - What effect will this have on our citizens and the fabric of the town. Anyone disagreeing with their biased outlook is a bother-causer or a moaner and out to oppose what THEY - the press think is best for us. We are being taken for granted more and more. Any wishes that we may have are wafted away under cover of 'Nonsultations' and  surveys, or are totally ignored altogether. We do not trust politicians and trust in journalistic probity is now being compromised. The local press should concentrate on reporting fairly, the facts on local matters and leave matters of judgement to US!



 Councils will have 'no money'  for main services by 2020
   Councils will no longer be able to pay for any libraries, parks, leisure centres or fixing potholes in roads by the end of this decade because of a catastrophic funding crisis, they warned today.

Fucking Norah!! How the fuck will we manage when there is no more money for all the new libraries, parks, leisure centres, especially leisure centres and pothole filling???? The town will be well and truly fucked!! So, enjoy these halcyon days of plenty! make the most of our world class facilities - Read 'til your eyeballs burst - wallow in the endless pursuit of leisure at our award winning centres - glide effortlessly along our glass smooth roads. But be warned, all these luxuries you have become accustomed to, will soon be a thing of the past.

Financial estimates carried out for the leaders of every major local authority in England and Wales show that funding for services used by millions of people will be shrunk by up to 90% by 2020.

Can some mathematically gifted reader explain to us and the mentally challenged fuckwits on the council, what effect will shrinking nowt by 90% have on the services we have come to love and rely on in this town?

It is reported that even after cutting over 200,000 jobs, curbing executive pay and slashing spending on services, the figures indicate that a funding crisis will be unavoidable.

Whoa!!! Hang on a cotton-pickin' minute!!  How many of these 'jobs' were cut in the 'Bountiful Borough'?  Well?? How many have you heard of since Jimmy 'Fill mi wallet' Pudden-Face announced " over 400 redundancies? We reckon NONE just about covers it.(Lie-bour making their own redundant? You're 'avin a fuckin' laff). How many executives have had their pay curbed and by how much? We reckon NONE just about covers it. How much slashing has been going on? We reckon NONE just about covers it.

After meeting legal obligations for providing care and for street cleaning, councils currently have a total of £24.5 Billion left to fund all of their other  madcap schemes  self aggrandisement plans  money pits  ideological stupidities  less urgent commitments. By 2020 that figure is projected to fall to 8.4 Billion - a two thirds cut, or 80% in real terms. If council's current obligations such as paying for bus passes and servicing the ever expanding PFI scams on building projects are included in the commitments , the money left for everything else will fall by 90% - or, in real terms, will be virtually wiped out. 

Aha! here we are ahead of the game! We have been wiped out for years now but nobody will admit it. At least if the money available falls by 90% we will have the cushion of the other 10% to cover councillors allowances. We must get our priorities right!
The chairman of the LG Association said: "By the end of the decade councils may be forced to wind down some of the most popular services they provide." 
Bloody Fuckin' 'ell! What the fuck will we have left?   Let's start preparing for the worst! We invite entries for the "Most popular services we provide - which of them are to be fucked off" competition. Simply write, on a postcard the name(s) of the popular service YOU would miss least and send it off to:- 



Dear Lefties

You are wrong about many, many things, but some of those errors need correction.

Here is a short list:

1. Free prescriptions are not free.
2. Free healthcare is not free.
3. Those benefits you claim are not free.
4. The NHS is not free.
5. Rent free housing is not free.
6. The government owns no land.
7. The government has no money.
8. The government does not generate revenue.
9. The government owns no buildings.
10. Taxpayers pay for everything.

Every time you whine for more, people like me end up with a little less. Hard-working people are robbed every month to support your idle lifestyle.

That £1.2 million house the council put you in? We paid for that.

That plasma TV, that washing machine, that fridge and that cooker? We paid for those.

Those benefits you get every week? We paid those.

Don't get me wrong here. I know we have to support those who need a leg up from time to time, but do we have to carry you for your whole three score and ten? Really? How does that make you feel? Can you look yourself in the mirror every day and feel any sense of pride whatsoever?

I am not talking about the genuinely needy. I am not talking about the elderly. I am not talking about the vulnerable. Any society must be judged on how it takes care of those in need. I both agree with that and I applaud it.

It is those who will not work. Those who will make no effort whatsoever.

Newsflash: the world owes you fuck all.

You do not have a right to a job any more than you have a right to sit on your arse all day long while bozos like me pay for you to do so.

I've been there and done that. I recall a time when I didn't even have one ha'penny to rub against anything. There was no work in my town. Things looked bleak. You know what I did? I moved to a town where there was work. It took a couple of months but I sorted myself out. I took shitty jobs rather than take the dole for longer than was absolutely necessary. I discovered that once you are working more opportunities open up for you. Radical, I know, but the satisfaction of taking care of you and your own, is fantastic.

But FFS stop going on and on about everything being free. It isn't.

You are just half of the problem. The government is the other half. They waste money in mind-blowing quantities. It's almost as if they are trying to win some sort of award for pissing away the most money ever.

I am sick and tired of paying for their incompetency and your idleness.

I don't mind chipping in, but as more and more people come from foreign shores, expecting to be gifted whatever they need, and nationals just taking the piss generally, my "chipping in" looks more and more like direct support. Is it any wonder I don't want to be robbed of 80% of my earnings?

As far as I am concerned, the less I allow them to steal, the less they have to hand out to the feckless. The less they have to give to India for space programmes. The less they have to give to Brazil, the same Brazil in South America that produces all that oil. The same Brazil that can and will host the Olympic Games in 2016. They do not need our money. Cancel all those cheques. Tell them no.

Those faux charities. Those quangos. Those ineffective NGO's. That Foreign Aid. The same Foreign Aid that buys AK-47's by the container-load for the latest up and coming warlord. I am tired of funding them.

The EU. More wasted money. Unbelievable amounts of our money gets sent across to that thieving outfit.

Failed and failing banks. Untold amounts of our tax go on those bastards. Let them die.

What we need is a prime minister with titanium nuts. One who will happily admit that our "generosity" is killing us. One who will make the changes this country needs to thrive and survive.

Here's another newsflash: it ain't Cameron. It ain't Millibland either. The Conservatives, and that bastard traitor Heath started us down this ruinous path in 1972, and Labour just kept on truckin'. The LibDems are a waste of oxygen. The Conservatives in coalition with the LibDems is an embarrassment to us all.

What we need are politicians that care more for their country than they do for their parties.

Then, and only then, will any progress be made.


Most of this is apropos:-


PS-I digressed a bit here and there, but you should know this: if any statement caused even the mildest blush, then YOU are part of the problem. Take some responsibility, FFS
Many thanks to The Captain- Why not pay him a visit!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Mouchel's restructuring deal leaves shareholders with nothing

Crisis-hit services group Mouchel has gone into administration, enabling it to sell the business to its lenders and management in a deal which will leave shareholders with nothing.

 On Friday night Mouchel appointed KPMG as administrators to oversee the deal after shareholders voted against the very same proposals which would have left them with 1p a share.

Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays will write off £83m of debt in exchange for an 80pc stake in the new, delisted company, while management will own the remaining 20pc.

RBS, Lloyds & Barclays!!! Fuck me what a gang of thieves have moved in there. Why would the Banks want to take this on? Their one hope is that the company can be turned around and sold at a profit. But who would want to buy a company that has been a loss maker for several years now and is operating in a shrinking market. Who would want to employ a bunch of losers to run their organisation when they can't even operate their own company successfully? 

 Chairman David Shearer said the deal had safeguarded the future of Mouchel. “Ultimately, the only losers are the shareholders themselves who have lost out on the 1p a share special dividend. 
Oh that's OK then! When people come back on Tuesday after the bank holiday Mouchel will be restructured and sorted and that’s it.” 

That's it?? Aye that's it for the shareholders but what about David Shearer???
Well, he stands to pocket a £400,000 bonus for his work in restructuring the support services group.
Under the debt-for-equity rescue deal, which was announced last week and practically wipes out shareholder investment in return for cutting the company’s huge debts, Mr Shearer will be paid a total of £650,000, a document circulated to investors showed. Of this, £150,000 is Mr Shearer’s yearly fee for being chairman, a further £100,000 is paid to Buchanan Shearer, a consultancy he created two weeks before he was appointed to chair Mouchel, and the remaining £400,000 is an additional fee paid “in the event of a capital restructuring” taking place before the end of the year. So...No incentive to sell the whole shooting match down the river then???

Mr Shearer, a turnaround specialist who led the successful restructuring of house builder Crest Nicholson, was appointed Mouchel’s chairman on January 9. That's January 9 This year folks. For THIS he gets £650,000??  What a fucking obscenity!!!  228 days "work" @ £2850 per day!  If this is a turnaround I'd hate to see one of his outright failures!  

 Mr Shearer said the money which would have been paid out to shareholders, amounting to a total of £1.14m, would now go towards costs associated with administration. That's a kick in the balls ain't it shareholders? They killed your investments and now you are paying for the funeral.  With the transfer of ownership completed on Saturday. Mr Shearer said the administration process should be viewed “purely as a restructuring mechanism.”  Which is extremely fortuitous for him as a restructuring mechanism just happens to have netted him £400,000. Nice work if you can get it.

Speaking at a company extraordinary general meeting on Friday, one shareholder described the offer of 1p per share as “a slap in the face”. Shareholders ultimately failed to back the resolutions in sufficient numbers to vote them through, leading to the administration process which has left them with nothing.
 The company which was carrying £170m of debt, with gross liabilities of £220m after pension costs were included is  now worth just £5m after being valued at £537m four years ago and rejecting a £330m takeover bid from VT Group in 2010.

 On Friday night chief executive Grant Rumbles, who will remain at the helm of the company, said: 
“The financial restructuring is critical for us. I’m very proud and very happy.” Can the gormless fucker tell us what he has to be proud of? He's no doubt happy because he has managed to get his feet into the golden trough!  He said management had already implemented a plan to return Mouchel back to profitability.If it were that easy why, by all that's fucking holy, didn't they implement this wonder fucking plan before the shit hit the fan??   Couldn't have been making a bid for the payoffs could they???

Mouchel has already incurred fee costs associated with the restructuring process of almost £18m, with the list of advisers including Goldman Sachs. Well there's a fucking ginormous surprise!!!

So, What the fuck has all this to do with us? Well, you all know Mouchel or under the alias they use in the town The Unity Partnership. They are the unnecessary level of administration in the Godawful running of this town. The Council, (who couldn't run a bath), handed over the running of a large part of our council services to the twats who couldn't even run their own show. (losses for this year are over £10 Million) The Council also hand over a large wedge of your money each year and it seems mostly to have ended up in the deep pockets of the directors of this dubious company.

What has happened to all the people who used to do the jobs taken over by the Mouchel Mob? Pretty much nothing as far as we can see. We are running double manned. 

Do we want these tossers, (who seem to be about as bright as the average Oldham Councillor), running our town and draining large amounts of our money away from the area?  They are going to be trying to get every penny they can out of us. Do you trust the Twats in The Tower to exercise due diligence? Half the pricks couldn't understand a bus ticket never mind complex accounts. 

You have been warned - watch 'em like a hawk -Then get rid before they do a runner!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Plans to turn Oldham's old Town Hall into £10m leisure complex with eight seat  screen cinema

 Eight screen cinema - high end restaurants and cafes - A new facade, creating new entrances and a foyer to the building, would be highlighted with a 'light box' made of translucent glass offering impressive views over a new pedestrianised square. Impressive??? You've got to be easily pleased if you think that a view of an abandoned store and the frickin  featureless wall of the benighted  Spingles shopping Mall shop is impressive!  Pedestrianised because there ain't no parking spaces. None??  Nope! not a one! The existing car park will be scrapped to make way for the extension, with room only for four disabled parking bays and 27 cycle spots, and a drop-off and pick-up point.

The plans show a 1,000-seat eight-screen cinema, four restaurants/cafes and a new outdoor area to act as a stage for social and community events. Patrons will include four Blue badge holders and twenty-seven members of the 'Sturmey-Archer Lycra Lovers & Pedal pushers Club'  By the by, has anyone ever seen twenty-seven cyclists descend on a motion picture palace at any one time. Just asking! I bet they'd be fun to sit next to on a wet night in January! As for four disabled drivers turning up at the same time, that is sheer fantasy.

A translucent glass extension to the Clegg Street side will provide a new entrance, allowing cafes to spill out on to a new public area. The Clegg Street side will be retained under the glass wall, protecting it.

The council-owned building has been the subject of several development proposals over the years, none of them acted upon. This scheme will probably have the same dismal outcome after dragging along for ages with no progress.

Planners say the transformation will act as a catalyst to town centre regeneration and economic improvement. It's a fair bet the town centre is by now too far gone to be revived.

Who is going to develop the site? Who is going to finance it?  The site does not appear to be large enough to accommodate all the fanciful dreams and  £10 Million seems rather a low sum for such a grandiose  scheme.

Is there anybody or any company with the spare cash and balls to invest that sort of money, time and effort into providing an ill thought out scheme for the sorry semi-derelict town that Oldham has become.  This remember is the town that at one time had at least twenty-two cinemas (that we know of - maybe YOU know of more).

What do the fucktits in the Tower Of Shite have to say???  'Who needs car-parking?'  Metroshite will be handily placed on Union Street. Handy for whom???
The people of Hathershaw- Fitton Hill - Abbeyhills - Roundthorn - Clarksfield - Lees - Springhead - Grotton - All the villages of the Republic Of Saddleworth - Greenacres - Watersheddings - Moorside - Scouthead - Sholver - Royton - to name but a few! Or are they all destined to have their own tram service??  Nah! Town Hall will have fell down before that could be achieved.

We'll believe it when we see it!! More smoke and mirrors from Jimmy 'The Flannel' Pudden-Face.  

Note the picture - There are so few people in the town these days that extras from Ghosthunters had to be drafted in. A rum crowd they are too - the guy in the centre has apparently been stabbed in the lower leg and is bleeding heavily. The wee guy on the right (probably Diddy Dave Hibbert) appears to have discovered the Stargate Portal and is about to step through and return to civilisation. Notice too, that with only £10 Million to play with there was not enough cash left to replace the mouldering wooden windows that have graced  disgraced the building for far too long.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


If only Cameron and Osborne had one tenth of the political nous and balls that this man has:

A compilation of addresses to the European Parliament by Nigel Farage MEP Leader Of UKIP.

with thanks to 'Calling England'

This has been a party political broadcast to show you what you are missing. Nigel Farage leader of UKIP is not afraid to stick it to the bastard Euros. Why can't our leading politicians do likewise? Probably because, secretly, they all are committed to joining the fucking twats over the Channel, selling out this country as a result. Demand a referendum on withdrawal NOW!  If you like what you've seen- you know what to do  -  VOTE UKIP!! 



Last week it was reported that Oldham MBC paid out over £100,000 to each of twenty staff members last year, comprising salaries, expenses, pensions and payouts(sic).

Figures from The Taxpayers’ Alliance show the local authority is among the top English councils for employees receiving remuneration packages of more than £100,000.

The TPA rich list revealed chief executive Charlie Parker collected a total of £216,000 in salary, fees, allowances, expenses and pension contributions.

Is the smiling twat worth even a fraction of that sum for operating what is, in effect, a bankrupt business??  What has the tosser achieved since his arrival apart from lining his pockets?

Eleven members of staff earned more than £100,000 during 2010/11

Seven senior posts were revealed as earning a six-figure sum by the Taxpayers’ Alliance — along with five
“unknown members of staff." The local newspaper The Oldham Liebour Chronicle understands one of the posts may be a school’s head teacher.

One time executive director of adult social services Veronica Jackson received £66,000 in compensation for loss of office when she bowed out in February, 2011, which added to her £128,000 annual salary.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TPA, said: “Taxpayers will be
astonished   fucking gobsmacked that so many council employees are still getting such a generous deal while everyone else in the public sector is facing a pay freeze.

Over a week later we are hearing a deafening silence!!! The Chronicle has quietly and conveniently dropped the matter, swept under the carpet for fear of offending their masters in the Tower Of Babble.



 Here is the full list as published by the TPA - See into whose pocket your Taxes are disappearing.
This state of affairs is not acceptable for a town that is struggling to survive - every fucking thing being cut - apart, that is, from the salaries of the fat-cat useless twats clinging to the top-most branches - let's cut down the tree - say 'NO MORE' - at the elections this week IF you should happen to see a councillor ask him or her for the five names -we have a right to know it's our money and the parasites are answerable to us!!!  

              JOB TITLE                          2009/10       2010/11        +/-%           DETAILS AND NOTES

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



For over two years we have been warning about this! Now the OEC has stumbled upon the truth.
The latest figures for 2010/11 show Oldham had pension assets of £602m against liabilities of £743.4m.  The Taxpayers' Alliance warns that the shortfall is a ticking time-bomb and fears that there will have to be a massive council tax increase to cover the deficit of £141.4m.  This deficit amounts to £634 per head of the population of the town. Look at that figure again folks - That is not per household but each person in the town, every one of us. This is the third highest deficit in the Greater Manchester area behind Manchester and Salford. The TPA warns that future generations of taxpayers will be saddled with this problem for years to come. Pension liabilities continue to outweigh assets and the situation is far worse than two years ago. Don't forget folks you have already paid for this once. Your money has been frittered away and now it looks likely they will come looking for you to pay it all over again.

Perhaps Little Jimmy Pudden-Face can enlighten us all on how he intends to rectify this situation. The town is skint - money intended for pension schemes is diverted to pet projects - the deficit grows. Do you seriously think we are going to get any new facilities and amenities with this hanging over us? The retards are desperate for Metrostink to commence operations as they think they are going to get a huge wedge of moolah from the operating profits, which will drag them out of the shite. Way the fucking tram fiasco is shaping up, the town will have closed down and died before we ever see a sodding tram.

Where are the savings little chubby-chops promised?  Where is the slimming down of the fat cat departments up yonder tower? We have had nothing but empire building, meetings about discussions over talks about plans for pie-in-the-sky grandiose schemes that will come to naught. Millions are wasted on "Unity Partnerships," PFI's, district Town halls and the legions of Liebour sycophants staffing them. Perhaps our dimpled cheeked leader could arrange for another 400 council employees to be not made redundant.

Read the post "Rough Trade,' below. See the leeches strutting about London at our expense. For what? For nowt! A puffery for the fucking jolly boys. Tickets from £170 each up to £720 each! How many did WE purchase?  At what cost?  Do you think they will tell us? Not a fucking chance! Like all Liebour parasites they love spending other people's money - especially on themselves.

Considering the state the town is in do you folks feel this was a wise decision? WE REALLY HAVE TO MAKE OURSELVES HEARD. Why not zap off an e-mail to the three sponges we know went on the jolly, demanding they repay OUR money they squandered!   Something on the lines of :-

"In view of the parlous state of the town's finances we ask that you repay the amount of OUR money squandered by you on the recent jolly to London"                                    


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well Waddya know Joe the Slimeball is back!
S - L - I - M - E

You knew it had to happen. Didn't you???

The unprincipled piece of shite Joe 'Fixer' Fitzpatrick, the man principally to blame for the downfall of ex-Liebour MP Fill Woolyarse is once again attempting to get his grubby paws into the Council Allowances scam. The lying turd is standing in Saddleworth South as a Liebour candidate. This probably says more about the local Liebour party than anything. They have no shame, no morals, no responsibility and certainly no concern for the sensibilities of the electorate of Sadd South. But then again we knew that. Didn't we? You have only to look how swiftly they moved to welcome Fitzpatrick's co-conspirator, the bent bastard, Battye, back into the fold at last years elections, to realise how corrupt and venal the local party is. If it means another seat - then anything goes! 

"After the electoral court rightly ruled against Phil Woolas for his underhand tactics during the 2010 general election the spotlight should have surely turned to his right hand man, accomplice and election agent, Joe Fitzpatrick. During the hearing Fitzpatrick defended Woolas' campaign tactics all the way. He showed no hesitation at all and indeed instigated most of that unsavory plot, when Woolas repeatedly railed against Muslims and Asians. Responsibility for the lies, misleading leaflets and outbursts tinged with racist undertones was equally shared between them. Woolas was barred from running for high office for 3 years, suspended from the Labour party and faced a possible criminal investigation. Why therefore, did the same fate not befall Joe Fitzpatrick?  We call on the Labour party to do the honourable thing and show Fitzpatrick the door."

How much longer are we going to let these greedy fuckers dip into our taxes and produce - What??? Fuck all about covers it. Same old tired deadbeats, same old clueless chair-polishers! One million pounds of our taxes being squandered on these parasites!

Voters of Saddleworth South - Make your voices heard - use your vote wisely!

Conservative leader Coun Jack Hulme is retiring from politics and will not be standing for re-election this May. The Chadderton North councillor says he took the decision given his age and was making way for 'new blood'. Speaking from his Chadderton home he said: "I'm 74 and I have decided it's time for me to retire. "I have got to let more younger people to continue taking the party forward. "You get to the stage where you have got to make way for new people. "It will be sad to leave politics behind but we have got a large family and my wife Eileen and I plan to do a bit more travelling." Failsworth East councillor Paul Martin will now be defending the Chadderton North seat. But fellow Tory Ian Barker is also to stand down this year. Lib Dem councillor and current mayor Richard Knowles and party colleagues Mike Buckley and Ann Wingate will not contest seats this time around. Coun Knowles stepped down from his civic duties in January after developing nasal cancer. The Saddleworth South councillor has been undergoing chemotherapy and although he will not be returning as councillor is looking forward to his postponed mayoral ball. Saddleworth North councillor Mike Buckley said: "I spoke to Richard and he sounded to be his old self. He is continuing with his treatment and was very disappointed to have missed a lot of his mayoral functions but we are all looking forward to seeing him at his ball later in the year." Chadderton Central councillor John Hudson will be returning to Saddleworth to defend Coun Knowles's seat. Coun Buckley, who is also standing down, added: "I have done this for eight years and I want to concentrate on other things now. "I will continue in my role with the Saddleworth parish council and I will certainly still be around. "I have very much enjoyed the experience on Oldham council and feel I have been able to raise the profile of heritage issues in the borough. I like to see that as a small legacy that I have left." Lib Dem Crompton councillor Ann Wingate will also be leaving the council. Ann, who has lived in Shaw and Crompton for 30 years, has a string of achievements including setting up the Friends of High Crompton Park. She said: "It was a great privilege to represent Crompton for the past 17 years. "Being a magistrate, a councillor and also mayor has been an honour and a memorable experience. However, family ties and support are now starting to take priority, and I have made the decision that it is time to step down." Royton South councillor Dianne Williamson will be defending the Crompton seat. All five Labour councillors will be defending their seats in Chadderton South, Coldhurst, Medlock Vale. Royton North and Werneth. A by-election is taking place in Saddleworth parish council's Delph ward following the death of Coun Ken Hulme.

Read more at:
....and what good news from elsewhere??
....and what good news from elsewhere??

Conservative leader Coun Jack Hulme is retiring from politics, he was never in politics, was he?  He says he took the decision given his age and was making way for 'new blood'. "I'm 74 and I have decided it's time for me to retire." He never considered he was past it for the last ten years then?  He rose to obscurity and is returning to the real, allowance- less world. "It will be sad to leave politics behind but we have got a large family and my wife Eileen and I plan to do a bit more travelling to avoid them." 

...when the music stops.

In a game of musical chairs, Failsworth E. councillor Paul Martin will hawk his barrow in Chadderton North. Chadderton Central coun John Hudson will be returning to Saddleworth to defend Coun Knowles's seat and play with his train set.  Royton South councillor Dianne Williamson will be defending the Crompton seat. Unusual to see anyone deserting Royton to go to Crompton. Everything seems to be going t'other way at the moment.

....Cumming and Gowing.

Ian Barker Lib/Lab/ Tory/Bnp/UKIP/green party/ independent/monster raving loony -  has run out of parties and will stand down this year. As will current mayor Richard Knowles and party colleagues Mike Buckley and Ann Wingate. Knowless the Sadd S. councillor has been undergoing treatment for nasal cancer but is looking forward to his postponed mayoral ball, which will have a 'ghost train' theme. Saddleworth North councillor Mike Buckley said: "I spoke to Richard and he sounded to be his old self, pompous and wrong.  Coun Buckley, who is also standing down, added: "I have done this, whatever it is, for eight years and I want to concentrate on other scams now. "I have very much enjoyed the expenses on the Councill and feel I have helped raise the profile of heritage issues in the borough. I like to see that as a small legacy that I have left. But not as big as the one I've trousered." Lib Dem Crompton councillor Ann Wingate will also be leaving the council. Ann, who has lived in Shaw and Crompton for 30 years, man and boy, has a string of achievements including most ridiculous hairdo in Crompton.  She said: "Being a magistrate, a councillor and also mayor has been an honour and a memorable experience, I think. However, family ties and other forms of bondage are  starting to take priority, and I don't get out a lot nowadays." who is standing then?  (again!!)

 Martin  Dinoff (Lib Dem) has risen to the depths of mediocrity
 Dilys Margaret Fletcher (Lab) Famous nobody!
 Pat Lord (Lib Dem), Brian Lord(Lib Dim) A double money sponge suffering withdrawal symptoms, (cash withdrawal that is).
 Dave Hibbert (Lab) Short order cook - specialities - Waffles
 Eileen Mary Hulme (Con), carrying on the family business - sponge diving
Abdul Jabbar (Lab),  Ur-Rehman Ateeque (Lab), best  only job we've ever had.
Stephen Barrow (Lib Dem),  Philip Holley (Lib Dem),  Bernard Judge (Lab), Phil Renold (Lib Dem),   John Hudson (Con), Gerald Ball (Lab), Val Sedgwick (Lib Dem),  Jacqueline Stanton (Lib Dem),  Linda Dawson (Lib Dem),  Fida Hussain (Lab). Passengers, riding the gravy train  to the end of the line.
  Phelyp Bennett (Con),  Sounds like something you get up your nose and he does.
 Keith Pendlebury (Lib Dem). Booo!
 Howard David Sykes (Lib Dem), Could eat two 'taters more than a pig. Greed on legs.
 Not many surprises there then - All the usual suspects fighting to get their feet under the Council table and their hands in the crock of gold.

What we need is a space on the ballot paper entitled "None of the above"

Remember folks come election day your vote matters -Make it count. Let's sweep these charlatans out of the gilded trough - it's time for change - it will come sooner or later - make it sooner!!!!
Alexandra: Martin Alexander Dinoff (Lib Dem), Dilys Margaret Fletcher (Lab), Raja Amjad Iqbal (Con). Chadderton Central: Robert Barnes (Con), Susan Margaret Dearden (Lab), Pat Lord (Lib Dem). Chadderton North: Fazlul Haque (Lab), Paul Martin (Con), Lee Miah (Lib Dem). Chadderton South: Dave Hibbert (Lab), Eileen Mary Hulme (Con), Fazal Rahim (Lib Dem). Coldhurst: Abdul Jabbar (Lab), Harun Miah (Con), Kutub Uddin (Lib Dem). Crompton: Christopher Henthorn (Con), Kenneth Stephen Rustidge (Lab), Diane Williamson (Lib Dem). Failsworth East: Stephen Barrow (Lib Dem), David Dawson (Lab). Failsworth West: Warren William Bates (UKIP), Sean Fielding (Lab), Ron Wise (Lib Dem). Hollinwood: Brian Ames (Lab), Jamie Curley (Con), Philip Holley (Lib Dem). Medlock Vale: Ur-Rehman Ateeque (Lab), Sean Curley (Con), Kevin Anthony Dawson (Lib Dem), Phil Howarth (Ind), Tahir Iqbal (Respect), Keith Pendlebury (Lib Dem). Royton North: Bernard Judge (Lab), Lewis Quigg (Con), Phil Renold (Lib Dem). Royton South: Amanda Clare Chadderton (Lab), Allan Robert Fish (Con), Keith Wilson Taylor (Lib Dem). Saddleworth North: Garth Harkness (Lib Dem), Nicola Kirkham (Ind), Philip Martin Sewell (Con), Imran Yousaf (Lab) Saddleworth South: Joseph Christopher Fitzpatrick (Lab), John Hudson (Con), Brian Lord (Lib Dem). Saddeworth West and Lees: Gerald Ball (Lab), Pam Byrne (Con), Val Sedgwick (Lib Dem). Shaw: Phelyp Bennett (Con), James Larkin (Lab), Howard David Sykes (Lib Dem). St James: Neil Allsopp (Con), Cath Ball (Lab), Jacqueline Stanton (Lib Dem). St Mary's: David Caddick (Con), Mohammed Masud (Lib Dem), Miranda Meadowcroft (Green), Arooj Shah (Lab). Waterhead: Linda Dawson (Lib Dem), Vita Price (Lab). Werneth: Iqbal Bhatti (Respect), Kevin Anthony Dawson (Lib Dem), Fida Hussain (Lab), Michele Stockton (Con). Saddleworth Parish Council by-election - Delph: Helen Louise Bishop (Ind), Paul Gordon Fryer (Lab), Sharon McGladdery (Lib Dem).

Read more at:
Alexandra: Martin Alexander Dinoff (Lib Dem), Dilys Margaret Fletcher (Lab), Raja Amjad Iqbal (Con). Chadderton Central: Robert Barnes (Con), Susan Margaret Dearden (Lab), Pat Lord (Lib Dem). Chadderton North: Fazlul Haque (Lab), Paul Martin (Con), Lee Miah (Lib Dem). Chadderton South: Dave Hibbert (Lab), Eileen Mary Hulme (Con), Fazal Rahim (Lib Dem). Coldhurst: Abdul Jabbar (Lab), Harun Miah (Con), Kutub Uddin (Lib Dem). Crompton: Christopher Henthorn (Con), Kenneth Stephen Rustidge (Lab), Diane Williamson (Lib Dem). Failsworth East: Stephen Barrow (Lib Dem), David Dawson (Lab). Failsworth West: Warren William Bates (UKIP), Sean Fielding (Lab), Ron Wise (Lib Dem). Hollinwood: Brian Ames (Lab), Jamie Curley (Con), Philip Holley (Lib Dem). Medlock Vale: Ur-Rehman Ateeque (Lab), Sean Curley (Con), Kevin Anthony Dawson (Lib Dem), Phil Howarth (Ind), Tahir Iqbal (Respect), Keith Pendlebury (Lib Dem). Royton North: Bernard Judge (Lab), Lewis Quigg (Con), Phil Renold (Lib Dem). Royton South: Amanda Clare Chadderton (Lab), Allan Robert Fish (Con), Keith Wilson Taylor (Lib Dem). Saddleworth North: Garth Harkness (Lib Dem), Nicola Kirkham (Ind), Philip Martin Sewell (Con), Imran Yousaf (Lab) Saddleworth South: Joseph Christopher Fitzpatrick (Lab), John Hudson (Con), Brian Lord (Lib Dem). Saddeworth West and Lees: Gerald Ball (Lab), Pam Byrne (Con), Val Sedgwick (Lib Dem). Shaw: Phelyp Bennett (Con), James Larkin (Lab), Howard David Sykes (Lib Dem). St James: Neil Allsopp (Con), Cath Ball (Lab), Jacqueline Stanton (Lib Dem). St Mary's: David Caddick (Con), Mohammed Masud (Lib Dem), Miranda Meadowcroft (Green), Arooj Shah (Lab). Waterhead: Linda Dawson (Lib Dem), Vita Price (Lab). Werneth: Iqbal Bhatti (Respect), Kevin Anthony Dawson (Lib Dem), Fida Hussain (Lab), Michele Stockton (Con). Saddleworth Parish Council by-election - Delph: Helen Louise Bishop (Ind), Paul Gordon Fryer (Lab), Sharon McGladdery (Lib Dem).

Read more at:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Most Improved Council?? ¹
Same thieving tossers on it!

 L to R - Coun Shoa Boata, Little Jimmy Pudden-Face, Charlie Smirker

¹ From what

You must have read that Oldham was crowned Most Improved Council at the  Local Government Chronicle Awards 2012.

You will all have seen the pictures of Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Just Fucking Evil, collecting the priceless solid glass paperweight wot we won.  With Little Jimmy simpering: “This is a fantastic achievement and a proud night."

All well and good we hear you cry, but why do they need to get dressed up like blackjacks to pick up a bit of Pyrex from an awards ceremony at the Mechanic's Institute?

Aaaah! They neglected to tell us that this awards ceremony was not a local affair but was held in Lunnun and not just anywhere in Lunnun. Oh no! In the chandeliered Great Room of the five-star Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, Mayfair, no less!

Impressed now aren't you?

How can we best describe the event?  I know we'll let The Daily Telegraph 17/3/2012 sum up the whole glittery affair:

'Council leaders spent tens of thousands of pounds of public money to attend a candle-lit dinner at which they toasted the way in which they have handled the cuts.'

   "More than 1200 senior local government officers, many of whom have overseen redundancies and deep cuts to services, attended the black tie awards ceremony in the chandeliered Great Room of the five-star Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, Mayfair, on Wednesday.
Tickets ranged from £1700 to £7200 per table of ten."


 £1700 to £7200 per table of ten???? 

Fuck me and I thought we were fucking skint. How many of our tit-sucking, trough dwellers attended this shindig? How much was our table?  We say 'OUR' table because WE FUCKING PAID FOR IT, you thieving twats. NAME THE FUCKERS SAT ROUND OUR TABLE!!! 

'How did we come to be involved in this con-trick?' We hear you ask!

Well it's like this folks - The Local Government Chronicle is a magazine (annual subscription £250), ( per copy, that is), published by a firm called EMAP who also run lots of other schemes to get taxpayers money from gullible councils. 
Each year they get lots of Councils to vote for other Councils to win awards - basically it's peering up some fuckers arse while another fucker fingers yours. Emap rely on Councils being fucking stupid enough to join in this merry-go-round and to this end publish lots of glossy pics of the greedy twats spending our money. Said greedy twats return to respective Council, see pics and several orgasms later the whole shebang starts over again.

QUESTION:- How many copies of LGC, (at £250 a pop), wing their way into the Tower Of Babble each month? Who gets one? OooH! don't tell us! It's them as gets to go to the piss up ain't it?  

Anyhow what of the night itself?
The awards, run by the LGC, for the LGC, were hosted by Jon Culshaw, the radio impressionist. He is understood to charge around £10,000 per appearance. (If he's doing impressions on t'radio how do we know it's him? It could actually be the people we think he's impersonating!) The things you'll do for a measly ten grand!

 After a networking reception, (what the fuck is one of them when it's at home?) they dined on a salad of Serrano ham, asparagus, semi-dried tomato, wild rocket and parmesan. It was followed by tournedos of beef in a smoked garlic and red wine sauce with pancetta, celeriac, chestnut mushrooms, French beans and Anna potato. The desert was vanilla cream with raspberries and brandy snaps. Red and white wine was served. Hope for Shoa Boata's sake  the food was Halal. Would have been a pity to waste all that good food. 
The most expensive tickets entitled guests to bottles of champagne, followed by port and a cheese board. You can bet our boys were into that!

Afterwards delegates danced to Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’, That would have been worth seeing, Little Jimmy and the boys shakin' their booty! They then  played roulette until 2am at a charity casino set up on the balcony. The prize was a magnum of champagne. Whoop-deWhoop how much did that cost us then?

Carolyn Downs, the chief executive of the Local Government Association, wrote to delegates, with no sense of irony whatsoever:  "This year's LGC Awards takes place against the backdrop of one of the most challenging periods for local government in a generation. Money for jollies is becoming tighter and Councils are having to take incredibly tough decisions on a daily basis but it is right that we recognise the fantastic work that is going on up and down the country in buying thousands of copies of our magazines and coughing up for arse peering do's like this one." 

 So how is it organised then?
Well, in January those Councils who are not due to win an award this year are appointed judges. These judges then visit the boroughs who are going to win this year to see how the organisation is continuing to improve it's money raising scams and how they are adopting new ways of fucking over the Council Taxpayers.

“It’s humbling to be recognised as the ‘Most Improved Council’ by our peers." Smarmed Little Jimmy.  The only peers we have are up each others ring-piece.

“This award is down to the hard work of council staff, and our partners, who are all doing their bit to make positive improvements, and I’d like to thank them all." That will be the likes of Mouchel then will it Little Jim? The company that's in a worse state than we are - who can;t even run their own business successfully but we continue to hurl taxpayers money at them willy-nilly.

"Oldham’s move to become a co-operative council has seen the borough leading nationally on the adoption of a new ethical framework and a community dividend scheme."  Anybody understand any of that tripe?.

An extra £2million has also been transferred downwards to devolve services to districts, strengthening local democracy and new forms of service delivery. Transferred 'downwards' from where?  It's nothing more than blatant vote buying. We are supposedly skint, cutting services and jobs and yet we have £2Million floating about that can be wasted setting up 'District Town Halls' to provide non-jobs for all the Lie-bour cronies.

So what got us this 'award then?
::A Commendation from the Audit Commission for the speed and accuracy of Final Accounts as the fastest in the country. So they should be. We have fuck all left after giving it all away to Unity Partnerships and PFI's so it doesn't take long to count whats left and write 'Nowt' at the bottom of the balance sheet.

::Crowned ‘Best City’ at North-West in Bloom. 'CITY' What city? You've only got to grow a couple of daffodils to win the NW in Bloom equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

::Halving the number of families living in temporary accommodation. Half of very little is not a lot.

::Achieved an 11th consecutive year-on-year improvement in the proportion of pupils gaining five A*-C GCSEs.These 'exams' have now become so easy a beer mat could pass with honours. Councillors who tried some of the tests for themselves however failed miserably coming next to last just ahead of a small prickly cactus like 'thing.'

::Provided self-directed support packages to 54 per cent of adult social care users — 24 per cent above the national target.Provided self addressed pre-stamped envelopes for the P45's of the rest.

::More than doubled the number of drug users in effective treatment. Doubling the number of drug users is not something you would normally win an award for, is it?

::Delivered 20 per cent more new homes than last year. 20 per cent more than what? Let's see... we built five last year so that makes an extra er, erm uh, - anyone got a beermat?

::Retained Green Flag status for all seven award-winning parks. If you've got a park - you'll get an award. Good job it don't include things like Council football pitches, Churchill playing fields.

Children’s Services has gone from a “zero star” for safeguarding in 2003 to the highest-possible Ofsted ranking of “performing excellently”.  Ofsted has been criticised as 'not fit for purpose' by a House of Commons Select Committee who also highlighted their concern about "the complex set of objectives and sectors that Ofsted now spans and its capacity to fulfil its core mission."

Other 'Achievements'  include an increase of 20 per cent since 2009 on the number of secondary schools judged “good or better” for behaviour. An increase from what?  A 45 per cent reduction in the numbers of pupils permanently excluded. A reduction from what? and falls in the number of pupils with persistent school absence. A fall in the number of truants??  Nearly 2,000 children across Oldham persistently skip school - Oldham Evening Chronicle 30 March 2012

If those are the best 'improvements' in the country - then there must be some really crap Councils.

Back to the back slapping arse massaging greed fest with the troughers 'Dancing The Night away:

Who spent what in this age of austerity?

East Lothian Council was nominated for the "most improved council" award.  Six staff, including Provost Sheena Richardson travelled to the awards by train and stayed overnight at the Grosvenor, . The trip cost £3,605.30.

 Sheffield council sent six staff, who also stayed overnight in London hotels. The bill came to £2,825. It cut 870 jobs last year and must cut 690 more to balance the books.

Warrington Council, also nominated for most improved council after receiving three red flags from the Audit Commission for financial mismanagement, spent £1,700 on tickets and £1,550 on hotel rooms.

 Southend-on-Sea, which won Council of the Year, spent £1915 with the rest of the £6030 bill picked up by sponsorship from council suppliers. Does that smell right to you folks? 

John Glen MP said: "Members of the public would rather welcome these monies being spent on our most vulnerable, particualrly those who are struggling to find employment in these difficult times.
"It's breathtaking that those who attended can't see the folly of such lavish, self-aggrandising events in our current climate."Fuck me! It's coming to something when even an MP can smell the rot!

Some councils, including South Oxfordshire, Surrey and Croydon, went as the guests of their private sector contractors and did not bill the taxpayer. More graft and corruption!

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “It's quite extraordinary that cash strapped councils who have pleaded poverty at home have found enough money to send senior staff to a glitzy awards bash at one of the priciest and fanciest hotels in London.”

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said: “These awards recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of those individuals who continue to deliver vital services to communities at a time when budgets are severely stretched. What the fuck are we celebrating then? We've nobody could deliver a newspaper never mind services.

The spokesprick continued, “Most councils invite their front line and lower paid staff to attend the event, whilst some invite residents to thank them for their contribution to improving local services."  Lower paid staff? Residents? From Oldham? You are having a fucking laff. Them tossers can form a queue behind our beloved Councillors, Chief Execs, Senior Officers and other sundry hangers on and spongers.
A number of councils, including Durham, Oldham and Scarborough, did not respond to requests for  costs incurred or comment. 

So we ask again - 
                          How many tickets did we buy for the great and the good from
                          OMBC to attend this smarm-fest?  How much did that cost the tax-payer?
                          How did they get to Lunnun? Train, plane, the tax-payers leased  £80K 
                          How much did that cost the tax-payers?
                          Where did they stay the night? B&B, YMCA, Underrneath the arches,
                           Grosvenor Hotel?  How much did that cost the tax-payers?

                           How much did we spend on the rental of blackjack suits?  Probably only 
                           Shoa Boata has his own, the rest will have cost us.


Don't hold your breath!


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