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Tuesday, November 9, 2010



LADIES SHOES (Dozens of pairs)      PANTY LINERS (Useful for all night sittings)
            LADIES SKIRTS (Bought in error)      BLOUSES (Big girls)                                                 
           LIPSTICKS (Many colours)                LARGE QUANTITY WINE (Chateau Tesco)           
                TAMPONS (Unused)                      VAST NUMBER OF COMICS (MPs Autobiogaphies etc)  

All as new. Receipts available 

Also to be sold without reserve: The above mentioned second home, belonging to a gentleman of repute. Recently re-furbished at tremendous expenses. Situated in a desirable area of Lees, Oldham......or is it Brentford?  We're not quite sure. But then again neither was the gentleman of repute. The property is very handy for all local amenities incl: Cash Converters, Tumbril Makers, Job-Centre, Unemployment Benefit Office, Salvation Army Soup Kitchen, Samaritans etc. 

TERMS :- CASH ONLY (Lots and lots of it please. OOOooh yeah! I love it. Lovely money. New notes- all crisp and crinkly - aaaaaargh. Covered in those erotic images, 20, 50. 100...... oooooooh....... too late.............. I'm coming darling!


Monday, November 8, 2010


  Joe 'The Fixer' Fitzpatrick, the brainshite who, as Woolyarse's election agent, wrote the crap that ended the egregious career of the lamentable and unlamented little twat, says he had no regrets about it. Well he wouldn't would he?  He's lost fuck all.  He's still got all his fingers in the local pies. Not for much longer one would hope. After the verdict was known, the arsewipe said, "Two High Court judges have decided to overturn the will of the people of Oldham East and Saddleworth." Aye they have Joe lad, but they did it using proper legal methods. You attempted to do it using lies, smears, racial intimidation, threats of violence and any dirty trick you could find in your bumper fun book, 'How to Shaft the Public.'  That you twat, is what makes you an unfit person to represent the good people of this town in any organisation. We have enough trouble with elected members in this town without an unelected piece of slimy shite, such as yourself, further muddying the waters. I guess what I am saying, Joe, is, For Fuck's Sake Fuck the Fuck off! You are embarrassing us all you freeloading, trough stamping arsehole. He ended his self paean with the stirring cry of  "I have no regrets. I stand by everything." Good! Then he should be equally prepared to fall by everything. You simply can't polish a turd. Can you?


JUST SAY......NO !!!!


At last we've got rid of the duplicitous, lying, thieving, conniving, cheating, money grabbing bastard lump of useless crap!

What a fucking fitting end to a glitterless career. The only pity is that the little twat Woolyarse had to once more drag the name of Oldham through the mud. It was plainly evident from shortly after he first won the seat that the man was a total incompetent. Virtually everything he has touched has turned to shit in his hands. You sensed that the Labour party regarded him as an embarrassment but he has had his nose jammed so far up successive leaders arseholes that it has been almost impossible to dislodge him. Ah well, one down, one to go. We've been telling you for ages that Phil Useless was a con-artist but the Labour sheeple of this town are so blinkered they can't see the wood for the trees. It hasn't taken his party long to disown him has it?  It's a pity we didn't do it years ago. Even if Elwyn Watkins loses the re-run, we should award him the freedom of the borough for ridding us of, certainly Oldham's worst ever MP and possibly one of the worst MPs of all time. This was a man  solely intent on furthering his own aims and trousering as much public money as he could get his hands on. Every Government position he has held has shown him up for the light-weight ignoramus that he is, from his about-turns and lies over immigration to the shameful episode regarding the rights of our brave allies, the Gurkhas, he has been found wanting. Isn't it ironic that as Minister for Immigration he used the immigrant population to try and manipulate the course of the election. I bet the immigrant population of East Oldham and Saddleworth  love him for that and are overjoyed they voted for him. He used them as he used everybody along the way. They were a means to an end  that he was determined to win at all costs. Well, now he knows the cost.   It's getting on for £300,000 a year and he's blown it. It couldn't happen to a nicer chap!!  The man is now a liability to the party. Expect Millipede to cut him adrift smartish. He can always hide out with his hero Gordon the fucking Scottish barmpot, another of the 'never had a proper job in their lives mob,' Straw's another prime example. Why do we expect these morons who have never held down a proper job, to be capable of running the country?
So, now we come to the other scheming bastards with their fingers in this far from savoury pie.

Firstl, we have the fragrant Joseph Christopher Fitzpatrick. An Oldham councillor for eight years with two years as chair of housing. Now, chair of Positive Steps Oldham, chair of Homestart Oldham, chair of Breeze Hill governors and a governor at St Hugh's Primary. He was also Election Agent for Phil Woolas, and was the architect of the plan to discredit Alwyn Watkins with a series of lies, slurs and allegations of racism, which were published in a news-sheet sent out to the voters of Oldham East and Saddleworth. He knew these were all lies!

Secondly we have another of the free-loader brigade, John Bernard Battye, Woolyarse's 'parliamentary researcher'. He is the local gofer for Woolyarse, meddler, manipulator and string pulling trougher recently re-elected to Oldham Council. He knew these were all lies!

Thirdly we have the shadowy figure of one Stephen Green, who rejoiced in the title of 'communications lead' for Woolyarse.  He knew these were all lies!

These three concocted the plan to discredit Watkins when Fitzpatrick realised that Woolyarse was likely to lose the election. Woolyarse went along with it. He knew these were all lies!

What action can we expect from Oldham Council and the local Labour party? After all, if the main protagonist has been found guilty then the accomplices who aided, abetted and instigated the scurrilous attack must be equally guilty. Can we expect action from the party or are they furiously stirring the whitewash? Do we want low life schemers like this running and representing our town?  Is Joseph Christopher Fitzpatrick a fit and proper person to be a governor of two local schools and to hold more chairs than a Queen Anne dining suite?
The more rocks we turn over the more of these parasitic life forms we discover all beavering away grabbing as much of our cash as they can gather. 

 The time is here folks and the time is now...........

IT IS TIME TO SAY...... NO !!!!


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