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Monday, August 27, 2012


'EY UP!!!!!!!!!!

We're back. May we say how very pleased you are to see us!

So. -  Wot's bin 'appening in the Messytrollops these past weeks?

Well! This for starters!!!

The pudden-faced, devious, lying  bastard has dipped his sticky mitts into the trough again and come up with an extra 5,370 quids worth of allowances.
Is this the same 'austerity Jim' we've all come to love and admire? Mr 'Cuts will have to be made'?  Mr 'There will be redundancies'?  Mr 'Co-operative Council'?  'Mr We have made huge savings'?
Yep! Thats him! Fresh from his unbelievable jolly to the Grosvenor Hotel, on London's Park Lane, which cost me and thee thousands - him Nowt! Not to mention the unknown number of freeloaders  buddies he dragged along to witness the rot and corruption that is evident in our bent fucking council. See previous postings to find the cost (to us, that is).

'See those chubby jowls aquiver as Little Jimmy Pudden-Face is brought to orgasm by the love of his life.'

The two faced prick is now drawing  £32,220 a year for fucking this town over! Hardly a day goes by without some disaster striking the town.  Does the moon faced loon do anything about it? Has he a clue what to do, apart from drawing huge allowances? Nonsultations and promises of what blessings we are to receive in the future are the sum total of the wastrels time in charge. Nothing has happened since the day he ascended the gilded throne. This is his second, part-time job. How much are all you miserable buggers in Oldham drawing this year. Does it not make you swell with pride as all your hard-earned Council Tax is spent so wisely?  Thirty-two households donated their Council Tax to this worthless piece of shit.

There is no mention of allowances for the other fifty-nine fucking leeches. You can bet if there are any increases in allowances to be had, the fucking set of totally useless tosspots will have trousered them with alacrity. We estimate the worthless fuckers will cost us £1,000,000 for the current year.  One thousand households supported this band of chancers and money grabbers.

Speaking of worthless pieces of shit: Pudden-Face's partner in crime Mr "Best man for the job" Charlie 'Turd' Parker slides the council Tax from 230 households into his bank account. We figure this is unearned income as no-one has a fucking clue as to what, if anything, the oily, smiling, con-artist, actually does for a living. No one, either, has a clue how he got the job. other than he worked for a company that had been ripping off the Council for years. 

So we have approximately One Thousand, two hundred and sixty-two households contributing all their hard-earned to supporting the money-for-nowt lifestyles of sixty-one of the most vacuous parasites ever inflicted on this town. 

When will you lot fucking wake up??? 

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