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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


School zoo ban over pupil behaviour

OLDHAM pupils were so badly behaved on a trip to Chester Zoo their school has been banned for two years.

Officials say the actions of 29 children from the Radclyffe School, Chadderton, were so inappropriate they threw them out of the zoo.

Around 300 students were on the trip — intended as a treat for year nine and ten youngsters.

But the conduct of some children was so disruptive zoo officials says they had no option but to enforce the ban, which will last until 2015.

Ground breaking initiative from local school.

In an attempt to increase their knowledge of the natural world, school governors and Mr Wishy Washy the Head of The Radclyffe School, Chadderton, have formulated a plan to introduce knobheads, scallies, recidivists,and other general time wasters to the great animal kingdom. As soon as the teachers have become acclimatised to the new regime, pupils bother causers the brain dead little bastards will be in for a great treat. Once a week they will be securely locked in stinking cages, (a homely touch this), whilst  keepers from Chester Zoo will parade a selection of unfamiliar animals before them. Zookeepers have pledged that there will be no bad behaviour from the animals. Any Camels or Llamas caught spitting at the chosen ones will be barred from the school for a minimum two year period. Any Hyena uttering as much as a snigger will have steps taken against it that will utterly astound it. Any of the scruffy, threadbare Baboons discovered sitting in prominent positions idly scratching their scrotums will be sent back to Teacher Training College, (or 'The Pub' as we call it). There they will undertake course 47-00-illusion. "Whatever made me think I had any talent for this job?"  Free maps to the Job Centre will be provided, (only to those who can prove an ability to read.)
As a special treat at the end of the visit all the cages will be opened and the little shitheads will enjoy free association with Ronnie and Reggie , the zoo's lovable pet Rhinos.   

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