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Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Residents angry at bookie plan

RESIDENTS are opposing plans to open a betting shop just yards from an existing store.

Residents angry at House plan

RESIDENTS are opposing plans to Build a house  just yards from an existing betting shop.

  Mr Ali Plotowski Sung-ll has submitted a planning application to turn a unit next to the current Asda store in Hollins Road into a house..

Objectors say there is already a house 200 yards away - and question how the conversion would benefit the area. Council’s planning officers have recommended the application for approval.

Council leader Councillor Jimmy, 'Little Pudden Face' McMahon has previously hit out at the proliferation of houses and bungalows - which he says prey on the poor and vulnerable.

Houses need planning permission or change of use consent unless a councillor asks for a plain brown envelope or someone finds out and the proposal has to be discussed in public.

Councillor Jean Stretcher, occasional table cabinet member for being un-cooperative and whoops there goes the neighbourhood and backward councillor for Hollinwood, is leading the fight against the plans and has referred it to the council’s planning committee.

She said: “I don’t think we need any more houses in Hollins Road, and it is certainly not the best use of the unit. I would be in support of any measure that means we don’t get more maisonettes and designer homes.”

Mr Sung-Il declined a request to comment from his huge gambling empire on the Pacific Rim.

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